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  1.  The boy who lived..


    I worked on this film, so needless to say it's amazing.
    But really, it is, so proud of this film and to be apart of it.

    Really ended on a bang and does the book so much justice.

  2.  For the price...


    it's excellent. Simple, to the point and a pleasure to use.
    Nice and straight forward. Plugged straight in and all the buttons worked (Windows 7).
    The keys are gentle and soft touch, which are silent.
    The keyboard feels to have some weight on it, which makes it feel expensive and less flimsy.
    My previous keyboard was Microsoft, and they've improved.

    Looking for a solid smooth sensible keyboard? You can't go wrong with this.

  3.  Wise Buy


    Not really for simpletons, but then you do not have to be a physicist.
    Anyone who has seen Brian Cox on his BBC program 'Wonders of the Solar System' will know who he puts facts forward elegantly and makes them very understandable.

    Don't be put off by the topic if it seems daunting. This book is a fantastic read and I hope the pair produce more.

  4.  Sackboy ftw


    Very well made, solid, just about the right size for a keyring and cute.
    Very pleased and it's at a great price.
    I ordered 2, 1 for a friend, and both were the limited edition angry face.
    Little bit annoying, as I wanted the happy face. But still very pleased.
    Buy this, you will like it.

  5.  Structured, Interesting & Charming


    Being new to particle physics I wasn't sure, but thought I would give it a try as I find science brilliant.

    I found reading the book challenging but rewarding. Due to the well structure it was constantly moving forward and developing my thinking cap.

    If you are vaguely interesting in the subject then I would say, buy this now.

  6.  GOAT


    One of the greatest of all time.
    It's fun, it's addictive and it's beautiful.

    With a unique graphical style and amazing animations, the game just wants to be played. The constant updates and add-ons (which are free) always keep the game changing with new weapons, maps and scenarios.

    Whoever rated this lower than a 5 just doesn't understand the point of the game.This isn't another Counter-Strike or Half Life. It's something refreshingly new and there's nothing else like it.

  7.  Great


    Firstly for the price it is excellent. It's very smooth, gentle and easy to type with. It's rather stylish too. The best thing is how easy it is to pull keys off and clean underneath it.

    However I'm on my second now because I split wine on it. And considering it says on the box 'spill resistant', it shouldn't have stopped working.

  8.  The novelty goes fast


    You'll probably be impressed with it for a couple of days, then it'll start to annoy you.

    It has a delay on every button you press, making it feel unresponsive. When you need to text fast or get something done, it feels like a life time. The headphones are dreadful too, and doesn't have a splitter to other headphones. It has an annoying habbit of displaying the same message twice too.

    The camera is solid and has great white balancing features, but there isn't any flash what so ever, which was shocking and poor.

    The phone does have some good features though and is quite nice, but don't be expecting an iPhone for this price. Personally, I wish I'd got a good old Sony Erricson, and wait a while for touch screen to improve.

  9.  Good stuff


    Very comfy on your head. They are large but sit on well. Well padded. It's all plastic but doesn't feel too flimsy, although not amazingly stable either (you pay for what you get).

    The microphone can be extended and bent closer to your mouth if you like to speak quietly.
    The headphones are good, although lack in the bass department.

    For the price, a good comfy headset. Although it may be worth getting the open ear versions if you have good speakers and want this to chat.

  10.  Good & Bad


    Yes, you do really need to be a Final Fantasy fan to enjoy this, or even have completed FF VII.

    Firstly the animations are amazing and demonstrate how far technology has come. From particle effects to voice syncing.

    However, as for the story, I found it melodramatic and over the top. But still worth watching. You can't complain for a fiver.