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  1.  Slinky


    Ordered this after being a little disappointed with a hard plastic acrylic sleeve. This is much better in my opinion. Silicon is very thin so doesn't really change the overall size of the machine. Makes it far easier to hold in terms of grip and the covered scroll wheel's sensitivity isn't reduced very much. Wil definitely prevent scratches etc. Not sure how much protection it would give from a drop onto the floor but hey... don't drop it!!!

  2.  Brittle


    Recieved today. A little disappointed. Excellent fit on my 120gb classic however the plastic seems extremely brittle and I would imagine will shatter like glass if dropped onto any hard surface. You are going to have to mangle the case corner with a coin (as per their instructions) to remove it once it's in. On reflection, I wish I had gone for a soft rubber one (oo-er missus).

  3.  Pull the other one


    It's a dead rubber man. On a rope. Those with a sense of humour failure need not apply. Great for a batchelor pad.
    Wouldn't use it if you have kids in the house.

  4.  Beastie Boyos


    Who cares? It's bound to brilliant if it's got the Welsh rugby team in it. Grand slamtastic.
    Get the boyos around, the beers in, sit back and enjoy.....

  5.  Cushty


    May seem like a lot to pay for a cushion but it's well worth it. Very comfortable to use either at a table or on your lap.
    And for the chaps.. it stops you cooking your nuts!! Great product and highly recommended.

  6.  Average


    It really is little (although size isn't everything apparently). Not exactly ground breaking stuff. I have a feeling the girlfriend will flick through it for 5 minutes then go back to Eastenders.

  7.  Gum tastic


    Bought as part of the two for £10 promotion. For a fiver you can't really complain about the t-shirt quality - typical Fruit of the Loom fayre. Print quality seems ok.
    As £5 t-shirts go it's fine. Some people want the moon on a stick these days!

  8.  Grin and bear it


    Bought one for the girlfriend at Xmas. She's always complaining how cold she is (put a jumper on!!!) so thought it would be a good stocking filler. She loved it but is now scared to put it in the microwave incase she 'hurts the bear' (she's 29 years old). Good quality product and very good value. Shame you can't choose the colour - she got purple but was still impressed.

  9.  Humbug


    Amusing for about 10 seconds then realised how noisy and annoying it was. Maybe my sense of humour has left me over Christmas?? Would make a great gift for someone who thinks stuff like Catherine Tate is funny (my 8 year old brother thinks it's hilarious).