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  1.  Love it!


    I guess being a Dance DJ helps but this is exactly what is says on the box! Top Tunes, mostly exactly what I would play, Most will get you out of your seat, you can't sit still to these...
    If dance is your thing, then this album is for you...
    Great mixes of some old classics as well as up front new stuff.
    Defo one for the collection...
    Knas - Steve Angello - Up loud, Bass thumping makes me jump around uncontrollably ! lol.
    Get it now, or a bit quicker...
    DJ Dave.

  2. Doom



    18 New from  £6.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.35

     Not bad...


    This film is based on the game that has been out for years. I remember playing Doom about 15 years ago!
    Still, the film... well, The game is based upon walking around shooting creatures on different levels, this is about a base on the moon where something lurks in the shadows. If you watch this film with 5.1 or 7.1 you are in for a treat. The sound effects defiantely bring the film to life, with some noises over your shoulder and this makes you wonder what's coming round the corner.
    CGI is good and the acting is believeable. Some good effects too.
    Definately worth a watch late at night with the lights off and the curtains drawn! Don't forget to turn the volume up!
    The BFG is in it too...lol if you are an X doom player, you will know what that is... :)

  3.  Really not sure...


    I think he has released some top tunes, but the album sounds a bit mediocre to be honest. A bit repetitve in the rhythm section.
    I like to listen to a few of his songs for 15 mins but then have to change the artist. Not bad value for money though I guess!

  4.  Not bad...


    There are some top tunes on here but as usual, they tend to be at 150bpm and a bit fast/euro'y for me to be honest.
    They are good to listed to occasionally, but I do find they can start to grind on your nerves after a play or two. And I love dance music!
    I'd always go for a clasic MOS or Gatecrasher album first.

  5.  Fab collection!


    I am an 80's child and a club DJ and although I am not a big 80's fan, I have to say a lot of tunes on here bring back a lot of memories!
    I think the quality is good in general remembering that all of these songs would not have been digitally mastered, so to have them all on a pack of CD's for around £7 is money well spent in my book. I guarantee you will play these and say - what a tune - to at least a few of them.
    £7 for 6 CD's full of 12" mixes - BARGAIN...
    Buy it now, or sooner...

  6.  Not a bad game...


    I recently purchased this and I have only played it a few times.
    But I have to say I do like it. There are some graphic entries on some levels that kind of tella story, more really designed for younger players I guess. But I like the classic game. There are different players at different levels. I am a reasonable player and only lost 1 game out of about 15 so far. but only tried about half of the skill levels so far.
    Down side is there is some really annoying music while you play and I cant find a mute sound button, so I have to keep turning the volume down.
    Still for about £15 - not bad. You could do worse - At least you are using your brain ! lol

  7.  PS3 HD Upgrade...


    Great drive, works well. However, took 3 hours to install into a new PS3.
    Physically installing it takes 2 mins, Getting the PS3 operating system on it, is a different matter!
    I had a new 80Gb version and upgraded to this 320Gb version.
    All the info online reports that your PS3 'sees' the new HD and allows you to format it. NOT TRUE!
    Mine just sat there asking for a SCE souce. This is the OS from a different source because it could not boot! Thus you cannot format it either.
    After much searching I found the solution. You need to google "SCE PS3 update" download the .bin file from Sony. Its about 168Mb. Then you need to put in onto a memory stick in the right folder name - Doesn't work in the root. It needs to be in a folder called \PS3\UPDATE. Then boot your machine, follow the onscreen instructions, press 2 buttons together. It then boots the new OS (Mine is now version 3.00 not 2.80 - From the new slim line PS3's) and allows you to set up the new HD. You get about 280Gb free. very useful as my 80Gb was full!
    Further word of warning - you cannot then reboot your old HD with an older version of the OS. to get you saved files off - so do that FIRST. Lucking I backed up my saved games and trophy's first.
    To an external HDD using FAT32, (They wont read a NTFS HD - Win XP format etc).
    Then it should all work - saving you all the 3 hrs I took to get it all working.
    It then just a case of reloading all your games... aaahhhh.

  8.  WOW...


    Very impressed.
    I have listened to some Bose systems that connect to the Ipod, and this reminds me of these.
    Bass is very impressive for such a small unit. I have a £3000 seperates Hifi unit, and obviously the bass is not as good as that, but for £200 it is VERY GOOD.
    Bottom line, for the functionality and sound quality, you will not beat this!!!
    BUY ONE !!!