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  1.  Amazing Story


    Somebody recommended this documentary. It is both gripping and an amazing story. You have to watch this.

  2.  Annoying


    Out of the box really annoying as you can't use the correct L1 and R1 to aim and fire. You are, like with Battlefield 4 forced to use the accelerator / brake combi L2 and R2 which apart from causing a delay in aiming and firing due to it's set up, is really difficult to get used to and does not allow as much purchase on the controller making your aim instable.

    Not sure why after 20 years of having L1 and R1 for aim and fire developers are now doing this to us but it really spoils gameplay for thousands of us.

  3.  Controls awful and very bug laden game


    Things you need to know if considering buying this:

    1) You cannot use L1 / R1 to aim and fire. You can switch most controls about but not these. You are forced to use the pressure pads (L2 / R2) which were designed to give 1-100% through the range of pressure. A trigger is either pulled or not pulled. This not only is very hard to get used to after years of gaming with the top shoulder buttons but results in the controller being pulled slightly and affecting your aim every time you push the button and a considerable delay in firing (more noticeable when using the pistol.)

    2) The latest 'Second Assault' pack has no sound on one of the levels (Metro.) This was also the case on the PC version. I know in this day and age software houses release games with issues to be fixed but to have no sound is ludicrous. There have also been numerous other bugs.

    3) You are unable to navigate to all of the options and it is not clear why and there are no instructions to inform you why you cannot equip certain items.

    4) You cannot email EA on their site, only chat to an operator who will no doubt not be in a position to discuss these issues.

    This game has the potential to be very good but unless basic issues like the button selection are resolved, it is almost unplayable.

  4.  Poor button location and design


    Ergonomically the controller feels nice but the loss of the Start and Select buttons is a huge negative. These have been replaced by two buttons 'Share' and 'Options' - the idea of these is fine but the placement is not. They are both the same shape and sit flush ie they do not sit proud of the controller making them hard to find by touch and without actually looking down at the controller. This becomes even harder in a dark room. The tendency is to fumble around and press the new touch pad a number of times before actually locating the buttons. I don't think Sony have though this through very well.

    Also, there is a light bar now. The novelty lasts a day or two but then you just want to switch it off as it serves no purpose (unless you are using the camera which will be very rare.) Sony don't seem to allow you to turn this off which is not only a painful distraction but also drains the battery leading to more charging.

  5.  The worst driving game ever made


    Graphics and detail awful. Overlays all over the screen and big numbers and lines / arrows above your opponents. Never need before, not needed now.
    Only two views; outside the car and licking the road surface (not really a usable perspective.)
    Most bizarrely, if you get busted during a race, you are not held for a few seconds as was previously but the race ends and you are sent back to the menu! Weird, stupid and very annoying!
    Worse still, when you complete a race, not only are you not told what position you finish in but you have to then drive to a hideout to bank your winnings otherwise if you get busted, you lose everything you have earned.

    Ask yourself;

    1) Do you want to be sent to the menu mid race?
    2) Do you want a racing game or a game where you have to drive to the bank?

  6.  Awesome entertainment


    Some of the best art work and detail you will ever see. A great game in general and great GTA fun. So with that in mind, here are a few downsides...

    No Vigilante - gutted.
    No vehicle prompted missions ie get in a van and a mission starts.
    No weapon pick ups.
    Driving physics still weak and all cars oversteer chronically - bring back the GTA3 physics please!

    On line is awful. I mean really, really bad. If you think that you can pick up your controller and pop a few caps in your mate then think again. It is now also a story mode whereby you have to complete missions to first train - for about an hour or so and then complete further missions to afford weapons. Bring back GTA4 on line please and don't waste our time again!

  7.  Great in places


    The first impression you get is that this isn't quite the KZ you are used to. The first level is awful. You are a kid following your Dad and have no control but to move. It is drawn out unnecessary and irrelevant. The next level - The Forest - doesn't look or feel very KZ and you get a bit wound up with using the companion that resembles Pantilaimon in the Phillip Pullman Dark Materials trilogy. After this level, you don't have to use it much which is great and on hard level, the sheild comes in handy.

    It's not until about level 4 or 5, when you cross the wall, that the graphics start to look better on account of the improved art work and with it the game. There are still too many levels where your gun isn't required though.

    I do recommend hard level as it is more tactical although when you play the massacre sections ie 100 or so enemies in one room, it gets overly tough.

    The latest KZ on the Vita is better than this one I am afraid so if you have a choice I would go with that and hopefully the next KZ will get back on track.

  8.  FC2 is much better


    A bit of a down grade from the previous game. The missions have more variety but there are only about 10 of them and from the outset you realise that your character is a complete and embarassing wimp. Not only this but you have to collect flowers to make potions which is just stupid. Give me a gin and I have to collect flowers! Very odd of the programmers to think this is what we wanted.

    The game is way, way too easy and the latest patch has been released to fix this. I was on the the last mission when the patch arrvied and switched from hard level to the new master option and still did the final mission in one go without losing a life. Compared to the previous Far Cry which was much harder and much more intense, this is definitely much less of a challenge.

    The addtion to your attire (no spoiler here) at the half way point is definitely fun but it is the height that you can gain in this version that even on the hardest level makes it easy as you can simply find somewhere safe to snipe all of your enemies when trying to take over camps. Also, they do not automatically re-populate like the last version and areas become safe which of course means that you are just ambling. No fun at all.

    Other annoyances are that whilst you can turn off all of the aids, you cannot turn off the mini-map which unlike FC2, now shows you the postion of your alerted enemies so again makes finding, hiding form and killing them way to easy.

  9.  Ambivalent


    Review split into two:

    On Line

    Never before have I witnessed such a difference between what was the best on line FPS I have ever played to the worst. The last edition had large maps with lots of height gain, no gimmicks, an equal playground and tactical play. The most realistic FPS on line I have ever played. Now, they have made small arenas which are not at all open so you can just run around unrealistically like in COD, no need to dodge sniper bullets, no fun for snipers and all of the players have some weird red Ready Brek glow around them - whaaat?!! Not at all fun or realistic. Luckily you get two hours free before having to submit / purchase your voucher code. I played around 20 mins and was completely gutted. Just put the last one back on again which is still awesome.

    Single Player

    Despite the on line being a massive disappointment and I am sure the net result will be losing their true fans, the single player is superb. That is aside fform the fact that you are no longer a lone vigilante as per all of the previous iterations and now are accopanied by a squad which can at times be quite annoying.

    This is (bar Max Payne 3 and FEAR) one of the most atmospheric games I have ever played and the attention to detail in both the art and effects is unsurpassed even down to standing next to lights and hearing them making an electrical buzz. Fantastic. Also includes a couple of driving levels that fit into the story, the physics of which are really good. I couldn't believe the first driving level, programming the city must have taken an age as it is so big and so detailed.

    I hope that the next version goes back to the on-line play and level types that we saw in the last MOH.

  10.  Awesome


    The best game I have ever played and the Max Payne we have all been waiting for. MP1 was great but had some bits in that were just out of place. This is raw action from start to finish and is accompanied by the most amazing score ever. The atmosphere beats that of Batman hands down and can be enhanced by wearing a set of good headphones so you can really pump it up.

    The levels go on and on which is great as you just don't want it to end. You can play from hard level at the outset which is great and you have the option to adjust the difficulty at any stage during game play so if you want to try it out but are worried you may get stuck at some point, it is okay.

    If MP4, 5 and 6 are like this, I will stay out of PS retirement!