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  1.  Not as good as its former


    Dawn of war 2 is average. The game has good graphics and textures, meaning you must have a fully up to date system to run it efficiently. The gameplay is much slower than the original Dawn of War, and the decision to scrap base building was in my opinion a mistake. In single player, you fight through a campaign, in the role playing style of a futuristic baulders gate, however its nothing on baulders gate because there is no freedom, just 1 objective and a set map. There are new additions to the game that are an improvement, such as being able to upgade wargear and the suppressive fire system gives an ounce of realism and strategic manuoverability. The cover system is a very good adddition, reflecting reality, as your men take cover and open fire conceding less damage. The gameplay is somewhat better than the original in that tac tics matter more, and are harder to grasp, there are less men, with more ability and variety in what they can do. Micro managing is key, and it takes some skill to manouver your forces into points of advantage.

    Overall it is a decent game, but a dissapointment when I think how good the original DOW was when it hitthe screens, it blew me away. This is just like an expansion pack, excpet that it hasnt really expanded, more over it has taken features away. Base building is part of most RTS games and gives the player more to think about, requiring more skill to master and more things to discover in tech trees etc.

    I got this game for £9.99 off play, I researched it first and knew that paying more than this would be a waste of money. Now having played it, I would not pay more than £9.99 for this game. Good for a mess around, and marginally addictive for the short term, but the gameplay becomes repetative.

    Multiplayer is probably the highlight, apart from the fact that online play is so buggy and laggy because when peoples system cant efficiently support the game (a top class system is required to run it smoothly), it laggs the game big time and sometimes freezes it all together, this spoils to experience. Never had any issues online with the original.

    If your thinking of buying this game, and you havnt played the original, buy that instead. If you have played the original and were impressed like me, do not expect the world from DOW2. It is an acceptable addition to your game collection, something to mess about on in your free time, but nothing more.

  2.  This game is a severe dissapointment


    I bought this game expecting an exciting combination of the Two Towers/Return of the king and battle for middle earth experience...
    What I got was a playstation 2 version of dynasty warriors 4 with lord of the rings characters, in fact id even go as far to say that Dynasty warriors 4 is better than this game because you have a small amount of freedom...
    Good points about the game...graphics are ok, gameplay is average for the fist hour...
    Bad points...after the first hour you have repeated every move available to you that much that it becomes a chure, the gameplay is restricted, you are confined to one area at a time, the fighting is hideous, non-fluent with a dynasty warriors but worse feel to it, the Two Towers and Return of the King editions on PS2 put this game to shame. Most units are EXACTLY the same, with the memory of games today the makers could not even be bothered to create a small variety of different people, the orcs in the first level are all the same with the same weapons and the same moves, the heroes of the game are a slightly better version of the average characters you play with.
    I am a huge fan of LOTR, I have all the extended editions of the film, the books, the hobbit, and most of the games, if you want a game for LOTR, buy battle for middleearth, I am taking this back today to trade in for something that does not involve repetative button bashing...honestly one of the worst games I have ever played, in this day and age...we left this genre behind in the 90's

  3.  Still one of the best


    Rome Total War Gold Edition for the mere price of £9.99 deserves a place at the side of every gamers PC. Arguably better even then its sequel Medieval 2 Total War, this game has ancient battle strategies and melee down to a tee.

    It was the revolutionary next step from the Shogun style engine, however obvious similarities between the engines are evident. With similar effecient, easy to use controls and a near perfect interface and the graphics to match, this edition of RTW should not be overlooked.

    If your into strategy games then this is the game for you, it can be used for a mess around creating your own battles and scenarios as you schoose, or for the more serious players it can be taken online and skills can be tested against other players. So as I have explained it matches many interests and people can make what they want of it.

    The online capabilities are another strong point, being able to play with up to 8 players with thousands of troops clashing at any one time. This game is becoming dated, but it still does not cease to amaze me. If you have never played this game before and you want a new game to try, you will not be let down.

    This game is so good that I have failed to find any valid criticism, and that, my friends, is unlike me.

    This is a must buy, and I rarely ever say that, possibly the best game I have played to date.

  4.  Same as the rest


    Halo 3 has its good points. It has attractive graphics and the gameplay is good, an excellent RPG for people who are new to HALO. The storyline is ok but not brilliant.

    This is not the best review but that is because the game (apart from the storyline and the fact you cant have double needler) is almost identical to Halo 1 and 2, I personally think it has been hyped up for a money making excercise that leaves players who have followed HALO thoroughly dissappointed. The XBOX live aspect makes the game acceptable, which is why I gave it an extra star, but or people who have played one Halo game, you have played them all and hardcore fans will be left unsatisfied becasue it simply doesnt offer enough that is new.

    I hate to say this but the game for me, was a severe let down and I cannot recommend people who have played other Halo games to buy this one, unless you use XBOX live.

  5.  Assassins creed, could have been sensational


    First of all may I commend what Lumington has said in his review, my respect Lumington and Ninja 1507 for writing a proper review that looks at both sides of the coin.

    Assassins Creed had been playing on my mind for over a year, I pre-ordered it from game and recieved it on the 15th Nov, a day before it was released.

    I was initially dissapointed with the futuristic storyline, so much memory has been wasted there that could have been used to further enhance the medieval experience.

    However, when the future lapsed for a while I became extemely impressed with the fighting system and loved the animation on the running and climbing aspects. The graphics are the best no doubt. I began to forget about the future and believe that this was a great game. The swordplay is unmatched in my opinion by any other game to date (in one on one circumstances) the counter kills, strikes and attacks are revolutionary. The sound track is good and helps to maintain the medieval aura around you. I also like how u can change the view in cut scenes and the chats Altair has with his victims once he has stabbed them in the neck. There are good points to the story line and it holds the inspiration to complete the game. The investigations are at first entertaining and enjoyable, especially the interrogations. Climbing to view points is also a good trait and allows you to see the effort Ubisoft have exerted into the atmosphere and detail factors.

    Unfotunately, it is time to move onto the bad points of the game.

    I will bring up a couple of valid points that Lemington gave, the AI is terrible, guards dont seem to be aware of what is occuring around them and have a habit of jumping off buildings and killing themselves when they fail to find you.

    Onto the negative aspects of the combat, after getting used to the controls and situations the fighting becomes painfully easy, in a real-life situation when you have 10-15 trained soldiers/guards around you, "not a chance" comes to mind. Plus the issue that only one guard at a time attacks throws realism out of the window, and this is a great shame because the combat system had pontential to be the best to date. To say that Altair is hard to kill is an understatement, he is human and when a human has been slashed several times with a sword he is not going to be as he was when the combat commenced.

    Onto the investigations, extremely repetative and potentially irritating, Ubisoft have failed to incorporate variety and this leads to boredom, they become a chure. The futuristic side of the game poses a very negative aspect in my eyes, I think im right in saying that players have no interest in this whatsoever.

    Another point of Lumingtons, the voices, as an Englishman I can also identify an American making a poor attempt at a southern accent. It irritates me that Altair's and others voices are American, in this era an American accent did not exist, however small an issue this may seem it destroys some of the atmosphere.

    A few small points of my own, All guards/soldiers carry swords and swords only, I find this dissapointing, a variety of maces, clubs, axes, ball and chain, shields etc. would have been much more realistic and fun. Altair is ristricted to his weapons which can get repetative. Also in the trailer, I see a small crossbow on Altairs back, where is it?? These points may seem small but have a big effect on the game for me.

    The story line is not complex enough and is too strict. There are no alternative routes or side missions that can be completed after the main quest. Barely any buildings can be entered.

    Overall, a good experience but not a great game, people with a built up expectation will be dissapointed.

  6.  Best Total War game to date


    I have been playing Total War games since Shogun came out years back, each game has improved in graphics, gameply, strategy, one on one fights within melee and Medieval Total War 2 has all of these factors down to a tea. For all hardcore Total War fans this is a must buy. looking at a previous review its true that a alot of bugs do occur some of which I have experienced which has affected my enjoyment of the game but the patches they bring out usually sorts them out. However I still have a problem where I can only host online games and not join them unless it is a 1v1 which is quite frustrating.

    However, overall it is a great game and I recommend fully to people who have never even touched a total war game as the controls and concepts are not hard to grasp. See you on the battlefield :)