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  1.  Mixed Bag - 3.5


    It was Sage Francis who turned me onto Scroobius Pip. I saw the Introdution video for Distraction Pieces.

    Lyrically SP is very different, there is no gangster voice. He raps with incredible intelligence, A really clever wordsmith, hes able to put verses together that had me dropping my jaw.

    There are also some good cameos from Sage Francis, B.Dolan and P.O.S.

    However, the music is sometimes a bit too crackled or vocals muffled for effect. though it works it feels a bit over done.

    The best tracks for me our:
    Death of a Journalist
    The Struggle

    I want to give this 3.5 its closer to 4 stars than 3.


  2.  To Hell With tThe World!


    It truly saddens me that an artist as talented and wonderful as David Ford gets almost no recognition for his talent. His songs are crafted with such care and attention, his voice is a beautiful mix of pain and passion, his lyrics are detailed and decorated with heartbreaking stories of love, loss, religion, politics, society and war.

    A fine example of his way with words would be from the albums opener 'Panic'... "Swagger dripping from the stage, Curse the impatience of the age. It all takes time, time is money, money talks, talk is cheap". Its clever and its just the simple use of four of the most common sayings used.

    'To Hell With The World' a beautiful heart wrenching commentary on life today.

    'Stephen' a song most certainly for the Irish. singing so intelligently and with great passion about the war between the north and repubic irelands. Use of facts and a more clever word play.

    Not all the songs are heart breaking, though the meaning often is. 'Making Up For Lost Time' is a rather up beat song. despite its unhappy undertone.

    and the very clever, 60s beach party, surfer rock style number "Surfin' Guantanamo Bay' again a very very dark song, but up beat and with clever word play. "Grab your waterboard and meet us down at camp xray, everybody go surfin guantanamo bay"

    All in all David Ford is a young, intelligent artist with style, sincerity, passion and an overabundance of talent.

    5 Stars

  3.  One of the most outstanding artist of all time....


    My first encounter with david ford was in 2007, he was the support act at hammersmith apollo to rod y gab (great night)... It seemed no one had heard of him and there had been no hype or chance for me to find who he was or what he was...

    The suprise was well worth it...

    He had however many thousand people fit into hammersmith silent and hanging on to his every word before errupting in applause as he finished each heart wrenching song,

    This cd is the second installment of davids. A blend of acoustic meets alternative meets indie meets pop. He truley has mastered the art of songwriting, though in my opinion the cd can never live up to his live performances, especially of songs like "go to hell"

    The music is true heart on your sleeve material, songs packed with sorrys and goodbyes, heartache, lose, misery and guilt... Yet you find yourself relating so much and so often you almost feel you could have written the lyrics at times.

    The stand out songs on this record for me are "songs for the road" "i'm alright now" and "decimate" which to my ears has a close resemblance to the cure - close to me, but thats not to say they are the best, each song has a different feel.

    David ford has been compared to some to be like david grey or damien rice or james blunt, and yes he can easily slide into a compilation record among artist like that, but he is so much more...

    The cd is worth £10 i paid that after the gig when i saw him, along with many hundreds more, and though it blows you away each and every time, it doesn't hold a candle to seeing him live!


  4. Dookie


    Green Day - CD

    21 New from  €5.96  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €3.44

     This Album Is THE DOOKIE! (see what i did there?)


    OK, if you know of Green Day before American Idiot its because of this record, If you don't own, for £2.99 its the sale of the century, for £9.99 its still a bargin.

    this album have shifted over 15 million copies. Each track is listenable, packed with classics, almost every song can stand the test of time... with catchy hooks, sensational bass and near perfect drums, green day really came into their own with this record

    it was the bands debut on major label warners subsiduary label reprise... after two early albums, one with potential and one showing that potential.

    dookie is a step further with anthens that have lasted over 10 years at parties, rock clubs, live shows and more...

    basketcase - the hit that most will still consider green days greatest song.

    when i come around - my personal favourite song of all time

    long view - the song of a generation bored of everything expressed though one voice and one fantastic series of lyrics floating over the masterpiece bassline from the fingers of mike dirnt

    more classics that you can't sit still too, air guitar/drums are side effects of this contagious record, you will sing, dance and smile with dookie.

    argueablly this is one of the top 100 records of the last 50 years.

    a must own!


  5.  i'd have to say superaverage


    Though i'll admit i did find myself laughing at a fair few moments, they weren't as side splitting as i had heard and hoped for. for weeks every teenage dominated channel, magazine and website had trailers or reviews or blogs about this being an instant classic and the funniest film in the last 20 years and so on...

    Credit where credits due, the films is packed with heart and reality, the uncomfort of true situations, the adaptations of your failed saturday, amd i won't say... TOO MUCH HAPPENED, coz its a film... the characters are sweet, they are your typical american geek virgins (McLovin fitting the stereotype best) with the spots and the bad hair.

    The chemistry felt genuine and the it really does seem they've been best friends forever... however, far to often this film felt like it was trying to hard to hit two different zones of comedy, the deadpan uncomfortable silences and improvised real life dialouge with the over the top wacky fast one liners (and yes i know real life can be both) but at times it seemed a little forced.

    The negatives, the police to me had moments but seemed to just take you on a scenic route of the story and get lost somewhere and the sat nav lost power with no light for map reading. but like i say they have some moments.

    the story is a run of the mill underdog story about best friends wanting to get some booty, but choose the girls out of there league, with the promise of beer they suddenly become an assest to the final party with a chain of crazy events in the build up to the party and more at the party itself, its through this crazy night the friends learn more about themselves and each other than they had anticipated.

    Jonah Hill (accepted, evan almighty) seems to be type casted and getting into a rut of doing the same thing each and everytime hes on screen, BUT he is good at it, and while young he still has time to change.

    overall this film was less about sex and more about the friends we love and lose during school....

    a good film, but nothing more.



  6.  Wonderful Memoribilla


    I won't say this is a MUST have to all kurt/nirvana fans, i won't say its only for the truely hardcore. this is a piece, some might consider to be a collectors item. if so then its the first in my collection, I don't see why you can't have this small model sitting nicely next to you CDs or on a book Shelf or onto of your stereo, its well crafted and wonderfully detailed, by no means is it identital to kurt himself but its as close as you could get on a 4/5 of an inch skull.

    yes this could be for collectors but to me it just seems like a nice, more positive memory of KC, away from the drugs and the death and the was it her conspiracy. it symbolizes what he really was a musician.

  7.  2 CDs and its still less than an 40 minutes long!


    I've said it before and i'll gladly repeat myself.
    Full respect to NFG, over 12 years as a band, who knows how many more as friends. 9 great CDs, thousands of shows, and still the same five members as the day they got going (ok rumour is there was a different drummer before the name was even settled, he lasted 3 weeks - still wanna split hairs?).

    this EP the latest chapter in this pop-punk - with recent leanings of the hardcore - is as worth while as the rest, sure its only a handful of songs, including two covers, but they are producing themselves, and doing a good job. Jordons voice has come along way, they are still catchy... and on this CD they have a new sound of hardcore punk with the fast drums and gang vocals.

    while its all short and over before you noticed your feet were tapping there is always disc 2. thats right! disc 2...

    this is NOT new found glory. much like the foxboro hot tubs "oh its really green day"... no, just like the FBHT/GD debate, the only thing the bands share are the same members, they are not the same bands.

    in this disc, jordon plays guitar while guitarist (one of two) Chad takes the mic.

    each song is between 40 seconds and just under 2 minutes, the lyrics are hilarious, personal favourites are seat belt and dirty mouth! this album is only 15 minutes long but this is an advantage no song is on long enough to get sick of or skip and its so much fun you'd end up playing it 3 or 4 times!

    for me this is a great sign of things to come!


  8.  Meh...


    at the risk of being disagreed with, i'm gonna give my opinion on the album, which i feel is fair.

    so i bought this... 12-14 months ago... before give it a name, wanted to know more on the bands playing, can't say i was blown away, the energy seems rather bottled up, like they were afraid to give it everything they had.

    i personally don't like the dudes voice. and in truth feel that he might fancy his own voice because there are some long (or at least seemed it) acapellas. the guitar never really thrilled me. the bass is very damp, the drums have elements, but its all too little to make me wanna sing along.

    I won't write it off with one star, but to be honest, people saying its unique to sing about teenage life...

    yellowcard, the ataris, sum 41, blink 182, green day, jimmy eat world, less than jake, paramore, new found glory, kids in glass houses, taking back sunday, sugarcult...

    same topics...

    i guess their is potential, but to me, this band and this album seem to be more of a "where did they go?" type thing....

    hey, prove me wrong!


  9.  if you like this band there isn't a track you could hate....


    ...however that may be because almost every single track sounds the same. now before ADTR fans bombared me with virtual hatred, i wanna make it clear, i bought the CD and i'm giving it 4 stars, so do the math, i am one of you.

    if you place your hand on your heart, then you would have to agree that every track is packed with similarities, the breakdowns with the throaty roaring vocals, the drums can be very samey at times, the general structure continues to repeat song by song. yet this didn't bother when i was listening to it, i just banged my head i sang along i played air guitar.

    the stand out tracks for me are the incredibly clever cover of since you've been gone, the killer single, plot to bomb the panhandle and the simple affective the price we pay, beyond the album is fun, highly charged with energy and killer guitars, some smart lyrics and sweet melodies

    only down side is its a little hard to tell them all apart!

    overall, 4 out of 5! kick ass


  10.  This Film Is Brutal!!


    I haven't jumped at movie since i was about 6, the music gives it away, this film lacks any form of predictable score, its slow eerie noises are like the invisible character, the sounds are pure terror. Anyway, my point is, i jumped several times in this film.

    The vampires are amazingly make-up'd, their own langauge is horrid, faces are evil.

    The film stays true to the graphic novels and its full of gore, with plenty of blood smearing carnage when there needs to be and bone chilling tension at in equal measures.

    Josh harnett is again superb as he has been for a while now. Ben foster is disgusting yet you have to watch him.

    My only flaw would be the ending, though its the same as the comic - it just... Well you watch.