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  1.  Excellent


    Just a note to the reviewer below.
    The reason they don't include the language pack is due to size limitations of the DVD disk, language packs are very huge in size.
    most thing are downloaded off the internet now as its a sure way to get the latest update rather than a peice of software that was written onto a disk years ago and is possibly out of date.
    on to the windows, I have been a windows user since 95 and owned every edition since including 98, 2000, me, xp, vista etc and windows 7 offers the most stable and reliable computer for every day use I've used.
    I was given a Mac Mini by a friend who upgraded to an iMac and although Mac OS Snow leopard is good to use I still feel windows has that edge. I use both daily I am a fanboy of neither but i found myself getting apps to make Mac OS more like windows with features liker snap and aero peek.
    Overall Windows 7 is a great operating system and unlike mac there is a lot of customization options and you still got the problem of viruses.
    If you adopt this policy you should be fine.
    use internet explorer 9 that way everything gets scanned for viruses as you download.
    If your a torrent user then before u unrar any file be sure to scan.
    try not to open anything that looks suspicious and download Windows securitey essensials, its free and an excellent nag free anti virus.

  2.  precise but too small


    i own the wired gigabyte laser gaming mouse and i decided to declutter my desk area and with this mouse on the picture looking exactly the same i expected same size etc just wirless.
    the mouse it tiny! literally the size of a mouse which is good if your a child or a small handed female, but if your a man with an average sized hand your out of luck.
    it is very precise nice buttons etc but relli i cant get over how tiny it is especially with no indictation of how small it is, i guess they think laptop users have microscopic hands.
    so if you like large comfy mouse be warned!
    otherwise great mouse

  3.  better than wii sports


    there is quite a few fun games on this just pitty it wastes 2 game slots with golf and bowling that were already on the original, the other games are good, cycling is'nt as good as wii fit plus the new motion plus is much better especially when you move your wrist and you see your mii moving corosponding to your movement unlike original wii sports.
    I think motion plus is too sensitive for some games such as golf and table tennis but all in all good active game get up off your chair with your family or friends and have a blast,
    shame about the high price for a Wii game though

  4.  Brilliant game slightly let down


    This game is like nothing else I've played.
    Like most people I had a problem and couldn't advance in the game.
    I started again with Warren Clyde and no problems completed it 100%.
    that for me having to start again was annoying but I did because I love this game so much!
    the graphics are like nothing I've seen better than anything on the ps3 to be honest and I've played or owned practically every ps3 game thats worth a damn including all the cod's although there very different to this and have better online there graphics look tin pot to this, (am not disrespecting cod before diehard fan boys try to hunt me down).
    the malaria thing is bit annoying but it adds to the atmosphere of Africa everyone gets malaria there also the games got a slight aspect of survival in it more so than most games.
    navigating through the map is great using your map and gps, which is the biggest I've ever seen and i think bigger than San Andreas yet the graphics are still stunning.
    the weather is brilliant and the day and night cycles are breathtaking, I'll still be roaming around and be amazed by something I've seen in the game such as the beautiful landscape.
    the shooting is realistic believe it or not guns do have recoil and guns do get sand in them and go rusty and jam especially when its sandy and dry, I think thats annoying but adds to the realism.
    I like the jeeps and the assault cars.
    sadly they have airports but no planes or helicopter nothing would have been better than flying over this beautiful map.
    I also like the way missions aren't structured like most games you can choose what weapons you want how to strike and whether to go by boat or car or by night etc, this is refreshing because although cod is brilliant blah blah the missions are DO AS YOU'RE TOLD missions.
    Overall Brilliant game I've put 10s if not nearly 100 hours into this game and I've not long started again on infamous which is the very Hard setting and have found the enemy to be more cunning I.e Flanking me etc.
    anyway I love this game and hope you do to its worth a buy at this price I'm sure you wont be disappointed.
    Graphics 9.5/10
    Sound 9/10
    Game play 8/10
    Longevity 9/10
    8.5/10 would have been 9 if the game didn't glitch.

  5.  brilliant and a nice change


    This is a great game, It's like nothing I've ever played its basically its own genre apart from the platforming aspects.
    basically your a "sack person" and you find yourself running jumping solving puzzles etc.
    if thats not enough for you you can create your own levels from a blank canvas and make anything you want whether it be racing, shooting or a challenging platformer ANYTHING apart from obviously offensive levels.
    To top that off you can play well over 1 million now user created levels some of which better than the main story missions which range from contra to metal gear solid levels to Mario kart etc.
    overall I've kept coming back to this game over the last year and I've also brought the psp version because I felt i needed both.
    this game is very relaxed and theres a real feel of communty with practically everyone making levels for your entertainment which is free of charge btw, a nice change from your run and gun call of duty I call it a sunday game because all you want to do on sunday it put your feet up and this game is just that and much more.
    Very recommended!!!!

  6.  Great game, a few flaws though!


    I'll start with the niggles to get them out of the way.

    bad control scheme lacking the customization that we expect
    Very long load times
    Drift races should have been left in the past with the likes of nfs underground

    thats it for the bad points although annoying, the good points far out ways the bad.

    Great graphics not GT5 but it didnt take 5+ years to make
    Great handeling
    Great special effects
    A wide range of famous tracks including the punishingly hard Nordschleife
    Value for money unlike some games you'll be playing this for weeks/months not to mention the online play which is great

    Overall the game is excellent and I recommend it like I said its no Gran turismo, but hopefully it will keep race fans satisied until GT5. I also forgot to mention all the great cars on it, excellent.

  7.  good game not properly made


    First of all this is definetly the best street racer on the market at the moment.
    great cars great races and race structure and good custermisation.
    heres the problem...
    It constantly freezes and I've looked online and many other people have the same problem now for me that ruins it.
    rockstar want to learn to make games properly all of the gtas used to freeze.

  8.  good qualitey and best price


    good product.
    Great if you like the jack daniels brand.
    glass's are abit small though and don't hold much, I prefer double/triple whiskey and cokes, now with a double because of its small size its too strong so I have to have singles.
    Apart from that, great little set and cheapest anywhere!!
    ideal gift for a boyfriend or husband

  9.  At last a grown up ds game


    First of all, well done rockstar!
    The ds has always seemed to of been aimed at children and girls and now the elderly and due to that, there haven't been any gamers games.
    Until now finally a proper game that doesn't have smiley faced chubby children and the likes of Mario with similar story lines dating back to 1989.
    Overall great game the D pad is trouble sum whilst driving though, but addictive great multiplayer and sure to keep you out of mischief for 20 something hours and decent storyline true to the series.

  10.  ok for less than a fiver!


    First of all, this is a good lighter, cheaply refillable about once a week of very regular use, but not easily refillable. I found that when I tried to take the inner lighter bit out of the metal case was very stiff and found rust in the case, no other complaints about that guess I was just unlucky. The wick doesn't seem very good, the flame is flickery and when its windy sometimes blows out or blows onto your hands so it misses the fag.
    Apart from that Its easy to use fairly stylish.
    I was also wondering if you could use zippo parts i.e wicks flints etc.