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  1.  Not Just For Kids!


    It may say junior but if you aren't over 5'10" I think this will still be fine.
    So stable, even when you give it a belter.
    The ball isnt inflatable so no chance of popping like on other cheaper makes. Its made of tough foam instead.
    Overall, great product and the cheapest place to buy it!
    Highly recommended.

  2.  Help Me To Stop Watching!


    I've had this for a few months now and i'm still watching it continuously. Although alot of the styles of the gags and scenes origionate from the series, it somehow seems to be something completely different altogether. Not something that you watch once and let the dust set up camp apon. Unlimited watchablillity?????? I guess time will tell...............

  3.  Not As Good As The Other One.....


    Side-oblitorating stand up is what you would expect from such a funny guy and you get exactly that. Nice addition having a band onstage, also stoofer (his croaky voiced purple puppet pussycat) makes an appearance. His other stand up DVD is funnier but "Hooves" will not disappoint!

  4.  Awesome!


    Ben Stiller and Owen wilson make brilliant adversaries, a bit like in meet the parents. and annother wee-inducing role from Will Ferrel. "That guy is so hot right now!" One more classic for the collection!

  5.  Great! But Typical Hollywood ending...


    The film is well directed, not just full of special effects and all that typical stuff, but also very clever with twists, an awesome villain and the feeling that you can't trust anyone at times. MI:3 is the best overall film of the series but it has one letdown..... the ending lol. If you're the type that cringes at cheesy endings then you may not be impressed with this one. But apart from the cheddar ending, it's a great movie!

  6.  Their Best Record!


    Slightly matured from the "My Generation" days, Daultry and crew were back with a lot of hype to live up to and my god they succeeded. won't get fooled again is a perfect rock tune that never seems to date, and behind blue eyes is simply beautiful. It's rock and roll as it should be, raw and belting. If your interested in getting in to The Who, this is a must own.

  7.  Dear God!


    I finally bought this DVD last week, after longing for it for some time. When it came I immediately slammed it into the DVD player and was stuck to the sofa for 3hrs, (luckilly it was a saturday). Micheal Kamen, the Symphony Maestro, wrote the "S" part very well, composed to perfection slotting in to metallica's best songs with amazing skill. As for the "M" part, what can I say........it's metallica live! Flawless performance, and their best in my opinion. Great music DVD, but if you want more insight into the band, buy "Some Kind Of Monster".

  8.  Great start to an epic trilogy!


    Although the third instalment was a bit disappointing, this movie is one of the best. It started a kind f cult belief, if any film has the power to do that, it must be strong. Lol, did the last guy say "I hope Neo Dies"? Well he does in the third one so I guess your hopes came true, sadly your imagination is flawed though. Great movie, over-the-top and well directed.

  9.  Still Alive and Kicking! Is this possible?????!!!


    After so many years can a band really release an album and create something worthwhile? Hell yeah! The first two tracks blow my damn socks off. These colours don't run is one of their greatest songs produced, and Diferent World is an awesome mainstream song. I agree with the last guy though, not their best record all in all, but would you really want it to be? Their greatest should remian their greatest! Another impressive piece of work from one of the last remaining classic metal/rock bands.

  10.  John Returns As If He Had Never Left!


    This was the first album made by the Chilli's after John Frusciante returned to the band. And oh my god, he was saving up a lot of talent in those 7 years departed (despite releasing solo stuff). In my opinion scar tissue is the best track of the record simply because it sums up every part of how they were at that moment in their lives, and is expressed very emotionally. Awesome album. Mellow, loud, funky, emotional, every part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is in this record. It will never leave your stereo after you put it in!