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  1.  Silly, sloppy but good fun!


    I really don't understand where all of these Penguin films have come from. March of the Penguins, Farce of the Penguins, Happy Feet and now Surfs Up. It's clear the demand is high for these films, but the films i have just listed were all dissapointments, Happy Feet especially.
    Surfs Up isn't great, but it craps on the other films, simply because it goes out and doesn't set out to try and change the world or subtley (and annoyingly) try to educate you. No, this goes out and just has a good time.
    Helped along by Jeff Bridges Lebowski like penguin and Jon Hedgers hilerious Chicken Joe. This film is alot of fun.
    The plot is preposterious and the documentery idea simply disappears at certain points fornarrative reasons. Nevertheless, if you intend to only see one penguin movie in your life, be it animated or live action, you could pick alot worse than this easy going comedy.

  2.  An improvement on the second but still not great!!!


    Oceans 13 is an interesting film. On the one hand, the opening hour is all talk, most of which is dull and fairly boring. But if you manage to get through that you come to a solid second hour of fun that is actuelly worth the wait.
    As with the other 2 films, the cast mould to make one super-fantastic team. Bernie Mac proving the best in this outing. Obviously Clooney, Damon and Pitt are great fun to watch but it is this smaller, secondery cast that really make it fun.
    The film looks fantastic as well. Sometimes it does begi to stray in to CSI Miami cheese-ness, but don't let that put you off, the final heist is more fun than the rubbish of the second film, but anyone expecting to see another Oceans 11 will feel robbed.

  3.  Barely Watchable (but for two things)


    This would be a 1 star drag act if it didn't have the fantastic cast. They still work well together, but its around a plot that's to complicated and boring to care about. By the time we get to the laughably bad 'in-joke' involving Julia Roberts you just want to give it up and go home. But don't for 1 little scene in a jail cell, just about makes this other wise awful film worth a watch.

  4.  Great


    Slick, styleish and surprisingly well made, Oceans 11 is the only film that is so good that it makes you forget about the original.
    The stars are fantastic and work brilliantly together. The human conflict that is dealt with through love affairs and friendsships is top-class drama and when the twists come out towards the films conclusion, you just don't want the film to end. Simply astounding.

  5.  24's worst hour... (But it's still great fun)


    At the end of season 5 Jack was carted off to China to pay for what he did to their counclet in season 4. This was a fantastic chance to bring an entire new concept to 24. I expected Jack to be fighting to get free, proberbly with a gfroup of Covert CTU agents. Sad;y, the writer's weren't willing to take the risk so Jack is brought back to L.A with little explanation in order to be part of a swap which would stop terrorists from exploding more bombs across the country. Of course, alot of stuff happens and eventuelly Jack is back fighting the nuclear-bomb carrying terrorists.
    Its proberbly the worst season for plot, I mean i don't expect any credibility to the plot, all of them have been beyond belief, but this just repeats many of the things that all the other seasons have done (though on a good note, this is the first season not to have a mole inside CTU).
    But what it lacks in originality, it makes up for with presenting blistering action, fantastic acting (Peter MacNicol is fantastic as Tom Lennox, proberbly my favorite political character the show has had - yes even better than David Palmer) and a whole host of classic 24 moments.
    So yes it is waeker in originality, but looking at the trailer for season 7, thats gonna change, infact you go to youtube right now and watch it. Yes it looks stupidly unplausible, but hasn't most of the show been like that. Whatever people say about it 24 is still the best show on telly and though most of this season is a little weak compared to the others, its worth watching for a final scene that is proberbly one of the best moments of drama ever put on the small screen!!!!!!

  6.  Ok - Nothing Great


    Boasting that this was going to be Sin City (The greatest comic film ever!!) meets Gladiator (my personal favorite film) i thought this woul dnothing more than fantastic... I was wrong!
    Not to say 300 is a bad film - the visuels are fantastic, the acting superb and the action flawless.
    However the film contains no real substance. It takes us through the sparten life from the rituels at brith (not explored), to becoming the general. When he leads his posse' off to fight a battle that he has no chance of winning you can't help but think 'you idiot'.
    The dialogue is the films other problem, ok it does contain lines that will be quoted by many fans for years to come ('THIS IS SPARRRRTA' and all that) but it feels so cheesey and fake that you just end up laughing at it.
    So on the whole an everage film that isn't as good as it wants to be, the actions fun and the acting well done but the point of this film... is well beyond me!!!

  7.  So bad that it's actuelly good!!!


    All in all, Snakes On A Plane is pretty bad. The set up is stupid, the acting awful, the script... well was there one and even the effects of the snakes aren't convincing. But put this together with a good solid hour of screen vilence and you have a pretty entertaining film.
    Yes its not good enough to count as a 'killer B' but when you get snakes in the sickbags, cobras in the cockpit and boas in the bathroom, your in for a little laugh.
    Sam Jackson is ok and yes 'that line' is amuseing the first time you hear it.
    All in all this is big dumb fun with so many bad qualities, but because of these the film actuelly ends up being good fun, but nothing more.

  8.  A well acted film that gets bogged down in its plot choices!


    3:10 to Yuma is a mixed bag.
    On the one hand you have some superb acting, both Crowe and Bale execute their parts with affection and a degree of believeability thats far beyond many performances of today.
    However some of the choices that the director makes with the plot weaken the film immensely. It contains 2 almost identical scenes at night that are boring and do little to the plot. The character of Ben Wade (Crowe) is not developed enough to make the reasons he does what he does comprehandable and the action is simply average with only a few moments that came close to being fantastic.
    That said thi=s film is worth watching, but i would say more mfor people who want to simply have something to sit down and enjoy instead of something that they can really get their teeth in to.

  9.  Tense, exciting and with a message thats hard to ignore!


    Not being a big DiCaprio i didn't know what to expect from Blood Diamond. I thought it looked like a film that had the pertential to be mind-blowing, but i also thought that it had the possibility of being awful.
    Thankfully it turned out to be a fantastic film that mixed rock hard action sequences with heart-felt, emotional moments of drama that was a fantastic way of slowing the pace down in amoungst all the action.
    DiCaprio was better than brilliant while Djimon Hounsou was classy and very believeable.
    Jennifer Connelly was good but sad;y wasn't given alot to do and to a certain extent her talent was wasted.
    But that doesn't take anything away from the fact that Blood Diamond was an exciting and very effective piece of cinema that should be seen by everyone.

  10.  Fantastic!!!!


    Considering i am not a big fan of american teen comedies, despite the good trailers, i was a little worried that Superbad would be another dissapointment for me to put on the pile with American Pie.
    But i was astonished how good Superbad was. Hilerious from beginning to end, well acted and most importantly heartfelt, Superbad showed what teen adolesence is really like but did it in a funny and enjoyable way that made it one of the best films i have seen this year.