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  1.  Professor Kageyama's Maths Training


    EXCELLENT!! Now my maths are exceptionally good, and anyone who says this game is too easy are only playing the first 3/4 stages. I defy anyone who can reach stage 5 onwards and say that the maths are not hard enough. It's all basic maths, Adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. BUT, play against the clock and you can make the silliest of mistakes...

    A truly great mind boggling puzzle :-)

  2.  Countdown: The Game


    Original music from the show including the self same clock. This is a BRILLIANT game which is so good I have found it hard to put it down for three days - and it isn't even mine! Bought the game from Play.com for a measly 14.99 - excellent value, best price currently around. In fact, because of this game alone, I am going to buy myself a DS console and this game for myself.
    The owner does have a few other games which too are excellent. A simply 'must have' addition to your games collection.

  3.  F1 2009 Formula 1


    A great racing game. Good graphics and sound. Good fun for all the family especially if you switch the damage control to on. The the car is very lifelike.

    However it should be noted that I am a driving fanatic so I would like it. Not quite 5 star, needs a few tweaks to improve it, but no doubt I will 'drive' the wife mad with this game. (Did you like the pun? lol)

  4.  YEAH!!!


    At last! I've finally found the greatest racing game since the last one! No really, this is BRILLIANT. The graphice are very good and the tracks are good too. Snow, ice, dirt roads you've got 'em all.

    Highly recommended

  5.  The Simpsons Movie


    One of the best things that I can think of to sum up this film is that it felt like I was watching it in the usual half hour slot. No sooner had it started than it was over, but in a good way, at least that's how it felt. Let me explain.

    Many many movies are adapted from TV, and mostly they fail to live up to expectation. They usually look like a normal 30 minute episode which has been padded out simply because they run out of ideas. Well not this show guys! This film certainly doesn't run out of steam. I laughed and laughed and almost cried with laughter as Homer and Bart sat on the roof of their house while Homer was attempting to nail in a slate. Taking great care with the hammer he slowly moves the hammer up and down, in readiness to hit the nail. Then, with a big swing he brings up the hammer.... and stabs himself in the eye!! Brilliantly funny, and certainly hit the nail on the head with me. Homer and the pig is just soooo silly... if you don't laugh then you'd better ask Santa for a 'laughing module' to be inserted into your brain next Christmas.

    Perhaps a few people were expecting too much? But me, I loved it, and everyone I know loved it too. I watched it at the cinema and have the movie for Christmas, though I have watched it 3 times already.