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  1.  One of the most detailed and best games ever!


    I bought this back when it first came out and to this date I think its still one of the best games of all time. I have many, many reasons why I think this and many others can back up my points. First of I'm going to mention the vast detail in this game, its amazing! Just looking around at the high amount of detail put into the landscape of the West and looking from a hillside into the distance will give you a thrill because of how real it looks. Weather effects are good, you can even go a step further and even tell when its going to rain in the game, because the clouds gather like real life and go dark in colour, how's that for detail? Also seeing wild animals in the game and being able to skin them for resources and money will have you busy for a good while. The story is typical of Rockstar and gives you an excellent one, as you would expect in Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne etc. Side Missions are all there, and will keep you busy, their obviously not as detailed as the actual story, but will give you them extra hours after completion! Online is excellent, there's still players who go on there, as you would expect and there's plenty to do, also gather your mates and make your own possy and fight others in groups! If you've never played this game and consider getting it, try it out. I doubt you'll be dissapointed because this is a game made for players of all genres.

  2.  Improved from Last Year but some bad points


    Everything in my opinion has improved this year. The first thing I noticed was how improved the commentary on the game had changed also the weather is much better so you can be playing in heavy rain or the pitch is covered in snow. Practice Matches and the Set Peice creator have been added to the Arena. The bad points for me is the passing and the players all seem the same speed! Manager Mode is improved aswell and you dont seem to play the same players all of the time because their rating goes down (like Adidas Live Season last year) EA are a bit tight this year because they make you pay for the Live Season.

  3.  I'm not normally the type for these games BUT..


    This game entertained me loads. The missions will have you on the edge of your seat at times, when you have to defend an objective under a certain time limit because the opposition will be pounding the pressure on your flanks with Tanks and Infantry. The Levels and Missions take longer than 15 minutes at times, which allows you to take your time and come up with a key strategy. The campaigns available to is The Russian Campaign, German Campaign and the Allied Campaign, each with unique levels and challenging objectives. Believe me, this game will challenge you! I found it difficult to pass certain missions at times, but you'll overcome the barrier eventually. One thing I don't like about the game is voice acting, but what the hell.. the game makes up for it!

  4.  Completed it and loved it..


    This game is something new for the Console series, having you placed into the shoes of a 40's detective rising up the ranks. First off the graphics are excellent, they remind me of Red Dead Redemption and the 1940's cars look accurate, and drive accurately. The story this game holds is not of your average Grand Theft Auto, it may of been helped by Rockstar and may of hold some similarities but its not an sandbox kind of game, you can't just run around stealing cars and shooting people because you're a cop. I've played the story through 2 times and its been fairly similar, but I still feel the urge to play it through again. The most, accurate attention to detail Team Bondi made with this game is their new Motion Capture device, which makes facial animations absolutely superb, its never been done in a game and it really immerses you in the experience, and to tell if a Suspect is lying or not. As any other game, it does have its flaws, such as no upcoming DLC, there is only about 4 DLC Cases on the market, and no more are being released, car chases are good, but the car movement of the person you're chasing looks scripted and it doesn't look real and sometimes you'll notice a few little glitches when the character talks, such as their mouth going funny for a brief second. Overall this should be a good buy for any console owner at the minute, its a good game while it lasts but once you complete it there wont be much left to do on it.

  5.  A fresh experience


    This is game is like something which has never been done before, I say this because of the features and the story it includes e.g. the feature which has you picking up random cars from the sky may seem stupid at first, but once you get the game, you'll realise how it all falls into place. The story is unique and fresh, having Tanner put into a Coma by arch enemy Jericho, with Tanner looking for revenge and fast! You don't have to have played older Driver games to get adjusted to this story, it holds no comparison to its PS1-PS2 counterparts because it is just a completely new story. Online is also entertaining, with a variety of game modes and unlockables. Ranging from picture crests to levelling up and such. If you were a fan of the old Driver games or just a racing game fanatic in general, this is for you. If you're looking for an actual racing game, such as Forza and Grand Turismo, you may want to look elsewhere!

  6.  This will blow you away!


    If you own a PS3, this is a must, no matter what kind of games you like. You take the role of several different characters in the story, and its unlike anything I've ever played, its new and gives a fresh experience to the gaming world. Your actions actually do effect people and maybe yourself in the story. Say if you die you won't get a 'Game Over' screen for example, so there is a longer lasting story. Quantic Dream were the ones that designed Fahrenheit for the PS2, and that game was great also. For the price you can't go wrong, I say try the Demo on the Marketplace first though, you won't be dissapointed.

  7.  Best LMA Manager to date!


    2005 is the best management game ever! and its Year 2010! The last one in the series was 2007 but this game top's that. For instance the match engine look's and plays alot better, The graphic's look better, of course not like 2007 Version but its excellent for 2005. If you haven't got this one yet and you love LMA Manager. Get this one! its old but its good. Obviously the stat's are outdated now but I still enjoyed it.

  8.  Football Manager 2010!


    In my opinion This game is an improvement from Football Manager 2009, the reasons? Better 3D match, More Realistic and an easier User Interface. You couldnt ask for a better Football Manager game than this one! If your stuck on deciding between Championship Manager 2010 and Football Manager 2010 try the demo. The best in my opinion is Football Manager 2010 but they both have excellent additions so try them both out.

  9.  Excellent Price!


    Great value for money here! Two full games for a cheap price. I will start with BoGT.. This one is excellent! you could spend alot of time in the Night Club's with many things you can do in it such as Champagne drinking where you fizz it up and spray it all over, then you race the other person to drink it all so it all ends up you being drunk and staggering around. You can drink shots and Dance.. The missions are one of the best I have played in the Grand Theft Auto series with all the explosions and variety in them. The Lost and Damned is also a very good expansion which gives BoGT a run for its money because this game throws you right in the action at the start. Handling with bikes feels excellent and makes you want to ride them more. I suggest playing GTA:IV first if you havent played it to understand the story.

  10.  Poor but it is an expansion...


    Poor game overall and doesnt really add much and the map seems smaller! only a few extra units and the turn system is basically thrown out the window because it doesnt work like other games in the series