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  1.  Just short of Great


    Got to say I was late to see this and I can't argue how good the film is, But!
    After watching it I couldn't help walking away thinking something was missing that could of took the Movie to Great!
    I personally think Spiderman was missing!
    Spiderman included would of made it Great!
    If you could imagine the end battle (won't spoil it) where all the tall buildings were!
    That end battle was made for Spiderman to be in!
    I looked this up and Marvel sold Spiderman rights to Sony so that's why Spiderman was not involved!
    If you ask me Spiderman not being in it really affected the whole Super Hero battle scenes!

  2.  Terrible!


    Thought this would be brill as I loved the Muppets as a kid!
    This has quite a lot of Musical scenes and every single song is so Cringeworthy and the Story is seriously boring and pathetic!
    First time in my life I have rated a Movie 1 Star!
    Very Very Awful!!!

  3.  Great! Comic Book Fantasy!


    Wasn't expecting too much but what an Amazing Film!
    This represent's exactly what Comic Book Fantasy is all about!
    The effect's are Mind Blowing and the story and introduction to the Lanterns is very enticing!
    I'm a massive Comic Book Hero Fan and this is by far One of the best film's at the moment!
    Excellent! :-)

  4.  Not totally impressed!


    First of all I'm a life long fan of Transformers and I'm 35 and had all the toys and old vhs's etc! Absolutley obsessed with Transformers as a kid!
    It gives me no joy to write this review!
    The graphics, cgi and effect's are the best there are at the moment!
    The story really drags and made me lose interest about 60 mins into the film!
    Lots of pointless scenes!
    The ending sequence ends too quickly considering the build up goes on for about an hour!
    Really disappointed!
    The first one was the best for me, The second one was ok to good and the 3rd one was a massive massive let down for me!
    Just a load of noise and cgi!
    Shia Labouf was also really annoying too! Had enough of his same old acting!
    And Rosie who????
    Bay failed!

  5.  Very Average! 2.5 Stars!


    Slightly Disappointed! Depp does a Great voice over but I found it a little bit weird!
    I'm a big fan of animated movie's just like my family and there was just something about this that made it a bit boring too!
    Start's off quite good but seriously lose's the "Glued to the screen factor"!
    Watch once and leave in the cupboard movie! 2.5 stars!

  6.  Amazing!


    Such an Awesome Movie! The visual's will blow you away, The Action is Immense! The best I've seen in a long time! Can't forget the girl's in this film are seriously hot! Cant ask for much more!
    Great Film already Pre-Ordered!

  7.  Zero Star Rating


    First of all I cant believe how poor this film is!
    The first 5 minutes is ok but then all of a sudden you have very dodgy cgi scene in a large battle field set in about 101 AD and then you have Nic Cage speaking exactly how he usually does!
    Back in those times people never spoke like that and then they make jokes using the P word (the term for weeing)! Those sayings were not even thought of then!
    After 20 mins I had to turn it off it is that bad!

    It is such a mis-match of an era of time and the way people are now!

    Check out the other reviews! As I could go on but not going to bother wasting my time for such a poor film!

  8.  MEGAMIND!!!


    This is Dream Works Best Animated Movie! It is so funny! The humour is more understandable by adults but still one for the little ones too, My 4yr old daughter absolutely loves it!
    The graphics are brilliant and story is great, The voice overs are excellent, Will Farell does a mega job and gives Megamind such character! Brad Pitt also voices Metro Man who briefly appears from time to time and does a excellent and funny job too! Deserves 5 stars and was a better animated movie than I expected!!!



    I'm not even past the first level yet but thought I'd write a review now because it is that good and I am well and truly hooked!
    This is a Massive improvement on the first Dead Space, The Graphics and sound are Unbelievable! The lighting is amazing and looks so realistic!
    The game is also in 1080i which looks razor sharp compared to the first Dead Space that was in 720P.
    There have been a few improvements in terms of the movement of isaac and seems to move really smooth without being clumsy! A nice touch is when you stamp on corpses and if you stamp repeatidly isaac swears, t's as if your kicking the Sh^t out of someone! Great Touch!
    Being as brief as poss I would say that if you liked the first one then you will love this one even more!

    Amazing and probably the best sequal I have ever played!

  10.  Oh Yes!!!


    What can i say? I remember seeing this 25 years ago at the Cinema on release date and this has got to be one of the best films ever "Probably the Best!"
    From Special Effects to Humour it has it all! This will Definitely be added to my collection on release,
    I have so many good memories of this film and i really hope they get on with the third film.
    Even if you wasn't around when this film was released I 100% guarantee you wont be disappointed and will be surprised how good the effects were for its time.
    To sum it up this is a Masterpiece 10 outa 10 for me!

    Sing along now.........If there's something Strange in your neighbourhood, Who Ya Gonna Call??????.................