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  1.  great fone for price


    i bought this phone with a 2gb M2 card. and they both work perfectly. i can fit over 305 tunes!!!
    i bought this vodafone sony ericsson for 60 quid, and i got the black and purple colour. im not sure if its a lottery or not with the colours...but as i say, i got black and purple. I was a bit gutted, i thought iwas getting in-ear headphones which i prefer. But the headphones it comes with are still fab!! ( i later bought in ear headphones from play, for a fiver)
    the phone had a nice screen, its great for the music, and it has track id also. Yes the flip part could get damaged, but maybe people who say that should be more carefull!!!!
    accidents do happen ofcourse.....but yeh i think this phone is great for the price. its small, its skinny and it looks smart. wud fit in your pocket and youd barely kno it is there. the camera isnt great, it will take decent-ish enough 1mp pictures to view on your phone. But if your wanting a phone with good picture and good picture size capabilities..do not buy this phone. but, if your like me, and you use a digi cam to take pictures, and you like music, and you want a sleek smart sophisticated lookin mobile, and only wanna spend 60 quid, this is for you!!!!!

  2.  impressive


    im a star wars fan,......and i ordered this when it was 35 quid, thank you to play for letting me b one of the lucky ones!!!
    this is just awesome.....its the best toy/gadget ive ever had!!!
    in a dark room...its just like the film. incredible. im getting my jedi suit and cloak now!!!! only i need to get a luke light saber!!! but the darth vader one will do for now!!! awesome!!!!

  3.  great SD card


    play are easily my fave place to buy stuff from. every SD card or whatever ive bought, works and is at a great price!!!
    ill be looking to buy the 2GB and 4GB SD card soon, which im sure at are a great price!
    this card works perfectly in my Digi Cam. And all i have to do is insert it into my PCs SD slot, and the pics r there ready to copy straight away! maybe thats more my pc then the SD card, but hey! still great SD card!
    Thanks Play.com

  4.  Great Super Mario Item!


    this is a great item! the sound effects are great, they include-
    1.the sound when he collects a coin
    2.the beginning of the intro to the main theme
    3.the sound made when he gets an extra life
    4.the sound he makes when he jumps.
    5. the sound thats made when he goes from small to big
    6.the sound that is made when he dies!!! awww
    All in all great gift for a kid. but for mario fans like me, its a must. its of a good volume, which was very pleasing. It doesnt get 5 stars, this is because i wanted the full version of the mario theme, where it only plays a small part of it, but i still love it!

  5.  Not as good as i thought


    i thought it would be better than it was. It is only 4 quid after all, but you pump it up, and it kinda burst the water out to quickly, therefore not really having much effect when squirting at someone. But if you mess around with it enough you can get it to a level of working and squirting. I used it on the dog.....my bad!

  6.  great gift idea


    i bought this for only 9.99 from play, the price has gone up a bit now...
    anyway for the price it is now its still very good, i found it very easy to get my pics uploaded. Great gift idea! but yeh mine is on my keys!

  7.  For the price FANTASTIC


    i bought these speakers only for my mp3 player to listen to when im like in the shower or something...
    anyway, they are great for the price!!! really loud, very easy to use. Yes there are people that say it has no bass etc, but it DOES have bass, its not amazing bass but it does have it!
    if you want great loud speakers, this is perfect for the price. i gave 3 stars because thats what it is. Its good, good price. I actually managed to get these at 14.99, they must have been on a sale or something! (10/5/08)