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  1.  great workout if you can keep up and are a fast learner


    like i said in the title you should have quite good co ordination to do this dance workout coz it is complicated i thought it would be easy like the other mos workouts but instead i ended up getting really peed off it took me ages to learn it the warm up is easy though its just the 2 main dance bits i suggest watching it through twice once to see and twice to practice the moves you know you cant do and then try the workout good look and when you finally do learn the routines you will beat the blubber

  2.  still good


    i did like this and enjoyed the workout got sweaty and puffed and got a great workout but the presenter wasn't as good as Deanne berry from the other workout dvds she was still good though its worth the money if your thinking about buying it good for burning calories

  3.  great


    this one has the best soundtrack put together for the workout it is easy like the first one the other one with Deanne presenting it i really liked it the moves are a little different to usual dance workouts so it was a bit refreshing to learn new stuff and you get really sweaty

  4.  fun n easy


    this is one of the good ones you catch on quick and its fun you will see real results with this give it a go if you got some pounds to shift

  5.  awsome again and better


    i was speechless in a good way after watching this i loved it and so did a few of my mates but i notice some people are not impressed and i cant see why it was scary had suspense and gore and nudity all you need from a horror film although fellas may want to turn away at the end i felt my boyfriends pain watching it

  6.  awsome


    i have only seen this once and it was a bad copy but from what i could see and hear it seemed really good i loved the ending too and it was a little different from the usual horror films



    i loved it although there wasn't as much as there could of been and the ending was a bit rushed it was still really good and impressed me and it is not like hostel there is no hostel in this they are stranded by a beach not a hostel i loved the girl getting cut up it made me feel ill

  8.  i loved it


    i saw this at a mates house and thought it was really good so i then borrowed the old one 1986 version and thought that was ok but the German dude wasn't as menacing as sean bean i was actually wondering all the way through how the hell are they going to shake him and the fuzz off it was proper suspense well worth watching

  9.  ABSOLUTE PANTS !!!!!!!!!! mega poop!


    no dancing at all well they tried and failed it was so boring and poop i cant be bothered to type anymore it doesn't deserve a review please don't waste your money you will thank me for these 4 sentences xx

  10.  BILLY BLANKS ROCKS !!!!!!


    i personally find this really hard to do and haven't mastered it yet but there is a instructional tutorial thing to help you before you try the workout my friends got my dvds at the moment but gonna try again soon but when i did try it it nearly killed me (not in bad way) its fast aerobic kick boxing and karate style moves all at the same time and the way you have to twist for some punches and stuff you toning your tummy and waist and the way you have to stand for other punches etc: your toning your butt and thighs combings the toning with the aerobic part and you could burn up to 600 calories doing this dvd correctly and putting your all into it and in total on the four discs there is 2 eight min workouts 4 main workouts beginer intermediate and advanced workouts on 3 discs and the instructional workouts count too coz your still working!! billy blanks aint famous for nothing hes changed a lot of lives !!!!