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  1.  Playground for older people a Playground Of Destruction


    you can play this game for hours and hours, as many sandbox rpg are like. It will never bore you as every time you play will be compleatly the same. Ever wanted to destory a compleate city with a portable rocket launcher you can now. Plus it would be good even to have this one to familierise yourself before the new game comes out
    A bargin

  2.  wow - 37 characters - which to choose?


    love this game, not worth the wait, no game is worth a 6 month wait but I lived through the 6 months and had a birthday, finaly the game was mine! First thing I did was have a 3 player brawl with my brothers. Subspace emissionry is gr8 but why are they obsessed with bombs? Brawl is fun, experimenting with all the ways of playing brawl is great fun - 3 friends, you, all items, 99 lives and a small platform made on custom stage maker! Unloking characters is brilliant fun! Playing all the stages - even more fun! Trying to get all the awards is so time consuming - great cus I have a whole summer holiday ahead of me, I dont think the game will be finished by then. buy the game, I payed £40.00 for it so pay the £27.00 you will enjoy at least one part of it !!
    djayk85 - you have no patience at all
    AtheistJack - there are 37 characters
    jimbodeanster - you seem to like mariokart too much, this has alot more replay value
    Monkeydave - yeah the n64 game was legendary
    LinkSpeed - you know too much! btw thats good
    dragon23 - you do not know a good game when you see one - I feel sorry for you
    the wiimote is not the ideal remote, the wiimote and nunchuck - okay, the classic controller is good and the gc controller is: how do I put it? ..... brilliant - the ideal controller.
    This game is worth 10 stars! The best game for wii in my opinion
    please buy, for me at least!!!
    i'm off to play the game now. cya!

  3.  what will nintendo think of next ???


    I always liked Nintendo , for they focused mainly on fun rather than hi - tec graphics or realistic mumbo - jumbo and wow they created a cool , fun , awesome console. The games are evolved versions of old classics we miss so much or completely new stunning games and the way you interact with the games is one of the best parts , sometimes I completely forget where I am , lost in the game.
    I have my ratings right here,
    FUN : 10/10
    GRAPHICS : 8/10
    MULTIPLAYER : 10/10
    What would you do with an uncool console?
    PRICE : 10/10 (compared to X360 and PS3)

    Overall I am very happy with this , for me and my friends have a habit of having massive sleepovers staying up to 4 in the morning ( all 4 of us ) playing on computers , playstations and of course Nintendo Wiis ( all 4 of us have them ) and we all have a great time playing a variety of Wii games.
    Definately 5 *.
    Go on , don't hesatate BUY IT NOW !!!!!

  4.  Its really good


    Its quite easy most of the time , much different to the usual pokemon games. It is really annoying that when you die you lose everything and Quicksave is pointless . It never really ends you can play it forever.
    Graphics are a bit of a letdown though.
    cant wait for the next one!!!! when that comes out eventually

  5.  new mario old dimensions


    I'd not played a mario game for ages so i bought this for my new ds and it was amazing !
    Great levels , great gameplay , brilliant sound (as usual).
    Plus its in 2D (Im at home because when I was about 5 my brother had bought lots of 2D mario games!).
    Each world is a challenge and the last level is very good indeed.

    One fact that I am dissapointed to find is that once completed you find yourself chasing up the last stars to buy backgrounds for the touch screen !? Why couldnt it be a bit beter than that ?
    Anyway a brilliant game with added minigames.

    Why dont I see you buying the game?

  6.  Great storyline


    I was wanting to buy a zelda game because they are very good but i was unsure if I would like this and...

    WOW !!!!!!!! it was unbelievably fantastic

    From the beggining I found it a challenge just hard enough for me to complete but it becomes addicting and it is brilliant for its price!

    here are my ratings :

    storyline : 10/10 unbelievable
    music : 9/10 could be a bit beter
    gameplay : 9/10 great but use of stylus is to much
    price : 10/10 too good
    overall : 10/10

    Dont stop and think , click and buy !!!

    If you are still reading this you are a fool why have you not bought it !!!



    It gives you a chance to discover something you dont find on report cards.It is fun and utterly addictive the things you are bad at soon become your best ! Hours of boredness dissapear and arenot training your brain as much as having fun .

    Brilliant fun with others , you can play with up to 8 people
    playing at once :)

    Great value is also included

    Buy it now!

  8.  I agree totally !!!1!!


    great fun, wacky cool tricks (flying squirill is my favourite), brilliant especialy if you play 2 player or taking it in turns to complete contests great fun and you cant complete it in one hour. it is awesome when you pull off some out of this world trick off a drop a few thousand metres so why not buy it ?

  9.  Once again nintendo have something unique


    It is brilliantly shaped around your hand and they have put the buttons in great positions. Always remember to use the strap cus otherwise its very likely to go flying.
    It is very sensetive to movement and if you cant find the cursor step back and move it slowly. I like the idea of having more than one control and less buttons , instead of cramming them all on one like xbox. A great buy because its alot more fun with more than one person so why not ?

    Overall a very imaginative invention by my favourite game company! :)

  10.  pokemon


    ive been wanting this to come out for 6 months and after id got to the second town i knew it was better than what i thought. it is challenging at stages like after the 4th gym you have to go to different places but you cant ! so you go to pastoria city and talk to the galactic guy he will say something about a parcel follow him and soon you will be back on track (i have seen loads of people stuck there).

    i do think this is a great game but it gets soooooo boring after the leage. from emerald its been the same you get an island and you have to battle people nonstop ..... wake up and do something different gamefreak / nintendo !!! i would sell the game when you complete the leuge IF you havent got all the other games cus if its your first pokemon game its new and not so boring other wise a letdown from leage onwards !!