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  1.  Cant stop playing


    Really addicted to this game there is so much to do im constantly thinking "Just 1 more mission". Graphics are really good its fun killing zombies in a nice bright setting for once. The amount of side missions, collectables and different weapons to find ensure your 100% getting your moneys worth. The online co op is also alot of fun. All in all one of the best games ive played for awhile.

  2.  Brilliant


    This is some of the most fun to be had on PS3. I just hope that much like Enslaved this doesnt fly under most peoples radars because its not a sequel to a well known game. Trying to do all the skill shots in the game is very addictive. The graphics are top notch the planet you are stuck on looks amazing. Single player story is strong, due to the PSN being down i aint been able to try out the online side of the game yet tho.

  3.  Biggest let down since Haze


    I cant believe what a let down this game is. After lots of hype in recent months i can now see why reviews were delayed until after the game was released. If this had been released on on the PS2 it would of been top quality, but it wasnt its been released on PS3 and to be quite honest its just not good enough. The story is half decent it makes a change to be fighting in the American suburbs instead of the middle east, everything else though is awful. 1st of all the graphics are very poor and the shooting is unsatisying. Ive also seen loads of pop up happening and there are also glitches, i had to restart a checkpoint because an AI character who was sposed to open a door got stuck walking round in a circle meaning the game couldnt progress. The single player story is also unbelievably short you could easily complete this is 1 afternoon. Ive not touched the multiplayer because all ive heard are horror stories of it causing PS3's to jam. Avoid this game at all costs.

  4.  Lots of fun


    This is my favourite game to play with the Move. All the different activities are alot of fun, personal favourite is the archery using 2 controllers. Some of the challenges are tough but the feeling when you pass them is very satisfying. Great fun to play with friends aswell, overall id highly reccomend this.

  5.  Surprisingly Good


    Let me start by saying i was not really looking forward to the Move being released. Im a huge PS3 fan, ive a few friends who own the Wii and ive always hated playing it. Then i got 2 Move controllers for Xmas and since then i havnt been able to put them down. They are really accurate even when playing at night with the lights in the room off.

  6.  Great Fun


    There are 3 ways i can explain how much i enjoy playing this game. 1. im deffo gonna be playing through again because its damn near impossible to do all missions in 1 playthrough. 2. I love winning trophies but ive gladly sunk about 10 hours into this game despite only winning a few bronze's. 3. And this is the biggie, ive enjoyed Dead Rising 2 so much that my copy of FIFA 11 has remained pretty much untouched.

  7.  Ohdear


    Put it this way i feel conned that i paid to rent this for the week. Cant imagine how id be feeling if id actually bought it. Reading the other reviews i have no idea how someone can give this 9/10 for graphics. They are very poor and includes hands down the WORST fire/flame effects ive ever seen on the PS3 (and possibly the PS2). Do yourselves a favour and AVOID!!!

  8.  Best Album In Years


    Its not often these days an album comes out where every track just gets better n better. Theres not a single track you wanna skip and my fav song has changed about 5 times so far. This is his best album ever imo n i never imagined he would be able to top The Marshall Mathers n Slim Shady EP's. Basically this is the album his fans have waited about 10 years for but never believed would happen, but here it is and honestly its better that i ever dreamed it could be. Now we just need him to do a UK tour seeing as we missed out on Anger Management!!!!!!

  9. Blur



    2 New from  £34.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.75

     Best Driving Game Since Burnout


    I wasnt sure which to buy this or Split Second but after the demo for SS left me unsatisfied i decided to take a chance on Blur based on the reviews on here. Im glad i did because this is one of the most enjoyable racing games around. Theres a quality mix of cars, visually its all very nice to look at and most importantly its really really fun. Well worth a purchase.

  10.  Stunning


    Top quality game. Riding your horse across the plains as the sun is setting is right up there visually with some of the views from Uncharted 1 n 2. Brilliant characters and voice acting. You get your moneys worth its a very hard game to 100% and the multiplayer is a good laugh aswell.