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  1.  How to take a great franchise and make it worse


    I was so excited for this game to come out. I would not say I was bitterly disappointed but this lacks everything that AC2 and Brotherhood had.
    Conner as a character was far less charismatic than Ezio, this back story is fairly weak and i found I didn't really care or engage with him in anyway.
    All the careful attention to detail in the Italy cities and environments had been sacrificed in an effort to increase the scale of the the US territories The story was far to over complicated and the graphics have gotten worse from AC2. When competing with games such as Halo 4 or 3rd person action like Gears, AC, you have to do better! Also, altering Desmonds face to try and fit with introducing a Native American relative? Not cool. Give us continuity, better graphics and more fluid action. Keep it simple and do what you do best. Need inspiration blow the dust of AC2 and remind yourself what got AC where it is!

  2.  Excellent.


    In short this game is great fun, fantastic story, some beautifully designed levels and artwork, brutal moves and a hero that you can actually relate to. Having recently played Star Wars force Unleashed 2 I can say that this wipes the floor with it BIG TIME!
    Lucasarts take notes... I recommend this game strongly to those who enjoy fantasy and even if you are a bit skeptical give it a go.. I did and one of the best games this year.

  3.  Gripping Adventure (Literally)


    A breath of fresh air to the computer game medium. I loved the story telling through the use of almost watercolor type graphics, making each level like the pictures from an art book. That certainly increased the enjoyment for me. The story is simplistic but perfectly enjoyable, particularly the ending showing a darker side to the game and fitting with expectations of a modern audience, giving greater depth to the character of the Prince. The combo of fights which you can team up with Elika makes for exciting battles and encourages appropriate selection of moves for the foe faced at the time. Another fantastic feature from Ubisoft is the continuation of the 'free running' moves as seen in Assassins Creed. These are often thrilling and lets be honest just cool!
    However, the game is not perfect. The fighting sequences, due to the fast pace, mean that those who do not instantly know combinations of fight moves to begin with are left button mashing and left a little hollow even at the defeat of an enemy. The 'free running' feels a little restricted also with only the scratch marks on walls showing climbable areas, however considering the nature of the environments the prince has to traverse, cliffs and ancient structures, there must have been creative decisions from Ubisoft meaning there was not the freedom experienced in Assassins Creed. All in all its a sound game, something different to grace any game collection, though I would say it is a puzzle game as much as anything and be ready for a slower pace of action at times than maybe depicted by the trailers. Four stars!!