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  1.  5 Star Game!!


    Just finished this game and had to write a review. Its such a great zombie / survivor game. It forgets every zombie cliche which makes it so much better then other zombie games. For instance there are different types of zombies; clickers, runners and bloaters. All of them terrifying in there own right, they are not the traditional slow ambling creatures who you can simply shoot in the head!! It also has a brilliant story that tells a tale of loss, betrayal and survival. The characters in this game are amazing and you cannot help getting attached to them ..
    It seemed short .. but maybe that was just because i got so sucked in the time just flew by!!!
    So yeah.. get this game and try to find the cure... if you dare!!!
    Oh and remember .... when you hear a clicker.... RUN!!!!

  2.  One of the best animated films in a long time


    I was a bit skeptical when i watched WALL-E as i had heard a lot about it and i didn't think a film about a robot on earth would be any good.. I was very wrong this film is about so much more then just a robot who cleans up thrash on earth! It is sad, funny and thought provoking. I think both adults and children alike will love this film. I have always been a big fan of animated movies and this movie reminded me of how great they can be. I think the condition of the humans in the movie makes us stop and think about how we behave. They are obese people who move around on hover cars, they had to leave earth because they basically turned it into a giant DUMP.... who knew that a romance between two robots could be so hear wrenching and amazing even if they only have two words between them . EVA and WALL-E .. this is a must see movie its on my top ten anyway : )

  3.  Brilliant reference book


    I got this book years ago and i have to say it has come in so useful over the years. The pictures are brilliant and it is very easy to find the specific animal that you are looking for as it is well set out. It is very informative and so colorful. I used this book for art classed to draw animals , i used it for science class for ecology information etc and i also used the book for college for my anatomy classes. For anyone that is interested in learning more about animals i would highly recommend this book :)

  4.  Brilliant Western


    I have loved this film since i was about 12. I used to always watch it with my dad so it reminds me of happier times. It is a brilliant western , Some people would think its more of a guy movie but girls listen up i loved this and so did all my friends. The storyline is really good and the film is really long , perfect for those long cold winter nights. Its one of those classic films that everyone has to see before they die :)

  5.  Loved this film


    I found this on the 100 best films ever website the other day and i decided to give it a watch. Its one of those films that is hard to describe to your friends and family etc its just a film that you really have to see!! I agree with the person who said that it teaches you about life, in a strange way it does. It teaches you how to appreciate the beauty in life, I loved the plastic bag dancing in the wind scene. All the characters in the film are likable in their own ways and are very realistic. I could relate to them in my own way and i think everyone can. Its also a very sad film, and it makes you think. well it it made me think anyway . Kevin Spacey is brilliant in his role as a man going through a midlife crisis. This film is a must watch, highly recommend it!

  6.  Disappointing!


    I really feel as though i am the only person who did not like this film. I hope i dont get a lot of down thumbs for expressing my opnion. However i shall voice my honest views. The only reason i picked up this movie was because it was based on a novel by Stephen King who i love. It seems like the walking dead got most of its actors from the mist with the actors who play , Dale , Carol and Andrea all involved in the movie. This really was not my type of movie, I love thrillers and horrors but this did nothing for me. I think people who appreciate large monsters and Sci fi would love this movie as there are a lot of cool monsters in it from giant octopus, to human eating spiders and moths. the story line is pretty lacking basically a load of people get trapped in a shop when the killer mist comes, then they are trying to escape. There is a lot of gore so gore fans will have a ball watching this movie. I found the movie boring and the characters annoyed me because they were those stereotypical stupid people in horror movies. They run out into the mist where everyone knows they will all die and there is a weird religious woman in the movie who takes annoying to a new level . Throughout the whole movie me and my friends shouted at the stupid people on the t.v. I dont want to ruin it for anyone so il just say the ending was probly the only exciting part in the movie, it also shows just how stupid the actors were though. Sorry for being so negative, i really didnt like it though!

  7.  Denzel and Angelina are brilliant


    I love this film , have seen it many times and it never gets dull. Denzel plays the part of a paralyzed cop brilliantly and Angelina is great too. It is a very good thriller and keeps you guessing who the murderer is the whole way through. At first i was a little confused by the ending but after seeing it again i get it and it is a little shocker i suppose. Good story line and a great movie.

  8.  Forgettable


    I had heard good things about this movie and was very dissapointed when i finally got the chance to see it. The acting is very bad in this film and the only line i can remember is ' arghhhhh no the bees ' which is not a very good thing. There was nothing scary about it and if i culd give it no stars i would. I think people should watch the 70s version which is a lot better. I dont usually mind nicholas Cage but he was just as bad as all the other actors in this film .

  9.  Enjoyable


    This was a very enjoyable film and i think children and young adults alike will love it. The world is very well created and i think the clothing and hairstyles of the people in the Capitol was very close to the description in the book. I only gave it a three because after reading the books i did not feel the film reached my expectations. It felt rushed at parts and i felt that we didn't really get to know the characters as well as we did in the book. Still though i did enjoy it and i think others will too.

  10.  Disappointing


    I am a big Stephen King fan so i picked this up when i saw it. I was excited as i have never heard of it before.I have to say i was very disappointed after reading it. I never really got into the story and found the storyline a little silly , its about a haunted car. I found it boring at times and found myself wanting to skip ahead. If you want to read a good Stephen King book i would recommend pet semetary , Duma key, Liseys story, Carrie, Misery , the shining, the stand, skeleton key, the green mile, shawshank redemption, Stay away from this one though.