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  1.  Photo on here doesn't do this justice!


    I wasn't convinced when I saw this T shirt, but I must admit the first review did sway me as the lady said the photo doesn't show up the detail. She was 100% right! The photo on here is ridiculously poor and you wouldn't believe the difference when you see the t shirt. I brought the L size and it is really good quality.

  2.  Really nice quality product-excellent price too!


    I ordered these for a friend for Christmas but I think I'm going to keep them for myself. They are really good quality and I'm really pleased as they weren't expensive!

  3.  Probably the worst special effects in the world ever


    Got to agree with the garbage review. The storyline could have worked really well, but the characters weren't rounded enough and the writing was just lazy. Not enough action to convey how they struggle with being werewolves and the ending just tapered off and you didn't care what happened by the end of the film.
    The sequences where they were changing into werewolves were just ridiculously rubbish! They looked nothing like werewolves, just people with fur stuck randomly on their faces.
    The ending left a lot to be desired and I think even the writers were bored by the time they got to that bit!
    Don't waste your money!!!!!

  4.  Looks absolutely brilliant. Going to raise a few smiles :D


    I've previously ordered the Flat Stan coaster and thought this would make a nice buddy! It looks so funny!! The expression on his face is classic. I might order a few more of these as it's going to make a great stocking filler!

  5.  Absolutely brilliant, loads of fun, great quality!


    I have been trying to buy these cutters for about two years now after seeing them advertised on another website. I've ordered them twice elsewhere, only for them to go out of stock! So I was really pleased to see them on play.com, especially as they are the cheapest I've found them! These are great cutters and are really good quality. I made my nephews some gingerbread men and they absolutely loved them!! Lots of fun, something a little bit different!

  6.  Looks brilliant, great gift, but quite flimsy!


    I agree with all the other reviews about how great this looks, and that it makes a really fun gift. But I was a bit disappointed with how light this egg cup is. The base isn't weighted and my nephew knocked his egg over a couple of times when he was dipping his soldiers in. Don't get me wrong, this is as fun as you would expect it to be, especially with the soldier cutter which works brilliantly, but it isn't as good quality as I was hoping for. Great novelty gift for kids and adults alike.

  7.  Really lovely. Very sweet lullabye.


    I used to have a Gloworm when I was little and it was passed on to both of my younger sisters. I was really chuffed to find this as a present for my 1 year old niece for christmas! She will love it. Slightly smaller than the originals I think , although it may have seemed bigger when I was younger :) Lights up lovely and the lullabye is very sweet.

  8.  Looks brilliant and useful-what more can you want!


    I have only good things to say about this coaster! I bought the Dead Fred pen holder a few years back and have been debating about this for a while. I'm not sure why one of the reviewers only gave it a 3 star rating, or why they expected it to be squidgy! Its a firm rubber coaster and looks absolutely brilliant with a mug of tea sat on it :) I bought two of these while they were on offer for £5 each and I'm keeping one for myself!!

  9.  Stunning to watch, maybe too many morals for me!


    I decided to buy this DVD after watching a few Studio Ghibli films with my boyfriend. I read the 3 reviews that were on here and thought it would be a good buy. I'm a little disappointed with it and I'm not entirely sure why. It wasn't as quirky or funny as Howls Moving Castle or Spirited Away, and wasn't as mesmerising as Princess Mononoke. It questions your value system with regards to prejudice and whether war is good/bad or just a matter of timing which makes violence acceptable. The animation is as amazing as ever, and the music score is beautiful. But there didn't seem to be any real resolution, and I think every good story needs an end! I would recommend to those wanting to watch a slightly less "magical" side of Ghibli (which is strange considering the lead character has been cursed with the face of a pig) but it was a little too heavy on the morality for me and just did not have the appeal of the other Ghibli's I have watched.

  10.  Much funnier that I thought it would be!!


    This was the third studio Ghibli film I watched and I absolutely loved it. I was very dubious when my boyfriend brought home a few DVD's from a work mate, but I was bowled over by them. Not only is the animation absolutely brilliant, the concepts are totally original and very entertaining. Don't watch these expecting them to make sense; but they will make you laugh and you'll have to keep finding excuses to watch them again! I would recommend Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle to first timers as they are perfect examples of how entertaining and enchanting Studio Ghibli can be! I've now bought several Studio Ghibli films and I'm always looking for more!