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  1.  Underrated Classic


    They say that wine gets better with age, and in this case, so does Mean Streets.

    Now if you are like me and love De Niro and you love films that focus more on character development than pointless action, then you will love this film. Now the film itself doesn't really have a big narrative structure (story), its just about the 'gangster' underworld of new York. However, this is one of the very few films that doesn't need a big story, as it has an all star cast, a young Harvey Keitel as Charlie, who everybody tries to look up to, and a young Robert De Niro with one of his best performances as Johnny boy, the guy that you really love to hate.

    As i have said, if you go into this film expecting the classic scorsese storytelling and lots of action, then you will be very disappointed as the film is more character driven.

    My advice is to just go and watch this film, as for me it is an underrated classic. If you dont like it the first time, then watch it again as it may take more than one viewing to appreciate how good it is.

  2.  Good, but no classic!


    The more i watch The Departed, the more i like it. It is one of them films that you have to watch more than once to take everything in (my favorite type of film), so you definitely get your moneys worth.

    Now i wont lie, The Departed is a GOOD film, but it is not a Classic Scorsese film such as Mean Streets or Goodfellas, and nowhere near as ground breaking as Taxi Driver or Raging bull, but then again its not trying to be. There isn't really anything wrong with the film, its just lacking something from all the great scorsese classics.

    The cast is spot on, and even though i really cant stand DiCaprio normally, he did a good job in this film, but i sometimes think he is trying too hard to be like DeNiro. Matt Damon is excellent, he is just as good as the legendary Jack Nicholson.

    Now i am not going to tell you that you will find this film is the best, because its not, however it is a very entertaining and interesting film, so give it a go and watch this film! As i have said before, you really do get your moneys worth.

    I give it a strong 4 out of 5

  3.  Casino Royale is the real deal!


    Now before I start this review I just want to say that I am a massive James bond fan, and I have been since I was a small boy. I have always loved the action, the gadgets, the guns, the girls and the main man himself........ James Bond.

    To me Brosnan was my favourite Bond along with good ol'Connery, so I was very sad to hear that Brosnan was not returning for Bond 21, in fact I was not pleased with who they chose to replace him, that being Daniel Craig but boy was I wrong!

    Now a lot of people do not like this film simply for the reason that they believe it's not a 'real' James bond film, but I beg to differ............

    It's actually the closest thing to a real bond film if you ask me. If you read the book it's based on (wrote by the man who created bond) then you will see just how good of a film it really is!

    So what, it doesn't have over the top gadgets or over the top explosions, it doesn't have a stupid plot and bond isn't portrayed as invincible for once, if you want all that then go and see Die Another Day)

    - If you want a film that has a smart plot, interesting characters and a human bond that can actually receive as much punches as he gives out then this is one of the best and realistic bond films to date

    - The plot is probably one of the best plots in a bond film, it is realistic and it really does make you think. The film doesn't dumb the story down for people which I think shows respect to the audience.

    - The film takes you to some wonderful and beautiful locations that are just full of life and colour; it really does make you want to be there.

    - Also a lot of people think that the action is too far apart, which to me isn't true. It has a nice mix of action and drama that work well and move the film along nicely. But what a lot of people don't actually know is that Casino Royale is supposed to be more of a thriller than an action film, and I think it succeeded that. If you want an all out action film then go watch Crank or something

    - Even though I really love the cool gadgets, this film doesn't need them, it really is that good

    I give it a solid 9/10 and I am now looking forward very much to Bond 22.

    Thanks for reading; I hope I helped some of you

  4.  Live free or.....Watch Die Hard 4.0


    My review for Die Hard 4.0

    When I heard that they were making a new Die hard film I was both excited and doubtful, I feared that it might be just another poor attempt at a stupid Hollywood sequel. I thought that it might be a bad idea to dig up the Die Hard series, but I was wrong. I thought the film started off really well and that it gave you a real feel of John McClane being the lonely old man that he has now become, poor old Johnny. Already from the very start of the film you can see that it's done in a different style to all the other Die hard films, it just had a different feel to it, but that's not a bad thing.

    Now the film has some brilliant action scenes, like the scene in the tunnel, and most of the acting is very good, the actors make you feel for the characters, and surprise surprise the hacker who helps john wasn't annoying. I thought that the main villain was one of those guys that you just loved the hate, played very well by the new agent 47, Mr Timothy Olyphant

    The plot was good and very interesting, and kept you at the edge of your seat. The film is just one big thrill ride.

    The thing that let the whole film down for me was the ending, some of the parts towards the end felt too unrealistic and over the top (like John McClane riding a Jet). Also, I thought the climax of the film was a bit boring compared to the other films, like the way the bad guy was killed off.

    I can see what some people mean when they say it's got too much Hollywood in it, and that it doesn't feel like a Die Hard movie, which it doesn't in some parts.

    But still, it is a very good and enjoyable film none the less and a film that I shall be watching again, but compared to the first 3, especially Die Hard 1, I feel that it's not really in the same league as them

    So, my official score is a cool 7/10

    Thanks for reading. I hope that this review helped some of you.

  5.  I'ss all about the money!


    Well, what can i say? I have always been a big fan of the Hitman games ever since the first one came out all those years ago, and to tell the truth, the series is still going strong.

    In my opinion i believe that this is the best Hitman game out of all 4 due to the really interesting story and the wonderful levels.

    Now i wont tell you about the plot as i will let you find out what happens and what unfolds throughout. What i will tell you about is some of the reasons as to why (I think) you should buy this game

    - If you have never even played a Hitman game before it doesn't matter as this game, just like the others, will get you addicted from the start with its amazing gameplay, beautifully done levels and amazing characters

    - There is never only one way to do a level or a kill as each level is packed with many different ways in which to do things, from being silent but deadly to going in guns all blazing like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    - Fantastic level designs, there are some beautiful locations that you get to visit, from a French opera house to a winter snow lodge

    There are many other things i could tell you about, but where is the fun in that? You should just play the game yourself. To be honest I have had Hitman Blood Money since it came out and i still play it now. This is a must buy it truly is, you won't regret.

  6.  The good old days.....


    Whats this that i read? £5 for TWO great games that I belive to be part of one fantastic series of strategy/Adventure games? I can honestly say that its a bargain!

    To me, the Broken Sword series has been one of my favorite series of strategy/Adventure games, and out of all 4 of the games i think that the first 2 (the ones for sale here) are the best out of them all

    Back in the good old days of 2D graphics. To me i think the series should of stayed 2D as i think it looks more perfect.

    - Both games are full of beautiful and colourful levels and everything is always so detailed. To put it simply, both games are a visual treat.

    - The music in both games is fantastic and certainly sets the mood of the levels/stages that there are.

    -Both games have fantastic stories that will keep you gripped until the very end.

    - Another great thing about both these games is that fact that they are both full of interesting challenges and puzzles that will make you really think and may keep you up at night thinking about them.

    This package is a must buy! I got these games when they first came out all those years ago and yet i still play them both.

    Both these games show you what adventure games should be.