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  1.  Looks awesome but no step by step tutorial, so rubbish


    My tiotle says it all as just wrote another review where i mentioned this game and thought i would do a review here.

    I bought this as it looks so totally awesome .... Went to play it and after about 5 mins in i am stood in the town wandering around without a clue what to do or where to go............. There is no step by step tutorial as you play and for someone like me who need that it meant that i was unable to play the game any further.

    No idea why game creators cannot add in an option for a tutorial for those of us who need it.

    Games i love to play are oblivion, dark kingdom, dragon age, dragons dogma ... To give you an idea of my background. All these have tutorials :-)

    Anyway i sold my game that same week :-(

  2.  If you loved Oblivion you will like this for sure :-)


    As reviews are not always helpful to me as they do not say about the basic play, which people like me want to know.

    From the moment you put the game on you get step by step help and for me thats essential as not long ago i bought white knight chronicles and it has no step by step tutorial and so was a waste of my money as i am unable to play it. This explains as all games should when something new is found or come accross and what you should do, so keep a pad and pen handy as i forget lol

    Also i have zero control of direction etc when i am fighting so i want to be able to frantically press the attack button and have a good chance of killing and with this you do and the other members of your group help. So this is a good game for people like me who do not have the memory and dexterity to press certain buttons in order lol

    Huge choice of characters to pick and you can choose a friend to accompany you through out the game also so can be a fighter but have your second as a mage or archer type so cover your bases. You also can choose a further 2 characters to join your group and these final 2 can be changed throught the game. So makes for a very varied and ever changing game.

    The only thing this game does not have is a wait option so you can tell your group members to say wait here so you can solo some things like a set mission or just to collect treasure so you can collect it all and not have them all clambering for it also lol.

    There is no travel , so if your at one end of the map you have to walk to the other end lol there are very rare items that you can use to fast travel but they are rare and prescious. So you tend to go through the same places over and over again with the same enemies.

    The graphics are good and there is days and days of playability with this game. Oblivion will always be my fave and i have been playing that for years and loving it. But this is playable and good and will give me something to alternate with.

    Quests are logical and so are do able, not ;ike some games where if you can't work it out then tough you don't progress.

    It is a great game for just losing yourself in for an evening and into the early hours and then at 6am thinking oh heck i better go to bed hee hee.

    It is in a similar guise to oblivion but that it the best of games so will never ever be beaten, but this is enjoyable and fun and i like it and can't put it down lol

    So enjoy :-)

  3.  Great listening as per usual :-) love it :-)


    OK I read the reveiews before buying this just for interest as no matter what they said I planned on buying it as I do every single one they bring out.

    Got it today and have burned a coopy for the car and have it playing in my kitchen right now :-)

    CD 1 absolutely fab only 2 songs I personally think are rubbish thats number 11 and 16. So only 2 on a whole cd is great. Listening to CD number 2 and only one song so far and up to number 9 at the moment but the second cd is always a little different any way.

    For those of you like me who listen/watch channel 383 Clubland TV most of the time you will love that this CD has Cascada's Pyromania as I love that song and her music along with many others.

    Buy this album it is no better and no worse then any of their others it is the same and if like me you love them then you will love this.

  4.  Good all round read


    Just finished reading this. It is in the normal style of Danielle \Steel which I find very easy and light reading even about emotive subjects.

    Basically the book is about how your world can be totally 100% devastated in a moment and how as a family you pull together and move on with life as best you can.

    This book portrays a loving and supportive family which I am very lucky to have even though it is only me, Mum and Dad and I know how lucky I am. But for those that do not have this it is hopefully something to aim towards and after reading will hopefully make some swallow their pride and pick up the phone to say hello, how are you and it has been too long.

    My only criticism is that the ending seemed very rushed and over and done with abit too quicky for my liking but it ws still complete.

    The saying life is too short really hits home in this book.

  5.  Untold Legends : Dark Kingdom Really Superb


    Saw this for sale and not being a gamer as such bar from solitaire, free cell and the likes of them have always struggled with things like Sonic the Hedgehog although my mates 6 year flies through it - cry cry sniff sniff.

    Always liked the look of the fantasy games so other half got a PS3 so I bought this with his card - thanks darling ;-)

    I opted for being the Wizard and am currently on level 14 at the moment on the really basic level.

    PERFECT for the likes of me who is rubbish at controlling the direction of my character. The fight scenes are fine and simple and I did well just by pressing the buttons furiously. Got mega stuck at one point but between other half and me in a team working brain storming I got passed it although it took me about 3 hours until other half helped me out with ideas but I did it on my own :-)

    Lots of magic spells and movements and puzzles to work out. And after the initial feeling quite motion sick from getting to grips with the angle shots and feeling more inexperienced with gaming than most 3 year olds.

    This to me is like the Mills and Boon of the gaming world which for me is totally what I wanted something which requires abit of thought little skill and total playability.

    Why can't there be more games like this that are purely playable and not too hard.

  6.  Dinotopia - 4 Discs Set


    Saw this when it was on Sky One and loved it but missed a few of them due to work commitments.

    Saw this DVD and got it.

    Watched it and well lets put it this way you know when you walk into and start watching a series several episodes in then finish watching it at a cliff hanging point and never see the next season well that is precicely what this box set delivers.

    I was well confused as expected the story to start at episode one and end on the very final episode nope nothing like it.

    I really am gutted as I feel there should be a box set prior to this set and also following.

    But still enjoyed it.

  7.  Typical Family


    Really was unsure whether I would like this but watched it with my Mum and we both thought it was funny.

    It was just like a normal family with siblings of differing ages all remembering the same things with a different view as a 2yr old will have differing memories to a 12 yr old.

    But at the end of the day although our families drive us nuts, we love them and protect them and are always there for them and have both happy and sad memories to treasure for ever.

    Really enjoyable, so typically english in the sense we tend to wait for death or marriage to see family.

    My other half read the back and said that looks good - so I guess it appeals to all of us and not just the girly film I first thought.

    Plus there are some really funny bits that many of us can really relate to if we have lost a loved one, so ironic at times.


  8.  Loved it


    As an adult who openly admits to loving all Disney and the likes - very few of us don't :-)

    It is basically about the bonds of friendship and how important and special they are.

    Great story, good characters, the girls and I really enjoyed it and they borrowed it for their kids who enjoyed it also.

    It is also an enjoyable way of having a look at history too.

    Enjoy as this is one of those films that adults and kids will both enjoy equally.

    My friends little girl always watches it with her two my little pony toys which are similar colours and everyone just loves Rain :-)