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  1.  Quality


    me and my wife laughed at this because so many things reminded us of our own family and the funny things that can happen with kids...great stuff and a refreshing change from the comedy drivel thats on tv at the moment............

  2.  Loving it


    Played the game over a week or so now and im loving it.Its no way as scary as number 4 but in some ways that makes it orginal.great bosses good locations and overall a really good game.If ive got one gripe your partner sometimes dosent cover ya aswell as she could and often gets in your way,shes also nipping in and takin all the spare ammo scattered around.This dosent hinder you because you can request any items from your partner,its just bloody annoying.you will find yourself in parts of the game shouting shoot for gods sake women at the screen.when your partner is trying to cover you..lol.All in all a different sort of res evil but in a good way i def recommend....

  3.  Coooool


    Bought this a few weeks ago and couldnt be happier.wanted a small tv for bedroom to play my 360 on plus watch my dvds when the wifes watching soaps..lol,cant fault it the picture is fantastic.If ya want a cute little tv for ya kitchen or bedroom ya gotta get this its top notch....

  4.  A fantastic read


    Im not a big reader but always liked neil warnock when he managed my team sheffield utd,so i thought i would give this book a go.Great from start to finish,from his early childhood to his footballing days then into managment.I think people who dont like him would realize what a tough life he had after reading the book and maybe form a different opinion of him.Some sad things in the book and also some really funny footballing stories.All i know is football will be a sad place when neil warnock finally retires,hes a character and football needs people like him.........

  5.  Suprised...


    Didnt know what to expect from this but i have to say its not bad at all.My 2 faves are archery and curling which are fun.Found snowboarding a laugh and fun against computer.Only bad event was prob footy its nearly impossible to score,ive got 1 goal in about 10 games.Give it a whirl and have a blast with mates it wont dissapoint

  6.  Class


    Vulgar,sad,funny,crazy,sick and a whole lot more.watched 1 episode on ch4 and thought id give it a go,pure class and very funny.set to be a cult classic bring on series 2 i cant wait.

  7.  The first and best


    The black crowes 1st album and to me their best.Saw them twice on tour to promote this album,all i can say is they are brilliant live and a top band.Not a bad track on the album,my fave is jealous again but they are all winners,buy this album it wont dissapoint trust me.

  8.  Just great


    Bought this the other day had 5 mins on tutorial and im finding the game great.alot better than wii sports golf you can stop the power bar on the distance you want .I have only played a couple of rounds but to me its a fun addictive simple golf game,what more do ya want.i can only think it will get better as you open more courses and more players,give it a go i did and im very hppy with it....

  9.  i agree with quicksilver confused ya will be


    watched this the other day and i must say its a little confusing to say the least.The story jumps all over the shop and is a bit too weird for my liking.the different actors who play dylan in various stages of his life do a good job and the music is just great.It maybe should have just been a potrail of the man and his music instead of a sureal mindbending arty flick

  10.  A underated classic


    Got recommended this by a good friend all i can say is wow.fantastic story great acting and some good humour.This should be up there with goodfellows the godfather and other gangster related films.william defoe is just superb as the camp copper some of his lines are so funny.I urge anyone to watch this gem and i doubt you will be dissapointed i give it a big thumbs up