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  1.  Absolutely Appalling


    Just taken delivery of this case and it is perhaps one of the worst products I have purchased, ever. The case itself isn't to bad but the inside is indescribably bad. The segment dividers are literally flimsly cardboard slotted into a cardboard circle. On arrival 2 of the segments had come detached and were impossible to re-insert. The circle itself, supposedly the container for the portal, is much smaller than the portal. Only by taking a hammer to a portal and smashing into to bits would it fit. AVOID this product if you are looking for anything more purposeful than a general (very very small) carry case. No more useful or protective than a plastic bag.

  2. Horns



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     Very interesting concept


    i read this a few months ago and found myself talking about it with a friend a few minutes ago which reminded me to leave a quick review. Joe Hill is actually Stephen King's son (and looks remarkably like him). It has definite echoes of some of Stephen King's earlier work. About a man who wakes up one day with horns and some powers that go with them. The main power is that people are simply compelled to tell the brutal truth around him and this hook provides the basis for it tells both a horrific and humourous story while exploring the conflict between the facade people put up and the truth in their actual thoughts. Although there are some silly elements to the book I found it quite original and also a page turner in the main (there are some wallowy bits). If you are a fan of Stephen King (whatever era) you will enjoy this book. I will definately be buying more of Joe Hill.

  3.  A masterclass in thriller writing


    From the very first page you will be hooked. What would have been a very ordinary plot in most author's hands is utterly gripping, full of twists and leads to a satisfactory conclusion in the hands of the master Koontz. I was never a massive Koontz fan before i read this, but it is a seemingly simple yet expertly told thriller that leaves you turning page after page in your quest to find out what really is going on. 464 Pages flies by in no time. I have since discovered many other Koontz books have similar appeal, such as Velocity, Life Expectancy to name but two. I now read a Koontz every 2 or 3 books (I never read 2 books by the same author back to back), and always smile when it is one of his books next on the list!

  4.  Dead good!


    This book starts with a simple (but evil) practical joke that goes incredibly wrong, but I won't say anymore as I don't want to spoil it, although suffice to say from page one this book just pulls you in and you just need to keep reading to find out what is actually going on! This book is very different to previous works by Peter James and is the start of a series featuring the detective Roy Grace and is a modern take on classic whodunnit plots (although it is much more than just a whodunnit). It is worth starting here with this series rather than the later books as you learn stuff about Roy Grace that helps the enjoyment of later books, which reference loosely back to this one.

  5.  A great start to a brilliant series


    I read this first book in the Jack Reacher series having read several of the later books and decided to go back to the beginning and read the rest of the series through from the start, and it doesn't dissapoint. It is a rare thing that the precis of the book does such a bad job of selling a book but in this case it is true - the book is far better than the description of it indicates. As an introduction to Jack Reacher there is a little bit more back story as a result of the "appearance" of another character that doesn't appear in any of the other books (in quotes because it is an unsual appearance...if you've read other books in the series you will appreciate what i mean). In true Lee Child style, it is full of brutual violence, twists and turns and moves at a pace like no other books in this genre, apart from perhaps Barry Eisler's John Rain series. The plot is typical Child in that nothing is ever quite what it necessarily seems and although I worked out the technique for the underlying con that is central to the plot fairly early on this didn't detract from the overall entertainment of the book. Don't expect total realism though, this is hollywood on paper. My favourite in the series is still The Hard Way, followed by Die Trying but if you've never read a Jack Reacher novel before why not start at the very beginning - this hasn't aged at all since it was written. Some people think Jack Reacher is a bit shallow and under-developed, but then I'm quite glad sometimes to read a book that doesn't wrap 5 pages of story around 500 pages of character development. If you want fast non-stop page turning thrills then Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is for you.

  6.  Simply fantastic!


    I approached Barry Eisler's Rain Fall with sceptical anticipation after being recommended by a friend based on my love of Lee Child books. I have to say I was very impressed, from the opening scene to the end of this book it tells a compelling story mixed with brutal action and deeper characterisation than Lee Child gives. The central character, John Rain is a half-Japanese and Half-American professional assassin who lives in the shadows. His latest assignment seems simple enough but the fallout couldn't be more deadly and sees Rain fighting to save himself and others around him as the twists and turns of the plot reveal what has really been going on. Apart from a bit in the middle where the scene setting is a little slow, this moves at a terrific pace and feels a little more believable than offerings by the likes of Child or Matt Reilly. Thoroughly recommended - i will now be reading the rest of the series with excitement. It's a shame Barry Eisler isn't more popular as I feel he is developing a deeper character than most books in this genre offer.

  7.  Twist and Turn Jungle Adventure!


    From the first few pages when 3 brothers discover their father has died and hidden his multi-million pound set of assets in the middle of the jungle this book moves at a terrific pace. All the brothers work against each other and then together in a race to get their hands on the estate, meanwhile other parties have an agenda - to get their hands on the most precious of all of the posessions - the codex, a book of medical importance to revolutionise the world..... Apart from a slightly wandering middle section this book is very well constructed, and also relatively believable in terms of the action and plot twists, in comparison to others of the same genre, such as Matthew Reilly and Lee Child etc. If you are a fan of Reilly or Child you'll definately enjoy this.

  8.  Ice has never been so hot!


    Matthew Reilly has developed a group of characters, led by one character called Scarecrow (so called due to the scarring on his face), which feature in Ice Station, Area 7 and Scarecrow currently form the Scarecrow "trilogy" (he may yet write more!), and what a trilogy they are. They should really be read in that order, but it is not essential...So, what is Ice Station about?

    Well, i'm not going to give too much away, but essentially it is a battle between various factions over something that resides somewhere near the Ice Station. All the action takes place in and around the Ice Station. If you like James Bond you will love this. Every page has a cliffhanger and a seemingly impossible situation which have ever more inventive solutions. And the battles aren't just with other people, there is an interesting section involving killer whales too! There are some great gadgets (which would so great if they actually existed!) and while the characters themselves appear to be quite shallow, over the trilogy they do develop some depth, but be under no illusion - this is all about the action and suspense. This is a Hollywood action movie in a book. Read it now!

  9.  A good first novel but not his best


    This was Matthew Reilly's first novel, which is self-published on the internet in lieu of getting a "proper" publishing deal. It is a bit sci-fi featuring strange creatures from all over the universe congregating in an arena in which only one can survive....It is fast paced, has lots of action and a few twists. It is not a patch on Matthew Reilly's subsequent works but is well worth a read if you are a Reilly fan.

  10. Gideon



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     Gideon Rules!


    This is an excellent thriller, missed by many. It is a classic whodunnit, although original too, with some excellent twists and revelations. It has a very interesting start and gathers pace throughout. If you are one of the countless many who missed this book, or any of the others by Russell Andrews then I guarantee you will love this.