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  1.  All For One are a great company, buy with confidence.


    After having owned the previous version of the Kameleon, which is still working perfectly after nearly 6 years I can vouch for the quality of all for oen products.

    The best thing about all for one is their customer support is superb via email. If you have any difficulty setting up your remote they will be able to help.

    Also, the remote is completely future proof because you can upgrade the program sets via internet through a sound file. You just play the sound and put the remote near the speaker. I have done this twice to use codes for new devices made after the remote came out and it worked perfectly.

  2.  Good headphones, great for noisy enviroments, not perfect.


    Travelling on the bus and walking around busy roads meant that I often had to put up with a lot of background noise, and the in ear 'phones that came with my creative zen, although having good sound quality, didn't block out any noise. Some may argue that this is a good thing on safety grounds but I after seeing these I thought I would give them a try to improve my listening experience.

    First impressions on listening at home were that the sound quality was ok. Similar to the standard creative zen 'phones, good but nothing special. However, I didn't buy these to listen at home.

    When you get into a noisy enviroment these really come into their own. They isolate outside noise well, and keep the music inside your head. They are also very comfortable indeed.

    One major criticism I have is the volume control. When left at full it seems ok but using the volume control to lower the volume puts the left and right channels out of balance. Meaning that one ear becomes louder than the other. Basically a cheap crap volume control. However, leaving this at full volume should be ok. I do worry that they will go out of balance as some other reviewers have commented.

    All in all if you want something for noisy enviroments and can't wear full cup headphones, these are about as good as it gets for the price.