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  1.  Disappointing


    This is by far one Shrek film too many! The film lacks the spark and enjoyment that the first and second film seemed to have, also i thought that the basic plot was terrible with no real reason for the film. They also tried to incorporate a classic song into the soundtrack, and utterly failed at the attempt. This really is one of the worst films of the year if you ask me, i would not recommend it to anyone!

  2.  Utter rubbish!


    This film is an awful revamp, i will never watch this film again it is a shabby representation of the book and previous film. The acting is however good but that i am afraid is the only good thing i can say about it , im sorry but its rubbish! please do not waste your money or vision on this tripe!

  3.  Ok


    i have read this book, and anticipated it's release. i really could nto wait for it to be released. However when i watched it i was soo disappointed that the producer had cut sooo much out of the film, so of it really important information. And what also annoyed me was that in the film they have spent loads on special effects for the quidditch cup and yet we do nopt actually see the match! Very weird. However despite this it is a very good film the specail effects as u should expect are brilliant. Overall a good film but is an annoyance if you have read the book.

  4.  I loved this film


    I am a boy and i really enjoyed this film. I think that it has so much to offer and Diane Keaton has truly picked and excellent role for her self, i think tht this is also one for the family any one could watch this and i urge you to it is so funny brilliant for a sunday afternoon movie day.

  5.  Its a matter of opinion :S


    What i have found out after asking people i know what they thought of this film is tht, people who have read the book tend to dislike this even hate it. However people who have not read the book have really enjoyed it. The plot itself is brilliant i must say , however i read the book before i watched the film and i hated it i thought the film as usual did not do the book justice. So it depends if u have read the book or not. If u have i really wouldnt bother. The reason i have given it 2 stars is that for what it was it was ok however the book is better.

  6.  Family Favourite!


    I have loved this film since itrs release and have never tired from watching it. It is one that can be enjpyed by anyone. Needless to say disney have surpassed themselves again. Bravo! I really do not have a bad thing to say about this.

  7.  Simply Amazing !!!!


    When i went to see this film i was expecting the same rubish that the prestiege had to offer. However i was totally wrong. This film although long in places is and brilliant, i urge u to watch this film. I love the the plot and the many twists and turns especially the fianl twist whcih really highlights the brilliance of this film. I didnt give this film the full five stars because as i said it is long in places and may even invoke bordom however you should watch this because it is a gem.

  8.  Umm ...


    This for me was an utter disappointment. I mean really all the other fil;ms have been half decent but this was very tedious. Visuallly it is an immense film however the film concentrates too much on Peter Parker, you would think this was a refreshing change, it wasn't. There are some immense scenes and visual effects but i would not waste my time buying this film. It is the worst out of all the spidermans by far. I was really really disappointed. And after all the hype, i thought it would be good. But sorry guys it was awful!

    Ps the 2 stars are only for visual effects not the truly pathetic storyline :(

  9.  Brilliant


    I have seen this film several times and i still laugh at the cheap but very funny gags. Totally mocks the stereotypical blonde, but its incredably funny. I would recommend it to any one.

  10.  Best Phone Ever!!!!


    When i had this phone at christmas i couldn't wait to have it, when i finally did it was even better than i could have imagined. The camera is brilliant, it really is, there is soo much u can do with it u can choose how many pixcels u want to use, you can warp the images etc. And the camera isn't the only good thing, you also get a brilliant walkman type feature. The bad points, well to be honest there arent that many, however when i had mine i had to setup my MMS online but it was quite straight forward but other than that it was fine.