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  1.  Dont Compare with BoB


    It sounds hard to do however please try and watch it without comparing to Band of Brothers.

    The Pacific was a different theatre of warfare to the European theatre we see in BoB and HBO once again puts you into the lives of ordinary soliders fantastically!

    One thing i enjoyed more then BoB is the pre war and post war story of the soliders it follows......its "good" to see how tough these brave young men found it to adapt back to civilian life, nightmares and finding jobs being the hardest things to deal with.

    The action is amazing, story gripping and much like BoB a great insight into a conflict which should never happen again!

  2.  Worth a look if you liked he first one and hated the 2nd one


    I loved the first st, amazing film which had a large budget

    The 2nd one, where to start...it didnt have a feel of st, no federation network "would you like to know more" clips and was just poor!

    I got the 3rd one in the post today, first impressions were good! As a media student i understand that having a low budget makes it hard to make a very good film, but st3 is good for the low budget!

    Rico is back! That in itself is enough to make any fan of the 1st st film want to see this film! The only downfall of this movie is the constant reference to god! That does get abit annoying and repetative!

    I gave this move 3 stars because st1 is a 5 star film and this film gets minus 2 stars for the "low budget effects" and the constant religion thing!

  3.  One of the best of '07


    Amazing album!

    i saw them live on the 12th of december and hadnt herd most of the tracks....after the show i bought this album straight away! such a good listen

    i define a great album as one which u can listen to everytrack without skipping any...this is one! Fans,Charmer, Black Thumbnail, My party and Knocked up are my favourite songs!

    i gave it 4 stars as in my opinion Foo Fighters get 5 stars for their album which is the best of 2007

  4.  Jolly Good =)


    Got it for Christmas and well worth it!

    Based on the Battle of Thermopylae which saw 300 stand against the 2,000,000 strong persian army ( however in real life there were more troops behind the 300 spartans and they did not stand alone!)

    This film brings action and a fasinating insight into the life of spartan soldiers who were raised too die in battle for sparta!

    I'm giving it 4 stars as the "mythical" creatures they fight lets it down in my opinion! i mean giant elephants and giant crab like people lol!

    still a much enjoyable film! the special effects are breath-taking! well worth the price aswell!