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  1.  The Mic's Fine...


    First of all, when you get randomly disconnected it's xbox live, not the mic. It happens all the time, even if you have a wireless mic, especially in xbox live parties.
    It's nothing to do with the mic, one thing I would like improved with the microphone is to be a little bit more voice sensitive, sometime I feel I have to shout / raise my voice for people to hear me properly. Everything else with the mic is fine, apart from the fact it's easy to break.
    But if you look after your things, should be fine.

  2.  Not Grime?


    Not a chance! Do these people know grime, yes you've got good grime albums by Wiley, Mark One, Dizzee Rascals older ones Roll Deep etc etc, but this has to be up there its a quality album with good lyrics and a good beat, what more do you want? Top Quality album 5/5

  3.  lol at some people.


    I won't bother repeating what all the sensible people have said, the fact that this game is brilliant and definately the best football game to date.
    One complaint- maybe a bit to easy, winning 10-0 on legendary isn't much of a challenge.
    However when people complain about the game being rubbish saying things such as through balls do not go where there supposed to?!? Come on, that's just due to the fact your crap at the game, just deal with it and try it on amatuer.

  4.  Not good..


    Bought this for £2.99 from Play, not the best thing i've ever spent my money on, makes the phone look very ugly and it is hard to use the main buttons on the top half of the phone..
    You also need to take it off to charge the phone as all side buttons and ports are not accessable because of the way the G800 is set up.
    And it also doesn't protect the screen, which is what I didn't notice from the picture, but I guess it's practical if you work in a kitchen or building site etc, as it will protect the actual body of the phone..
    But hey it's only £3 but I would advise possibly spending more money on a better one!

  5.  Tunes!


    Quality soundtrack, I have every song on that album and they are all good with some top-class British artists. Brilliant Soundtrack and can't wait for the film.

  6.  Top Notch!!


    Had this laptop for 6 months now and I can't fault it, it's super quick and has never let me down. However this is the only laptop i've had so i've nothing to compare it to..
    One thing I would fault it on is that my space bar went a bit dodgy, and still is.. Assuming this doesn't happen to all of them i'm happy to give this 4 star's.
    Also, the battery life seems to only last about 40 minutes when not plugged in which is a bit of a let down, but everything else is spot on.
    Connects to wireless devices easily rarely slows down when using several programs, keypad layout is also good and easy to use.

    Not bad at all.

  7.  o2 All The Way


    I recently switched to O2 from Vodafone, and I have to say O2 is much better for several reasons.
    Firstly it has the best coverage in the UK, and I get full signal everywhere in my area, North Wales.
    Secondly the tariffs are far better value, I used to spend £5 a week for Vodafone free weekends, now I find myself spending probably half of that every month, you should check out the o2 tariffs on their website, their really is a lot of choice to suit you, however they don't do sim cards there so you'd be best off buying one from here.. only £2.99, can't go wrong!

  8.  Are YOU having a laugh?


    I can't believe some random guy who left this a one star? Clearly doesn't appreciate the amazing coriography and hard work that must've been put into this film..
    Not to mention the amazing soundtrack, but your probably to old or to boring to appreciate it. A truly brilliant film.
    If it's not your thing then fair enough but don't lie to people calling it rubbish! Seriously...

  9.  Judging from the demo...


    This is a marvellous game, I tend to side with PES in the classic debate.. But I have to say this game is a mix of the two, its much quicker and better to play than FIFA and assuming because it's an EA game the online won't suffer!! =)
    So as long as the online is good i'm happy to give this a five-star, I usually don't buy the Euro and World Cup games but it's definitely the best football game of the current era.. Must buy.

  10.  Good!


    Not a bad product overall, it's a bit on the fat side so probably not the best pen to use if you usually have more than one USB plugged into the ports! The security is good and works fine, However the USB docking station never came with mine! I'm not fussed as I didn't really want it in the first place but just be aware if you were looking forward to having it.. As far as pens go..9/10 =]