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  1.  Best tomb raider.


    To me there is no other tomb raider which matches this. The game play is good the storey is good this game has it all a must for any tomb raider fan,

  2.  Good but...


    Great game but has nothing on mgs1. Bit dissapotined that you dont play snake for that long, but after mgs1 which i consider as the best game ever made it just doesnt cut it for me. Great game and good story but mgs1 is the boy-o

  3.  Out of this world.


    This album has out them up there with the greats its that good. Brillaint from start to finsih and a must for anyone cd collection. Words can not describe how good this album is.

  4.  Awesome


    Theres not many albums you can listen to out there which is brilliant from start to finish without one bad song. Play this over and over and it never gets old. Awesome a must for anyones cd collection.

  5.  Good game but takes no skill.


    First of all this game single player is good. The multi player is shocking its so so easy and takes no skill at all. As soon as game starts just lob grenades anywhere and you will get kills no probs. This game is only good at low lvls when the weapons are crap and its a challenge to kill people. Older versions of cod are better and hopefully cod 5 will bring back the old style.

  6.  Not as good as the hype.


    This game was hyped so much i was expecting so much more. The game revolves around questing and gaining rep. This game is ment to be pvp based and i have to say in the early lvls it lacks this very much. The public quests are a good idea but to get the armour/items you have to do them a few times and there is no skill needed. The end game maybe good but i got bored and unistalled. Maybe i will go back on day when iam bored but for now this game lacks the something thats needed to bring it to the lvl that i was expecting.

  7.  One of the best games ever made?


    Could possibly be. This game is so addactive for what it is, some how you find yourself playing over and over again nite after nite. Game revoles around questing and grinding to lvl up to the highest ranks gaing reputation and gold along the way. This mite sound odd but the game starts at the end and this is when you get the best parts of the game. Raiding is awesome and pvp is also cool. The game does get a bit repetative but for some reason it doesnt get boring. This game is brilliant and i recomend to all.

  8. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09

    PC Games

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     Great game but has it done enough to beat pes?


    I was expecting alot about this game due to the fact there was 250 tweaks so to say. I had read alot about it and being a avid pes fan i dont normally buy fifa, but the reviews were good and the demo was ok so i thought what the hell. FIrst thoughts visually its great running everything on high and it looks brilliant. Controls are easy and the online play is good and if your beating someone and they decided to lose there conection you still get it put down as a win which is nice when your beating someone 5-0 and they have had enough. During reviews they said that the keepers reacted faster and were harder to score past. From what i have played keepers are still slow and when in box just hit it around 3/4 and you should score most of the time. Another thing is that if you put a thru ball over the top 9 out of 10 times your thru on goal and its pretty easy to get alot of chances. Thbe tackling is brilliant depending on peoples height and weight depends on who wins the ball, this makes it harder for your to win the ball if your defoe against terry for example, this is also the same with trying to win headers. Over all this game is good and any fifa fan will love it. I also think pes fans will love it to as i do. BUT has it done enough to beat pes this year? My first imperssions is that its a good game but ill have to wait till pes comes out to decieded...