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  1.  gta handheld awesome!!!


    this latest entry in the gta franchise is handled beatifully the liberty city that was used in gta is recreated beatifully here with the use of cel-shaded graphics a solid story you play as huang lee who is on a quest to retrieve his familys stolen sword there are many plot twists and the chracters are very well fleshed out there are also some inspired uses of the ds touch screen from car jacking to making molotov cokctails all in all a fantastic game and another brilliant entry in the gta franchise

  2.  massive graphical acheivement but way to short!


    good solid game gameplay is excellent if you have played the ps2 games you will love this however if you are expecting an epic you will be dissapointed you can easily complete the game within 5-8 hours but obviously this is the psp its amazing what they have done with the hardware limitations combat is fun and frantic and becuase the game is so short the combat really doesnt have time to get boring however if you want a longer bigger game buy either of the ps2 titles the graphics are fantastic probably the best looking game on the psp so far however i must say the ps2 games are better simply becuase they are longer but if you loved the originals you will really enjoy this despite its length which is really its only flaw oh and of course you should get this game if you love gratouitous violence

  3.  welcome to bullworth!!! you will never want to leave


    in my opinion this game is an unnapriciated classic and definitely in my top ten ps2 games ever. simply put story engrossing gameplay inspired the graphics may not be next gen exactly but if you look at this game you can clearly see that rockstar were going for more a cartoonish look than realism. the characters are fun and memorable the gamplay and missions are very well structured and fit with the story perfectly. i give bully five stars i would give it four simply for originality alone but this combined with its amazing gameplay and story make it an instant classic