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  1.  must buy


    this is a must buy for christmas!!!kinect is brilliant and with this so much better the dance moves range from easy to hard depending what you choose great for all ages im 21 and i love it

  2.  brilliant!!!!!


    great like the review below you need space, a must buy is dance central its fun and great to learn new moves gonna be good for christmas!!!hope more great games come out for this

  3.  Brilliaint


    Great MMO so smooth, the graphics are one of the best i have seen along with the customisation. im a level 7 scout, so far i like the story and it add little cutscenes to show you where to go etc, i can see me playing this for a long time. i got the headstart and whenever i get time i play this game its addictive.

  4.  NICE


    Great game, im a big age of empires fan been playin online but recently been looking for new strat game online,it like company of heroes but graphics gameplay seems stronger,campaign is good but online is wicked.crashed for me now an again online but patch should fix that overall great game.

  5.  excellent but beware of quitters


    good game but as i find online most people just quit ive had this the day it came out just gets better and better but i feel online sucks sometimes when people quick because you beat them with a 4 star team, because everyone uses man u, barca cos they suck!

  6.  skate it


    if you like skate 1 you will love skate 2 awesome game had for a couple of week, great game good how you can move obstacles etc and get off your board! online is good and funny with the hall of meat.worth adding to your collection

  7.  Just Great


    This deserves a 5 star, the story is very good better than most rpgs ive played this year, it you like greek mythology you will love this, the fighting is good you get a sword mace spear and he always carrys his sheild, seems slow to start off but once you get into this its amazin not, alot of speech so you dont have to read :) fighting similar to fable.

  8.  Excellent Demo


    This is a great game graphics aint everything i think they good size of maps etc, preordered cant wait to get already been online with friends its great different classes etc, much more stuff ride horses etc if you have given this less than four your mad, i give it five because im a lotr fan and the gameplay is amazin

  9.  Excellent


    Great game the way it play moves,everything feels so good the story is great, the climbing is great, things like jump off a roof land on your horse etc..makes this game feel so good..i dont normally play offline games but this is the best so far...stealth or not you will love it..

  10.  Vandal Hearts With Suikoden Characters


    Great Game,alot like vandal hearts can be very tough this as mostly all the characters out Suikoden IV,enjoyable like all suikoden games but suikoden 1 and 2 will always be the best.