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  1.  Doesn't work


    This doesn't work on an iPhone 4, I tried it with an ancient iPod mini and it did but not on any of the iPhones I've tried it with (they've all been 4's and 4s)

    If you're looking for something that works try a mophie juice pack I did

  2.  the last patriot


    I can't in all honesty say I was hooked from page one, as I wasn't. Now that's not the authors fault or a fault with the book. It was because when I started reading it I was already in the juicy bit of Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter. So I started it and then put it down until I'd finished finding out what happened to Sara and Jeffery. Once I'd finished that though I got really into it. There are loads of thrillers out there so to stand out takes an awful lot and this manages it.

    As I said further up this page, it reminds me of books by of Daniel Silva, Sam Bourne, Scott Marianni, and Kate Mosse. That's a good thing though there are loads of books out there trying to be the next Da Vinci code. This is where Brad Thor has worked his magic, the last patriot is fast paced and keeps you reading long after you planned on putting it down. But Brad Thor hasn't gone down the traditional baddies route like the Nazi's or some secret religious sect. No he's managed to tap into the current political climate and come out with something new, and at the moment this is something that's both rare and enjoyable.

    The only part I thought was a bit of a stretch was the ending; I felt it was a little weak in comparison with the rest of the book. Although saying that, I don't think I could have come up with a better ending, It most likely is me expecting too much, as sometimes happens when I get a little too caught up in what I happen to be reading and don't like the fact it's come to an end, I can certainly see why this book was a New York Times No1 Bestseller.

  3.  Child 44 - tom rob smith


    Child44 is the 1st book by Tom Rob Smith, and in it, he captures the grittyness of the time, the fear of being denounced, be it by your work mates if they wanted your job, by your neighbours if you didnt get on with them, basically in Stalinist Russia -when this book is set, you could be denounced at anytime by anyone famliy member or stranger alike,

    The book follows the life of Leo Demidov and his wife Raisa, now I'm not going to give you a blow by blow description of the plot line and risk spoiling what was a very well written and enjoyable book, all I will say is that the author manages to bridge that gap that some authors dont even see, between reader and book, be it the descriptions of the and feeling of paranoia that the book conveys so well, Or the way it grips you and draws you in, If there was a bad thing I had to say about this book its that it wasnt long enough lol either that or I should have paced myself lol rather than reading over the space of a couple of days

    Ive not read much cold war fiction, infact I think it would be fair in saying that this is the first one, and even though it can be tough going, its rewarding and ultimatly very satisfying and while you may think you know where the story is going trust me its not where you think.....

    child44 is a muder mystery / thriller in the classic sense of the silver screen, its got all that you'd need for a rip roaring family denouncing good time, you've the reluctant hero, his wife and their life all get cast into the wind, and all the time laws are being broken in the quest for the truth -laws which could get you executed or worse you could be sent to the gulags in siberia.

    its a murder mystery which is set at a time when murder isnt just illegal and not allowed, its denied being recognised as happening full stop. can Leo Demidov the loyal MGB Officer, save more innocent lives by putting his own life and that of his wife Raisa at risk?

    read the book and find out its worth it!

  4.  angels and demons


    I didn't read this book although i do have it in paperback, I listened to it as an unabridged audio book, and I was brilliant. I know people see Dan Browns' books as the literary equivalent of a big action movie and pull the books apart for anything they can. It's almost like the cool thing to do; and I don't get it,

    I have read some of Dan Browns other work and as long as you remember they are all fiction including the Da Vinci Code (something I feel people are forgetting) they are a great read and I can totally understand why people buy his books and those by people like Sam Bourne. The books that Dan Brown writes are fast, murder mystery's with a conspiracy slant, and who doesn't like that, even the bible is full of conspiracy, murder, and mystery. although that's not as gripping a work of fiction to read. although its a work of fiction all the same.

    In the past few years we've seen Cern become a household name with the LHC, A new pope picked with all the pomp and circumstance of the catholic church, there is anyone of a number of site's online devoted to conspiracy theory, or new world order be it by the bilderberg group or the little green men from the planet zog (sorry I got that wrong the little green men are from dzart22 and little green women are from zog. sorry for the confusion.) well imagine squishing all that together and mashing it all up and you've got Angels & Demons, With the film out now in the cinema's I'd either read or listen to this book before you see it, its a great read theres everything you want in a book.

    just before you all start emailing me or shouting at me on twitter just remember that it is fiction so if you start telling me that Anti matter cant be held in place with magnets or that the Illuminati diamond is upside down or whatever, I don't care, When I read an Enid Blyton book as a child I didn't think 5 kids really went off and lived on an island, or that there were witches that could turn kids into mice after I read a Roahl Darl book, take this book at face value and you'll love it start picking at the corners and you may as well go read the encyclopedia (not a bad read but not much of a story line and it jumps from topic to topic)

    If you liked the Da Vinci Code you'll like this and if you didn't like the da vinci code what's up with you? you'll be saying you don't like die hard next...

  5.  no time for goodbye


    Imagine walking downstairs in the morning and your whole family mother, father and brother have vanished without a word. That's what happened to teenager Cynthia Archer after waking with a hangover and a feeling she is going to be in even more trouble than she was the night before with her mother and father after rolling in drunk. The house is oddly quiet though. When gets down stairs she discovers the house is empty. No sign of her parents or younger brother Todd. Her family has simply disappeared.

    25 years later Cynthia is still in the dark about where they went, having not heard a word from them in the years that had lapsed since they went missing. She's filled with questions and consumed with guilt, about the night she came home drunk, did they leave because of her? she has nothing but unanswered questions. Were her family murdered? If so, why was she spared? And if they're alive, why did they abandon her in such a cruel way? Now married with a daughter of her own. Cynthia lives in constant fears that her idyllic family will be taken from her just as before.

    She agrees to take part in a TV documentary revisiting the case, in the hope that somebody somewhere will remember something - or even that her father, mother or brother might finally make contact with her. Then she receives something in the mail that makes her wonder if she has made the right decision to pursue this mystery. This is a great story, with plenty of thrills but it is also very well written

    This is the first one of Linwood Barclay's that I've read, and it was great. The story flows at what feels like warp speed, and because of this you can skip over some of the thinner parts of the plot, which there is a couple of bits towards the end which are stretched a little thin, but it fits with the story, without detracting from it.

    When I read this book I couldn't help myself from finishing it in one day, really it was one sitting, the story's pace just seemed to ebb and flow at the right tempo with enough page turning excitement to keep me hooked all day, With the exception of The Book With No Name there aren't many books that I think should be made in to a film or TV series, but this is one that even after reading the book, I'd sit down and watch in much the same way as I already do with Dexter.

  6.  home before dark


    It's the news every parent dreads, Ed Lister's world and marriage began to fall apart the day he hears his daughter has been murdered in Italy. A year later, with the police inquiry showing no sign of catching the killer, Ed makes a vows to find Sophie's murderer himself. This takes him on to a mysterious website -- and on to the trail of its owner, Ward, a charming, charismatic, brilliant psychopath. The search for Ward follows a murderous trail across Europe and on to America. Its then that the question arises: is Ed the hunter, or the hunted?

    Now I must be honest this took a while to get going and stay going, In the beginning I almost put it back on the book case a couple of times, but decided to stick with it, and I'm glad I did as the last quarter of the book is as good as any thriller by James Patterson.

    Home Before Dark, has a web address within the book that Ed, and his cyber detective go to, to try and catch the killer of Ed's daughter -Sophie. To both the writer and the publishers credit, the site is available for real and looks just the way its described in the book -with maybe a couple of extra links. Its detail like that which makes this book as good as it is, the attention to detail is great, its just the right amount, enough to keep you in the story but not so much that it slows it down, after all your on the trail of a murderer...or is he on your trail?

    'Utterly gripping - the best thriller of the Internet age I have ever read. It lures you into the seductive world of the chat-room, where nothing is quite what it seems' -Magnus Linklater

  7.  the bro code


    For the purpose of this review, I'm going to pretend that Barney Stinson isn't really Neil Patrick Harris' character from How I Met Your Mother,

    Barney Stinson who wrote or rather that should be documented the bro code. Is out there somewhere in new york being "legen.....wait for it,and i hope your not lactose intolerant because the next bit is......dary"

    Now in all different cultures around the world there's an unspoken until now -code that we as men live by, be it called "the man card" or "the bro code" the name may change but the sentiment remains the same. Be an embarrassment to your self or a bro for any reason that's documented in the bro code and your not only making a fool of yourself. Your giving in one of your very limited supply of "man cards" and disappointing all the other men with your contempt for the bro code

    Now as I'm sure all the men out there know. There's certain thing's that you just can't do, "like Regardless of veracity, a Bro never admits familiarity with a Broadway show or musical". or "Article 77: A Bro Never Cries." Until this weighty tomb was published The Bro Code was simply referred in with hushed tone's. Not any more its out and its oddly proud.

    The Audio book version of The Bro Code that I listened to was read by Neil Patr....erm Barney Stinson, Not only does the book share some of the jokes with the TV show "how i met your mother" it benefits rather than suffers from the link. As you can honestly believe that Barney is meaning every word he says. as Neil Patrick Harris stays in character all the way through

    Its not a serious piece of literature, and neither is it pretending to be. It's a funny, light and irreverent if a slightly odd book, That's a joy to read.

    I dare say both men and women would enjoy reading or listening -to the bro code, Admittedly probably for different reasons. For us men, its funny because as Barney says "Whether we know it or not, each of us lead our lives by an internalized code of conduct.Some call it morality. Others call it religion. I call it : The Bro Code." It's true we do, we all stick to the idea that you shouldn't throw like a girl, or if you trip a little you should make it look like you meant to and it was the beginning of a jog that after a couple of steps you change your mind about. The ladies will like it because they already know how dumb we as men can be and conveniently its all in here about why were like that.

    for your own little refresher of the bro code everyday have a look here there's always a random bro code just waiting and just remember ARTICLE 87: A Bro shall at all times say yes.

    Would I buy it again...YES,
    Would I listen to it again....YES
    The Question I should be asking is ... are you enough of a bro or bro'ette to follow another bro's advice and buy it? re- article 87...

  8.  martin misunderstood


    I must say when Martin Missunderstood arrived I was a little sad to see that it was so thin, But I shouldnt have been as this book is smart, funny and fast paced and what it misses out on in page's it more than makes up for in the story.

    Martin Reed, who the book is about is the made fun of by everyone from his controlling mother who constantly wants him to have an addiction of any sort be it drink, drugs or whatever takes his fancy, to the people he works with, even the woman he shares his office with, although from the outside looking in you'd be forgiven for thinking it was Unique Jones's office which he was allowed to use.

    The book follows him working as a accountant for Southern American Toilet Supply. He's become resigned to the life he has, and doesnt hope for anything to get better even at work because the bully's that made his school days a misery are still picking on him in his place of work. Infact his arch enemy is now his supervisor. The only escape he can get it to lose him self in one of his vast supply of crime novels. which when he arrives at work to find the police investigating the murder of a woman who worked there, he decides to try and offer his insight that he's got from years of reading Kathy Reichs and the like. With referances to pop culture it feels very fresh and bright and is a pleasure to read.... although I'd still have liked another couple of hundered pages, but thats the same with any enjoyable book.

    Martin only see's when its too late that the light thats shinning on him now isnt the long waited spotlight but the bright glare of the interrogators spot lamp, Is he being framed? is he killing his co-workers? why doesnt he remember if he is killing them? and who would try to frame him?. Can he find out before its too late....does he even want to? you have to ask yourself is he guilty or just missunderstood?

    If you want to find out I'd suggest buying the book like I did, you wont regret it. If your anything like me it'll send you searching for more books by Karin Slaughter.

  9.  The Secret Speech


    this book picks up again with Leo Demidov and Raisa his wife, It follows their new life together with the two girls who's parents were killed in the beginning of child44,

    As Much as Leo tries to be a friend or a father to Zoya the elder of the 2 girls, she still blames him for the death of their parents, the younger sister although resentful but not to the same extent is happy to be out of the orphanage and have someone like Raisa to look after them.

    After Khrushchev's secret speech and he denounced Stalin and his personality cult, and proclaimed aloud what the people already knew, that their government torturing and executing anyone even children as young as 12. After the speech came out and was distributed though out the whole of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, fears were that it would cause outrage and potential revolution.

    Leo who was now running the only Homicide department, albeit secretly from the upstairs of the bakery factory, was called in to investigate the deaths of some former MGB agent's, the question is did they kill themselves? Or were they murdered by the people who had turned on them after the publication of the secret speech?

    With Leo being an ex MGB officer would he be targeted as well? And if so who by? Who knew the deep dark secrets that even he didn't want to remember, the secrets that he'd tried to forget in his pursuit for redemption and his quest to be a better husband to Raisa.

    I'm not going to say any more, as I'm not going to ruin the story for you, I personally really enjoyed this book and going by the email I got about child44, I know some of you enjoyed and are enjoying it now, I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone, it's not a big deal if you haven't read the 1st one, yes there some reference to it but nothing that isn't refreshed in a couple of lines so you know what's going on, If your usual preference in books is light hearted romance, then maybe this isn't for you, its as gritty and raw as child44 and doesn't shy away from the violence, -not that id say its excessively violent, its not its a reasonable approximation of what people lived through,

  10.  Free agent - Jeremy Duns


    I thought this book was brilliant, Well written and carried a great pace throughout, and importantly for me. I know this isn't a factor for everyone. It's a good size, some book's are a little small and holding them gives me cramp in my hand's but not this one, I've not got the hugest hands in the world but they're not the smallest either so a decent size book is a pleasure to hold

    In Free Agent you follow the story of MI6 agent Paul Dark who during the late 40's took part in a top secret mission to hunt down and execute Nazi war criminals with his father.

    During the attempted capture of a Nazi Paul is stabbed and taken to the red cross hospital where he is nursed by a dark haired beauty called Anna, After the weeks of recuperation and Anna doing her best to get him under her spell.

    Anna tells Paul that she is a KGB agent who had been sent to turn him against his country. Immediately he leaves the hospital and informs his father that the nurse is KGB. After realizing his father is in danger he goes to the house they were using as a base and finds his father dead. thinking he can save Anna he races back to the hospital only to find Anna dead.

    Everything he understood about that mission, about its consequences, has been built on lies.

    In '69 and a KGB colonel called Slavin, has walked into the High Commission in Lagos and announced that he wants to defect. he has highly information which indicates that there is yet another double agent within MI6, which would after the betrayal by Kim Philby and the rest of the Cambridge Five would be devastating to the Service.

    Paul Dark has been above suspicion during MI6's years of doubt mainly as he's 'Larry Dark's boy.' But this time he can see his number coming up.
    When Paul discovers that everything he's taken for granted and trusted for more than 20 years turns out to be another lie and his arrest may only be moments away, then he only has one option he has to both fight and take flight literally, he jumps on a plane to Nigeria in an effort to stop Slavin from revealing him to the world.

    Free Agent is a twisting turning, thriller set between London and Nigeria during the peak of the Cold War. The surprises keep coming all the way throughout right up until the very last page.

    I wouldn't say this is a gritty, spy on spy kind of book its more like a 40's era gumshoe film noir, It's polished and highly enjoyable,