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  1.  Not 88, but a full 100 on HD


    I had the ultimate 4 disc edition dvd boxset thanks to my younger sister as a gift, and of course I loved watching them and the extra features. But after it was released on blu-ray, I had to get it, when it was cheaper.
    I love my boxset and the extra features, the picture quality is amazing on my tv, seriously not kidding. A brilliant set, with part one being terrific. One of the best classic oldies sets on HD.

  2.  This is where it ends


    Over a decade after part 1 we get a worthy 3qual, felt a bit strange in places with andy now grown up and some toys missing, but this is still a brilliant family film to enjoy more than once, and the quality of the blu-ray is also brilliant. Keep it up pixar

  3.  I'll be back (no really, I mean it)


    This film has had several editions out for it on dvd, I have never owned it on dvd or vhs, the only copy I had was a poor version (not pirate or illegal though) that someone gave me a few years back, so the blu ray is the first time I had had it on a proper disc with outstanding picture.

    This is a film that really has meant the words 'I'll be back' surpassing part 1, which I also have as a definitive dvd, and still being far better than a lot of sci-fi films of this decade, even salvation can't compete with cameron's baby.

    If you don't own this one, but like a good bit of sci-fi, or a fan of james cameron's films like avatar or aliens, then go for this version, it shows the film in it's best way, and its a cracking good time

  4.  Cameron's done it again


    This film is a blast on epic scale, the story isn't exactly deep but thats ok as this is the sort of film that doesn't require thinking, you can switch your brain off and enjoy what Cameron has come up with.

    This blu ray is the best I've seen so far, knocking everything else out of the park, it might not have any special features, but this is fortunately a film that can hold it's own, once you see it once in 1080p on a screen that's at least 37inch or higher with full surround sound, it's very likely you will want to see it again, I'm sure this will also be a family favorite for some as well.

    Amazing picture, thumping surround sound, and a film that will make you wish you were really there in pandora, I don't know what good ol' James Cameron has for next time up his sleeve, but apart from Terminator 2 (check out the great skynet edition) and aliens, this film is up there with the best.

    I preordered this so I got the t-shirt as well as the book and cool cards, so there is extra for me to enjoy from this package, already lost count of how many times the disc has been viewed already

  5.  Part 1 was just a prototype, this is the big daddy itself


    Heres a perfect example of how you take an original idea that has already been done before to set the franchise and then take it right up to epic scale, I have part 1, and completed it as paragon and renegade, and I thought that was one of the best games I've ever played on my 360

    And then this one comes along, and not only is it so much bigger than part 1 that its spread across 2 discs, but everything is so much deeper, more believable, more awesome, and well, lets face it, its definitely going to be one of the biggest game hits of the year

    If you haven't got it yet, I do highly recommend it, although it would probably help to play part 1 first, or catch up on the story on youtube or something, but its definitely one of the most amazing games I've ever played, and its going to take me a while to get through, so it should keep me occupied until the soon to be equally as big and epic Final Fantasy XIII comes out next month, which I'm also really looking forward to, but seriously, Mass Effect 2...get it asap

  6.  Fun action film, that's no lie


    I haven't had this much fun watching a James Cameron Movie since the classics 'Aliens' and 'T2 Judgement Day' full of fun moments and edge of your seat action scenes, this is a good popcorn flick to watch with friends who don't want anything serious but are just looking for a good night in

  7.  Not just a fantasy now


    here's one film by square enix that is more than just square...it's a cube of solid gold, trust me, if you want a blu ray that will put your hd tv through it's paces and see what it can really do at 1080p, this is the one to get, it's one of the best cgi movies I've ever seen, very strong story, really cool charactors, stunning pic quality and cgi, especially the new parts which are jaw dropping, it's a shame this didn't go to the cinema because it seems to have become a blockbuster in it's own right

    trust me and believe all the other good reviews, this is one cgi movie that you really don't want to miss, especially if you like final fantasy or just like japanese anime or cgi films in general

    also, the packaging and the design on the cover and the deluxe cardboard sleeve, which I think looks just as sleek as the film, isn't like other sony blu rays, it has a special design just for it, and trust me, it also looks very nice and cool, would definitely look brill in anyones blu ray collection, whether it's the boxed blu ray cover sitting on your shelf or the film itself on your tv

  8.  three blades up


    A lot of reviews I had read said it wasn't very good, I had to see it for myself, and all I can say is don't judge, it might not be as good as x2 but I think it's still worth seeing even if you just rent it, I'm only giving it four stars for now as I will be updating my review when I get the blu ray and say what I think of the picture and audio quality which I'm sure will be really good

  9.  Not iron, solid gold


    This is a movie that's up there with the spiderman trilogy, xmen and batman, when I watched it with my sister and bro we were all really impressed because we weren't expecting much, but it was a great film, especially the part where he takes out the terrorists for the first time, you have got to watch this film and on blu ray, the detail is brill

  10.  Batman


    This is one of my favourite Batman films, I had the two disc version for a while, and loved that and when I saw this on bluray I was quite impressed, true, in some places it's not perfect, but don't forget that this year is it's 20th anniversary, so from what I saw, it is a really good transfer, or I thought so, I watched this on a 32' 1080p tv and wasn't disappointed when either batman or the joker were on screen, it might not be as good as other blurays but I was still pleased, and it's still a must own for any batman fan or anyone who likes a good superhero movie, stunning in a lot of places and still a classic