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  1.  Really good...not a remake


    The most important thing to keep in mind is this is NOT a remake nor can it be considered a prequel..where does it fit? well rumor has it that there will be sequels and the possibility of bringing an aged Ash played by Campbell has not been ruled out. I say not a remake, there are a few nods to the original. Thankfully there is no humour here which from my own preference is great as I always found this hindered the sequels in a big way, horror should be horror unless its Gremlins. Some scenes will have you creeped out and others are pretty squeemy. Its a good film, probably the best rehash I have seen in a long time. Im off to see it again before it leaves the cinemas hehe.

  2.  Not what it should have been


    I imagine from a filmakers pov there is a fine line between giving the fans what their screaming for and making something that will work beyond the comics that started it. What we have here are two films which try to work but the failures are all too obvious and they do stand out.. you dont have to be a sci fi nerd either. The first one has the wonderful setting of isolation (like The Thing) with the added enclosure of the pyramid which locks our character in. Later the plot unravels as the Predator race means to breed the Xeno in order to test Predator youngsters...to prove themselves a worthy warrior by killing a Xeno. Well the Xenos arent willing to just take it and they do put up a fight with the remaining human character battling to not only find a way out but avoid getting prego'd and/or speared in the process. Lance Henricksen reprises his role as Bishop Weyland. The time line feels like it could be a few hundred years off from our first meet with the other human version of Bishop in Alien 3 which makes little sense. The flaws are the FX and the fact they used the same clunky alien suits from Alien Resurrection. CGI is very poor too. The acting is okay with some likeable characters which sadly get offed a little too early, feels more like a bodycound movie than a character driven film which I think was a mistake...I want to care about the characters. The sequel picks up directly after the first, landing us back on earth in burbs with a new set of characters to off. The aliens are almost identical to the suits used in Aliens thankfully and the Predalien which was a featured crossbreed in the AVP PC games and comics...is interesting. The acting is terrible feeling very wooden and emotionless. Again feeling like another bodycount movie. The films are not brilliant, they simply ignore the settings of the games and the comics that proceeded it which is a little silly. There is some dumb fun here but its very minimal most of the time your sat there bored feeling like you have seen it done better in the previous films of both franchise...because you have.

  3.  Very good


    How to describe this series, well its from Mick Garris who as you know created the Masters of Horror series and Masters of Science Fiction. This series I like to think of Masters of Horror Series 3 (which didnt officially happen sadly). The directors I wouldnt call journeymen of horror their newer for the most part but they dont fail us here. The movies are a bit less in your face and more character driven than some of the movies in the Masters of Horror collection. There is more humour here with a werewolf story created by Max Landis who is the fantastic John Landis son.

  4.  Fantastic


    Finally these two long running franchises crosses paths, why wouldnt they I mean both are great sci fi show and both deal with time travel. I bought this for my 11 year old nephew hes the Doctor Who fan im the Trekkie and we were both very entertained. The artwork is the best I have seen in a very long time very old school and watercolour like...no digital art here. Its a shame that there are only 2 volumes (8 comics roughly) its that solid.

  5.  Surreal, weird and very funny


    I honestly cannot believe I havent seen this film before, it is a truly interesting bit of cinema. Very gory, zombies, beheading, talking heads! Rupert Everitt is very dashing indeed with an absolute hypnotic performance which borders on the romantic to obsurd. Probably the last great film to b made in Italy before the film market collapse. More people should see this film. Fans of Evil Dead 2, Bubba Ho Tep and Dylan Dog should be pleased with this.

  6.  Dovakiin


    I really cant praise this game enough I find something new everytime I play this and im playing through a second time. There is a lot to do here some would say too much but it certainly offers variety very much like Oblivion but much much more. The combat system is improved when compared to Oblivion which at this point I think is nearly 7 years old. It has a thing called "radiant quests" I think this means that based on your actions and the skill you will have different quests open up. I cant say anything that will give any more away its just the biggest game I have played and still playing you might need to book off a month from work just to crack the surface. Certainly with the DLC which isnt included in this edition but I imagine for those of us who dont play online a Game of the Year version wont be too far away...there will be much more added. So expect creatures on a large scale, massive dragons to slay and special armors to create.

  7.  Fallout 3 awesomeness


    I have never called a game perfect before there is always something i pick at like the amount of time it glitches, the strength of the story and longevity replayability etc. Fallout 3 is huge and with the DLC which alows you to continue following the conclusion of the main arc...its just huge like 100 plus hours huge and a lot of that time is just wondering about. If you dont mind a game eating away your time then this is for you, as an actioner and RPG its nearly flawless. The story is epic where you feel immersed in the story. The soundtrack is also brilliant too so you can have the radio playing on your "Pipboy" whilst you are wandering the wastelands. Truly amazing even though its close to 6 years old I have replayed this game a few times clocking about 400 hours....yes I need a life ha!

  8.  Not quite a Five star


    I am still a massive fan of Fallout 3 including all the dlc, loved the freedom and all the quests the quirky dialogue. New Vegas doesnt quite make it to 5 star for me even though I enjoyed it, it wasnt quite as refined as Fallout 3. I found the main story a little too short and anti climactic and it didnt feel like there was a sense of scope. Rightfully this s a revenge story primarily rather than a save the wastland story kind of scale. Brilliantly cast once again with some truly innovative and occasionally funny characters that you can have join you wherein you will be granted a perk depending on what skill they specialise. The highlight for me personally was the robo hound. The dlcs are worth your time and effort too which are all on this edition. If the game had more of an epic feel then it would have gotten the five star, a solid game nontheless.

  9.  Worthy


    I am a longtime fan of the Silent Hill games so when the first movie came out I was excited and loved it. Six long years pass and finally a sequel that isnt bad at all. Based on Silent Hill 3 this film has enough jumpy bits to keep you on your seat, not quite to the edge as it lacks something of what made the first movie stand out. It feels very enclosed too compaired to the first one, restricting itself I dont know if this was down to budget reasons but it could have been a five star. Bottom line if you love the games your will either love or hate this one there wont be a happy medium.

  10.  Awesome


    Im not really a fan of anime im more of an old school manga fan, whats the diff? well quality and voice acting. On the subject of this film its very good I was shocked at how good it actually is. Fitting very well with the trilogy, there is no Shepherd he is presumed dead so its happening just as Mass Effect 2 is kicking off. The collectors are in this and are as mean as ever so there is an odd relation you have as the gamer to the characters...a very odd sense of immersion. Freddie Prinze Jr is back voicing his character from the 3rd game so we get so experience more of this characters backstory which is great. I really hope that the rumored movie happens and this universe is brought to non gamers as it is epic and the possibilities for other stories are endless. There are a few swear words so you might want to view it first, heard the "F"word in there too so for cautious parents its worth a view.