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  1.  unfortunatly a let down


    let me start by saying i am a huge fan of the final fantasy franchise playing many of the titles. i have enjoyed every single one and couldnt wait until this game came out.

    unfortunalty i feel let down by square enix and this is for many reasons. the battle sytsem on this game has changed from time based battle (one player attacking at a time on command) to an open battle ground in which to fight you send a blue string thing from your head in order to say you are going to attack and whch person you will attack. this is probably the worst change and i was majorly disappointed with this and this is the major reason why i di not finish this game. the TBB system worked fine in the first place and was involved in the 3 best RPG's ever in VII, VIII and X. so why try and fix something that is not broke? Blue Dragon proved that the TBB system can still work in games today.

    also FFXII uses a gambit system in which you can tell the other players what to do without having to constantly tell them, for example when somebody's HP is below 1000 use an X potion, this is good in that respect but it made me feel pointless in battle as i was barely doing a thing and that reduced the tactical knowledge needed in battle and made the battles tedious and annoying.

    in FFXII they have taken out random encounters which in my eyes added to the fun of the game you never knew when you were going to fight next or what monster you would fight. this again i feel was a pointless change.

    however i did give the game 3 stars and this is why. the storyline is pretty good, it isnt as good as the others in the series but it is ok.

    the graphics are absolutely unbelievable (as we have come to expect from the FF series. the cutscenes are fantastic and the in game graphics are i feel unrivaled on the PS2.

    the world that you explore is vast and the places that you visit are brilliant to explore and chanllenging to navigate.

    there are a lot of sidequests which add length to the game, however they are very similar and afetr 10-12 they become repetitive ad tedious and then you forget all about them, unlike the other games in the series in which they have you travelling to different citys to do different tasks making the games much more fun to play.

    i feel that the wait for this game was not justified and i do feel majorly let down so until square enix bring another brilliant FF game out i will go back and play 3 of the best games of all time VII, VIII and X.

  2.  something for everyone


    this now has most genres covered meaning that everyone can sit back and enjoy the latest songs that they like. most songs allow for easy listening such as maroon 5 makes me wonder and shine by take that. a grea compelation of the best of the latest songs a must buy!!

  3.  godd but some flaws


    i have this ipod and i constantly use it wherever i go. the size of the ipod is great as the screen is large enough to easily see the videos that you save and the memory is huge i have 2500 songs and 3 videos and still have 20 gig left. however the life span of the battery in general is pretty poor mine lasts 10 hours without watching any videos. when i watched a video 5 or 6 times the battery was in red!! mine has also started to stall every so often and the hold slider jams so i cant put my ipod on hold anymore, this is after having it for about 8 months. overall a good addition as the video feature is great!!

  4.  not what i waited for!!


    now lets start with the good parts. graphics it delivers on they are beautiful and it is one of trhe key features in the game much like most final fantasies before hand. the gameplay (which the final fantasy games are most recognised for) delivers as well with 70 hours worth of storyline!! that means that you get a lot of game for your money and that is one thing that has always drawn me to these games because the soryline is so in depth and so enthrawling!! BUT and this is a big BUT ... why fix something that isnt broke (referring to the new battle system). to me the new battle system takes away the fun of the fights as you arent in control of the other characters because of the gambit system which basically sets tasks in order of preference for the characters to do. this means that you could stand and watch your guys fight and do nothing but direct them with the analog stick!! there was nothing wrong with the old battle system and it worked especially well in final fantasy X which is a far better game. also removing random encounters took away the fun of battles because you could just see the battles and run away making the game so much easier whereas in the older games you had to stand and fight. for meit was not worth the wait and i know some people will not agree but when a game like final fantasy 7/8 can still keep me going back after all of these years to complete over and over again and i cant bringmyself to complete this game. it seems that square enix did something wrong!! i just hope when 13 comes out for the ps3 it has the battle system of old as i do know that they have changed it again!! lets all hope and pray as this game was not one of the best in the saga.

  5.  to all the haters


    i truly dont understand how people can argue that halo 3 is poor first of all lets get the facts straight how can you argue with 250,000 different people logging on to the halo 3 beta everyday that it was out?? second the knew weapons, maps, characters etc how is there no change?? sure the graphics arent the best at the moment but that was only a test to see if there were any flaws in the online play!! the graphics will improve for the real game. most people are comparing the beta to halo 2 which isnt really a good idea as we have not seen all oif the maps and all of the new game types yet!! this will undoubtably be the game of 2007 and will blow all other games out of the water. if you dont buy you will be missing out because all of your friends will be on halo while your stuck playing with yourself (pun unintended)!! this will break all records for sales and pre orders and therefore it is a must buy!!

  6.  worth a look


    this is a generally good game but it isnt the best game to come out on the wii!! the graphics arent as good as say resident evil 4 and the story can be completed quickly. but overall it is fun and is definatly worth a look!!!

  7.  comedy genius


    this book will have you laughing all the way through. its just peter kay all over with great stories and funny comments about his childhood and what happened when he was growing up!! a must buy for all!!

  8.  re live the glory days!!


    this is a great cd showcasing the very best songs that take that have released when they were at their prime in the early 90's. these songs are timeless and all of them are easy to sing along and listen to. a great album for the long term or new fan of take that a must buy!! what a classic.

  9. One Chance

    One Chance

    Paul Potts (Britain's Got Talent) - CD

    19 New from  £2.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     what a voice!!


    Most people now know the story of paul potts the carphone warehouse employee who had the hidden opera voice! and know he has a CD out showcasing his versions of some classic opera songs! only problem is that you have appreciate opera music to enjoy it. but for the shear beauty of his voice and his brilliant story this is a must buy, well done paul!!

  10.  unbelievable


    this game is fantastic, the graphics are truly spectacular using the wii to the fullest of its ability, meaning that this is the best looking game on the wii to date. unlike some games resident evil 4 really uses the wii remote well and the aiming system works perfectly. this game is one of the best games to come out on the wii and is well worth a buy you will not be dissapointed.