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  1.  Fab Game - SKILL NEEDED


    Firstly, I would like to point out that this is first and foremost a party game. The single player campaign, though fun is nothing more than a afterthought. It consists of you fighting various 'all stars' in different scenarios, ending in you killing a boss which is essentialy a giant robot head that spawns more 'all stars'.

    Where this game shines is in the multi player action. Anyone who has played smash brothers on the wii, this is a very similar game, in my opinion better as the graphics and moves are better.

    Another review here mentions that it is a button bashing game with no skill required - rubbish. Plenty of skill is required, only someone with no skill would say that when it comes to this game. Each character has 3 different attacks, quick and low, medium and medium, slow and hard. Each attack can be performed in any direction, with differnt effects and outcomes depending where you are facing. Each character also has special moves, tier 1, 2 or 3, which are built up by successful normal hits.

    This game takes about half an hour to get to grips with and master, but when you and a few mates have got to grips with it, easily becomes a game of skill and technique and very enjoyable. Have proberly clocked up about 20 hours in total on this now and it doesn't get boring. Anyone just 'button bashing' will not last long ...

    Pick up a copy and enjoy, on that note though, personaly I paid 20 pounds for it and proberly wouldn't pay much more, it is afterall a party game and not something you would spend a huggge ammount of time on if you where playins solo, the game shines when you are with friends. Treat it like a tekken game, i.e. expect the price to go down quickly but stick at the 20 pounds mark for a year or so. Well worth picking up if you have friends :)

  2.  Avoid


    I cannot stress to you how bad this is. The first was clever. The second advanced on that with a more in depth story that filled in some gaps as well as better gore (if that's your thing). This is just terrible. Follows the story of a bachelor party. About five minutes of gore in all the film and it is tame. A really terrible film. Don't waste your money.

  3.  Blueray


    5 stars for the film, and the blue ray quality is amazing on my 42" toshiba regza, BUT BUT BUT!

    Blue ray just contains the film, no deleted scenes, no commentry, nothing, would have thought they would have put a little more effort in for a film of this scale!

  4.  nice stand


    Is a very nice stand, failry simple to put together, took me about 10 mins with just one screwdriver, looks very nice in the room, glass is nice quality and is a nice hight.

    Will update once i have used for 2 months to tell you how durable it is. Am using with a 42 inch tv

  5.  Fantastic


    This device is fantastic, charges controllers in no time, good to keep your controllers topped up, looks great on any desk, the charging lights are a ncie feature and it is unintrusive. Recommend.

  6.  Forest Gump


    The film is brilliant, very quick delivery through play, however purchse the 2 disk version which is only £3.99 at time of review!

    Amazing film however, Tom Hanks is fantastic!

  7.  Excellent


    I ordered these the other day as I was looking for some cheap speakers for my laptop that wernt powered via the usb. Gotta say, these are much better than I thought they would be! They are quite big, the cube is possibly the size of a football, and the speakers are a good 7 inches tall.

    THe sound quality is amazing from these speakers and they can get bery loud. The cube is just for bass and it wont let you down either. An excellent buy for the money, well worth it.