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  1.  Best multiplatform headset


    I wasn't a fan of the old 360 headsets. Being a frequent online gamer, they just didn't seem to last long enough. My PS3 headset lasted for ages, and charging it also took far less time. Now this is out and I have to say it's the best of both worlds. It looks and feels just like the official PS3 headset plus it has features such as noise cancellation and a much longer battery life. The best part? It also supports bluetooth, so if you get a phone call mid game, just flick a switch and it will automtically switch to your phone so you can game whilst you play. A god send to say the least.

    But it gets even better. Being a bluetooth headset, this is also 100% compatible with the PS3! I don't think MS intended that, but incorporating bluetooth technology meant it would be pretty much unavoidable. I now use the same headset for both consoles and it's a minor miracle. Whenever I switch consoles I don't have to move or change anything, it automatically re-syncs to the desired console.

    To sum up, a fantastic headset and it took a long time coming from MS. The best part is that it is absolutely perfect for gamers that use both HD consoles like myself. You get a high level of voice quality on both platforms with the exact same level comfort and perks. It might seem pricey at 30 quid, but MS has always priced high. But when you consider this headset has a 3-1 feature of 360/PS3/PHONE, it really isn't that much of an issue. The perfect gaming headset. Buy it.

  2.  Just like microsoft's headset...but better value


    To the person below, are you seriously stupid? The official 360 headset bleeps every 15 seconds to indicate the mic is on mute and yet you dont find that annoying?? I sense fanboyism. Anyway, on this particular headset, it is about time sony pulled their finger out and released an official headset worthy of online use.
    Their biggest mistake was not including one of these in the box at laucnh coz so many people have become used to playing without one and are comfortable playing without using proper teamwork and tactics.
    On the bad side, the ear mic is slightly uncomfortable, its a shame there weren't a\ny extra ear plugs included to fit your size, but all in all an excellent headset. It has a mute button, vooume up and down, and charges directly from usb it even beats the 360's headset as it allows you to use the headset as a mic when it is charging and relays other peoples voice through the tv
    All in all, an essential buy for any serious online gamer. Voice quality is crisp, performance is admirable, and the money you are paying for it as a bargain. Microsoft charge £35 for their headset and it uses radio waves to transmit sound, this causes it to have a lot of unwanted noise and 'blurring' during use. It also runs out much quicker than the 6 hours they say it lasts for
    Read all the positive reviews on this product and make the right choice - buy it