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  1.  Is that it?


    Knew it was going to be small when i ordered it, but didnt realise just how small! maybe half a cm thick, and just over 2cm long when closed. seems fairly solid and looks good as well
    small fear that i might lose it but clipped it to my keyring easily

  2.  best multiplayer to date


    ok first: anyone knocking a star off this game for a short story mode deserves a slap
    this game is designed around the multiplayer and the new spec ops mode, the story isnt even a 1/4 of the game
    this game is based on the original modern warfare but is hugely built upon, everything is better laid out and more coordinated, the campaign is short but sweet, and when that is completed you have multiplayer and spec ops which are great fun especially with mates
    the multiplayer is as you would expect, near perfection.
    the only complaint i have had is the kill streak bonuses which are extremly powerful, but then i got more into the game and started getting nukes and chopper gunners often and started taking out enemy kill streak bonuses within seconds so thats no longer a gripe, you just have to learn how to play
    no matter who you are i would recommend this game, it is fun and addictive online

  3.  dam nice phone


    i payed 100 for this phone and was extremely weary, touch screen for that little?
    when i opened the package i was pretty surprised, it looks amazing, it feels sturdy and is light as well, looks like a much more expensive phone
    one of the reasons i was so keen on a touch screen was the fact a mate has an iphone, but naturally i thought this wouldnt come close to the feel of his iphone, yet it does, it does need a bit more pressure to be applyed and isnt quite as smooth but still surprised me
    the mp3 is extremely good, and with micro sd cards so cheap now i think this is my new mp3 player as well despite not having the best headphones
    i would highly reccomend this phone for someone who is on budget and looking for a great phone, or someone who just doesnt need an iphone

  4.  my only ps3 game!


    this is the first game i have BOUGHT for my ps3
    i got my ps3 for xmas with rfom nd have rarely played it due to by WII nd 360
    this game truley shows the graphics a next gen game can achieve i mean they are AMAZING AMAZING
    although its just a racing game they still amazed me
    but after i got over them i realised the game is just graphics
    yes its a great racing game but less fun than PGR and more anoying than forza due to the "realism"
    its a game that i play to relax my self after cod4 or halo which rly frustrate me at times,
    this game is smooth but when u crash of its unreal, if u crash into anything pretty much evey other car can over take you and then im more anyoed so i just sit there and stare
    the game is GRAPHICS + Gran turismo
    other than the graphics i prefer mario kart wii
    i rate it 2 stars due to the AMAZING GRAPHICS
    but if you have a WII get mario kart WII its awesome
    if you dont hav a 360 or wii its still a great buy as there is no better ps3 racing game

  5.  online :D + free maps :D


    this game is AMAZING
    i had heard great things about this game but was weary of the cod name as i see them as ww2 however i bought this as i had the cash( dw i still have GTA IV preorderd)
    th first thing is the graphics which are amazing and realistic nothing seems wrong the details are superb
    the gameplay is perfect it just seems so REAL
    the feel of the controller vibrating(ps3 cnt hav dat) is so satisfying and goes well with the sounds really bringinjg you into the game
    you can play this offline but u wont want to
    theres a 4 hour story and then theres the online
    the online is great wich a ranking system and prestige mode to really help u keep playing
    ive had the game a week and have 1 day 22 hours playing time and am almost on prestige AND IM NOT BORED YET!!!!!
    this verion also has xtra maps but these are just an xtra nd nt a big deal
    but tbh only buy IF u have xbox LIVE

  6.  achievments


    its so smooth
    the driving is so seam less and relaxing
    its so easy to get achievments :D
    the graphics are amazing
    colours and cars
    although the crashing is A PAIN the game is still 5*

  7.  why cant i get 5 stars!!!!!?


    dispite playin for almost 2 weeks now i cant complete a HARD song with 5 stars
    its a game that rly is a challenge AT LAST
    ive played too many games that anyone can complete on any dificulty IF the persever, not anymore
    this needs SKILL, wich although is aquired over time u still need skill
    its so addictive and fun.. yes FUN!!! a FUN game
    unlike stuff like fps and rpgs this game can just be lighthearted and fun which is great, if ur not in the mood for cod4 or gears of war u cn simply play this but then im not sure when u will stop

  8.  its a hardrive...


    unless ur rly unluky u dont get BAD hardrives
    this is nowhere near bad
    the price however is RUBISH
    ONLY £10 UNDEER TE 120 GB



    but i dont like it.....
    this seems to be the main reponse to the game
    people buy it thinging mindles action packed destruction and fire
    however ea have changed this... for the worse
    i loved the fort of a HD burnout only to be disapointed, its not burnout
    i guess the name is a clue "paradise city" but ok
    get over it
    dont think of it as BURNOUT
    think of it as "paradise city"
    now rate it
    its that sinple, sudenly now its a great game
    an amazingly structred game with truly incredible graphics

  10.  WOW NEW SEQUEL..... oh wait theres just a 2 at the end


    this is a great game however whats changed?
    all i could see were little thing, no major changes
    however if u dont have the first one this is a great buy
    it is also addicting online which is what rly matters