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  1.  Fun for the first 7-8 levels - after that downhill!


    First of all, the character editor in this game is simply amazing. You can create whichever superhero you had in mind and you'll spend many hours doing that!

    The quests and story is quite good as well and is different from the usual grind but some occusional quests have some grind but the fighting in the game somewhat makes up for it.

    Now to the bad parts, which is major in my opinion. Like an earlier reviewer also said. If you don't have a PERFECT build for you superhero you'll will fail in the game. You need some defense build otherwise you'll die all the time (I died all the time even with defense powers).

    You can't just choose whatever you want because you'll won't suceed finishing the quests. To bad you can't respec your build either if it turns out you weren't pleased with the powers, you'd chosen in your build, because it's so ridiously expensive you'll never afford it! Instead you'll ending up creating 10x failed superheros before you have learned to spec, but at that point you have realised that there is no freedom of choosing powers!

    Another thing which I didn't like about the game is that you can create the character exactly how you want it right from lvl 1, after that your character won't change pretty much! It's impossible to see any difference between a lvl 1 and lvl 40 (just with extra small slots for clothing).

    These two big major faults made me quite the game and cancel my subscription, even before my time run out. It's not fun to be a superhero with you own chosen powers and feel really gimped, in fact more gimped than I felt in any other MMO.