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  1.  Good while it lasts


    When i first got this game i thought it was aweosme especially with the detailed interior view, although after maybe about a week of playin it quite a bit the whole thing seemed to get repetitive (obviously the tracks do because it's a rally game) with a lot of the aspects like the cars, it just felt like there isn't enough variety of cars to choose from and the advancement in career mode-everything seems similar apart form a few fun truck and buggy races. It's a nice buy but it probably wont keep u busy for a long time.

  2.  Good


    To enjoy this game u have to understand that the sega rally series is a classic arcade game and that the physics etc aren't supposed to be overally realistic although they are quite good. If ur looking for a racing game with realistic physics and high quality graphics then u may not like this game although the graphics aren't bad. It's a great classic game just with a few additional features.

  3.  Great first mmorpg to buy


    I think this game is the best mmorpg to start with as it's free, insteresting story lines, hardly any grinding, plents of places to explore/farm and plenty of addiotnal features to get. If u get into this game it has a lifespan of about 700-800 hours of gameplay. The one major bad point about this game is the highets level u can reach is only 20 which means it limits how good the armour is compared to say lv15 and how good the weapons are say compared to lv15. On a good note there is a lot of teamwork involved and the community is very large and towns with in the game are always active. This game is aweosme when u first get it but after a lot of hous of gameplay staying at level 20 does get boring but it's a good price. The graphics on this game mmorpg are the smoothest and probably the best i've seen from an mmorpg. Also this original game in my opinion is better than any of the expansions for the game.

  4.  Getting a bit repetetive


    I have to admit i'm not a big fan of wrestling games (got it free when i bought my ps3) and the last wrestling game i had was a smackdown titles for the ps2 maybe 3-5 years old or something and it just seems no different. I really tried to give this game a chance by playing it when i was enjoying it and tried to get it into but i just couldn't because of the "real life days system" where each day on the calender u pick whether to fight, earn money, boost ur skills but it makes the game incredibly boring in my opinion as u spend a lot of time messing about choosing what to do on each particular day in the game-and some events u choose for earning money are automatically done so it's a bunch of loading screens and not much fighting. So all in all i wasn't too impressed but i guess it's fun to play against a mate on it every now and then. If ur a big fan of wrestling then maybe u will like it but i wouldn't recommend it.

  5.  Not bad


    The game seems to have to good strategic elements to it, single player isn't bad, i just couldn't seem to get into it at all. At the time i bought this i was playing call of duty 4 and it just didn't seem to be as thrilling, but i guess if u8 got into it then it may keep u busy for a while.

  6.  Disappointed


    Right from the very beginning this game never interested me, the cut scenes had boring action that made me want to skip them. Although the story is long....theres no drastic or interesting features in the story, it's a bit dull, and as for the moves in the game u learn, they aren't hard to master at all. Later in the game, levelling seems to have no effect as u already have the skills and moves u want. The game is also quite frustrating at times, like taking ages to get out of a town to fight some enemies, and even then there isn't much to fight before u get to another town.

  7.  Best Race Game I've Played


    Ok so where to start... I have always been a huge fan of realistic racing games like toca, rfactor and live for speed on pc etc etc. I have to keep in mind this is a demo and although there isn't as much detail in customisation, tuning etc as maybe rfactor the effort that has gone into gt5 prologue like graphics, car physics, sounds, cockpit view, no other racing game compares to the detail and work polyphony have put into this game. The game runs extremely smoothly and looks aweosme on the HD TV. Reading some of the previous about the handling, i mean seriously.....i haven't seen a better racing simulator for a console than gt5 prologue. For a demo it's amazing but i still don't know if it's worth £18 or not. i look forward to the real release of the game. By the looks of this game, i think in the future when the full game is released it will set the future expectation of driving/racing simulator console games and pc games, mainly due to the amount of effort and hardwork that has gone into this game.

  8.  Great Game


    Reading some of the reviews before i was thinking this game was going to be a let down, but i loved it and is the best racing game i have played since the gran turismo series. The racing is very realistic, and has greta graphics. However the game doesn't follow the classic nfs underground style of racing, it's completely different, this game is a lot more realistic and i found it a lot more challenging to the fact you can select what driving aids you have on etc etc really makes the game easier/harder. If you like realistic racing, then this is a good buy. Although i will say it lacks replayability and gets a bit repeptitive towards the end. Although the free roam mode was taken away in this series with was a huge disappointment to me as you have no choice but to race, so that was a bit disappionting but still a good game.

  9.  Intersting game


    I was uhm'ing and ah'ing about whether to buy this for a few weeks. Played it and really liked it. I would say it's a game you either love or hate. Reading some of the above reviews seem a bit harsh, i'm running a nVidia 6800 gfx card so not amazing and quite an old card and i thought the graphics were really good. Yes the game has a few glitches but what else can you expect, after a while they will most likely be patched out. I find this game quite addictive and fun to play. Right from the start you can get some decent looking weapons like green glowing swords etc etc. Although there was something that bugged me a little, and that was i couldn't help feeling that it was a "test" game to see how people would respond to quite a highly developed "mmorpgfps" and it just seems a little unfinished or they could of added something more, but it's hard to explain. Anyway overall for £20 i think it was well worth it and is a very good game to play. Also want to say the game runs perfectly smooth on my computer-2.2ghz dual core, 1gig ram, nVidia 6800 gfx card so an ok PC not great and it runs fine so i'm happy :)

  10.  Quite good


    I have played this game for about 20 hours now, i find the game interesting. Bad points of the game are the quests are repetetive, u kill lots of stuff but a good point is there is plenty of different stuff to kill so it's kinda grinding a little but it isn't bad. The weapons,skills and armours really make a difference in the game. The difference between eg. level 15 armour/weapon is quite significantly weaker than a lv18 armour/weapon so it's interesting as you level up to see how much stornger your character is. It takes quite a long time to level up which i like. Theres additional "craft" skills you can level up eg.cooking, alchemy etc. Sometimes i really like to play to this game but other times i can get a little bored of it i will admit. The game seems interesting, but isn't always that amazing to play. Having said that, for a non-monthly subscription i believe it's a nice buy.