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  1.  Love Them


    i listen to these every morning while getting ready and quite often while I'm in bed and in the day when my friends come round we listen to it and i show them top volume and they all go wow because of the awesome volume and phenomenal quality and also perfect for parties without a shadow of a doubt worth every single penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  Good, not Great


    This game is good fun, the controls are easy to use and the grapple system is really good.

    Good points.

    -good controls
    -fun to play
    -create a superstar is very deep
    -graphics are good
    -many match types

    Bad points

    -poor roster (if you are a wwe fan, you will notice some big names missing aswell as some little ones.
    -the game on the whole is a bit too easy
    -it's really slow, whereas on the xbox360, it is far quicker and plays at a normal pace!
    -the kick out / get up system involves button bashing for a long long time.

    The online is neither good, nor bad. it's o.k and makes a nice change to the 1 player.

    overall worth it if ou like the wwe or for a game to play with your mates it's worth buying.

  3.  WHAT????


    i don't know what everyon else is on about but this is definatley one of the worst games i have ever played in my life!

    I'm not a fan of the series because every other one i have played was also rubbish. this is an AWFUL game and an insult to the ps3's power!

  4.  What happened


    this should have been a classic game that everyone had to own, it isnt.
    The good points are the graphics are really amazing and stunning in HD. That is it.
    The bad points are everywhere, the story is awful, instead of being an assassin in medieval times you play as an ancestor through your memories of when they used to be an assassin.
    The levels are all exactly the same and not one of them changes. It is quite pssible the most linear game in history.
    The attack system is the same as that from pirates of the carribean in that you push a button when someone is about to attack you to counter it and push a button to attack them!
    Also there are 9 assassinations, no multi-player or online and the only other thing to do in the whole game is help civilians and find flags.
    You can complete it in about 6 or 7 hours, and the story "twist" youy can see froma mile off, i worked it out before i had done the forth assassination. Also there is no need to plan anything if you run towards the guy you have to kill, no matter how many million of enemies attack you you can kill them all. Because they attack you ONE AT A TIME, so this makes the games stupidly easy aswell.
    Also the character you play is possibly one of the most unpleasant main characters in any game ever. This would have been average on Ps2. but for PS3 it's CRAP and most certainly the most overated overhyped game of all time!

  5.  What happened?


    This game was suppose to be amazing, so what the hell happened?? The edit mode is ruined, the online sucks, the master league is better, but still not very good. The currency is still in points instead of money and on top of all that the goialkeepers couln't catch a cold. They fumble evrything at the feet of the opposing strikers.

    Probably best not to buy and spend your money elsewhere.

  6.  Good idea


    It's quit a good idea and it fits well, it just takes a few hours to get use to. Good value though.