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  1. Reborn


    Northern Kings - CD

    1 New from  £22.07  Free delivery

     For lovers of the 80's or metal you NEED this album!


    Absolutely God-like. They're a supergroup for a reason!

    Makes you think about what you are missing in Finland. Turns every 80's classic in to an epic reiteration. Literally almost every song you grew up with is given a symphonic metal makeover and makes them seem like new and original songs.

    But don't worry! Your favourites are still intact, this compliments them with an epic stroke. This are not just any karaoke singers either, they are the pedigree of the Northern European metal scene.

    Marco Hietala is the bass player and male vocals for the band Nightwish, who are incredibly popular nowadays.

    Tony Kakko is the LEGENDARY vocals for Sonata Arctica, known for his iconic power and soft range.

    Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (my lord) is the vocalist for the band Charon and whilst he is not very well known, he is great for the mysterious voice that is used to great effect in "Rebel Yell".

    Jarkko Ahola is fairly new to the scene and while his voice is something I have not come across yet, he sounds very emotional during "I Just In Your Arms Tonight".

    5/5 for every song.
    A must buy.

  2.  I reconsider...


    I have had the cooler for about a year now and has cooled my Xbox 360 down for the first 6-7. However after that it began to heat up again, just slightly, then I started smelling burning (like an iron left on). Finally for christmas I got a HDTV so I could play the 360 in Hi de-oh wait! The cooler doesn't support the official (or third party) cables! So not only do I have a defective cooler, I also have to buy new double-ended cables.

    If you're thinking "I could handle buying new cables", don't bother because apparently the display either doesn't show or has a pink tinge to it, if your Xbox is getting a little hot under the collar then put it horizontally. I did that and removed the cooler, now my 360 runs cooler than every before!

    This does not buy for all circumstances, if you desperately need a cooler then get one running off its own power supply and not USB or the 360's power supply or splits the connector to connections you will not use; The Official Xbox Magazine gave it a 5/5!

    Bottom line: Don't bother. Get a Pelican Cooler.

  3.  Excellent product and answer to previous questions


    Can't remember exact space after format but is around the 1.5GB area. In response, I think the K800i is only supported by Sony's M2 cards. This card does come with an adaptor.

  4.  Take the leap.


    Forget Apple. Forget their "out of the box" propaganda. This is for TRUE music fans. With a minute size, good looks and simple to use interface nothing can top it.

    After my affair with the nano I was left traumatised and ready to enter the market again (battery died after one month. Yeah, just one month and it was only 2GB). My friend persuaded me to try this on and.....I loved it.

    The software is soooo simple to use that a child could configure it (don't get any ideas). Once the CD installs it begins a drag and drop interface and a reliable converter for DivX (so I can watch Bleach on the go!) and ability to watch almost every format known to man on a gorgeous display (no FLV, though). I've discretely put this on during lessons, even had it on the table and many thought it was a credit card!

    Don't get me started on the supreme sound quality. But word of the wise, buy new set of earphones to enjoy it the most; might I recommend Creative EP-630.

    Yes there are reports of faults and bugs so remember you can send it back at any given time. Remember to always update often to gain full advantage.

    My final thoughts: Buy it. If you're looking for a cost-effective player that squeezes every penny into it then look no further. If, however, you are an Apple fan who will defend iPods to the hilt with immature retaliations OR own a Mac then look elsewhere (SOFTWARE IS INCOMPATIBLE!).

  5.  If you're not ready...wait.


    Okay, let's start. Firstly the OS is much friendlier and has better security features but if you do not have RAM in the 1000's you will not experience "Aero". Game-wise the GUI doesn't much up the memory as much when not playing and can run them effectively and smoothly. Compatibility issues are a major problem, especially when you can't find the updated drivers! But overall it IS reliable, but it DOES use way too much memory and hard drive space. MS need to make a few alterations and updates, then it should work more efficiently.

  6.  An excellent value for money and a must-have for Bleach fans


    The anime supplies the action so what supplies the story? You're looking at it. Reading the manga is a totally different experience than watching the anime. If you watch it in Japanese with subs (such as myself) you have a tough time understanding what they feel but with the manga books you can comprehend them deeply. Of course one reads from right to left and one can get so used to reading like so that it becomes a habit!

    Bottom line. If you enjoyed watching Bleach so much that you wanted another perspective pick this up, you won't be disappointed.

  7.  Poorly designed, defective piece of junk.


    When charging a controller the idea is not to have the mains to charge it. Requires around 12V not 240V, Nyko probably didn't realise this. Do not purchase at all costs. Destroys equipment and can even set alight (first-hand experience).

  8.  Excellent piece of hardware.


    I bought this game at its release and have upgraded its hard drive to suit my needs. Plays well and is a brilliant Blu-ray player.

    However there are three major flaws with the console in general.

    1. The games. There aren't really any exclusives out currently to hold your interest for too long. Don't fret, some masterpieces are on their way.

    2. Online. Not nearly as good as Xbox Live. Sure it's free and everything but it lags, no content outside of Sony software. I bought this for a single player so this does not bother me much.

    3. Marks the era where the computer and consoles combine. We all saw it coming but now it has become so clear that Sony (with all these USELESS features) are merging the market. So ends the classic generation.

    Note: I am not a fanboy. I have every next gen console and enjoy them for different things.

    Xbox 360- Excels for multiplayer and downloadable content.

    Wii- Local family entertainment.

    PS3- For the exclusives, single player and cinematic experience.

  9.  Flawed but so very, very fun.


    This has to be high on the tier of shooter for fun factor, even though it has poor vehicle control, useless helicopter missiles, no fall damage (jump out of the helicopter and see), not much animation but as I said before it is amusing and fun.