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  1.  Please Dont waste your money..


    I researched alot thinking it would be good. But the reviews are contray to what I expected.
    It is a basic 'projector'
    I thought the nebula would be in your face kind of like a hologram but please do not spend 95 - 100 pounds on this. It is worth 20 pounds max. It is distnictly average. I dont always write reviews and i love gadgets but please i stress don't buy this . I have an iphone and a star app is one hundred times more interesting and visual than this projector. And alot cheaper.
    It does light up the room with hundreds of green dots but it is cheap looking/ loud / waste of money.


  2. Bruno



    21 New from  £3.49  Free delivery

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    Better than borat (but why are ppl comparing) They are different characters. This one is very rude , hits about every taboo you can think of ranging from a rauncy swingers party to his own celebrity television show. Full of laughs . And no doubt on blu ray it'll be brillant 4 stars!

  3.  Amazing


    Every song is honestly a tune...!!!!

    From Right Now all the way through... no need to skip any songs, very dancy songs with a great beat...

    5 stars easily

  4.  very different to the first


    Ok I have received a promo of this.

    The first album in my opionion was chirpy, catchy and very different to anyone I've heard. I didn't know what to expect but these songs are very different they seem to have songs that have clever meaning. I COULD BUILD A TOWER- starts from a news clip of the verginia shooting ! then talks about extremesits and the wars in the world. And how we just stand still.

    Amazingly he does this throughout the album, without creating a dull or boring song.

    It is growing on me definitely ...

    FIND TIME is catchy and probaly one of the best on the album, postcards of cataluyna sounds very similar to his sound in the first album which is great and is also one of the best on the album (just him and his acoustic.)

    Waiting for the monster to drown - is quick, has a very computerised sound to it...

    Album plays for 46 minutes and I have listened to every song at least twice without getting bored at all. Its worth a purchase & I might Have to Get Tickets Now !!!!

  5.  Super


    I have to agree with the other review.
    The controls are awesome. Most notably the sniper allowing you to zoom in and out with a twist of the wrist. Palying online is awesome not laggy at all, even when creating your own game. graphics great, arcade mode is fun. many hours of fun.

  6.  Wow- Absouletely amazing !!!


    Throughout the album there is a mix of catchy powerful, pop !!! Irwins voice is great with the instrumental genius they all possess.
    every song gets you off your seat, I mean i've had this for like three hours and i haven't stopped it yet.
    The 3 songs released are amazing and there will be no doubt some more will be released.

    COPS AND ROBBERS is quick , fun and catchy , RUN RABBIT RUN is slooow and puts images of funnily enough a rabbit running lol, A SADNESS RUNS THROUGH HIM is super, high pitched perfection. And all the rest are a surprise soooooooo

    you have buy it ... :D