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  1. Eragon


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £47.01  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.99

     a great game! probably aimed at younger people


    /i was tempted into buying this game because of the cheap second hand price, and i'm really glad i did, I have had lots of fun with it! OK its not the best game I've ever played on but the graphics are good and the game is action packed and fun to play. I like it lot more than Oblivion (the closest game i can really think to compare it to) i found that far too drawn out and didn't like it at all.

    I would recommend this game to the younger gamers out there, my little brother loves it, I find it difficult to get on it now after introducing him to it.

    For a cheap second hand game i would definitely recommend it.

  2.  Great game for basket ball fans


    I am a big fan of basketball and i found this game very entertaining. The difficultly scale allows enough scope for people of all abilities, the graphics are good, and the season play is great fun! if you can pick this up cheaply second hand it's well worth it!

  3.  there's no motor-cross game that comes close


    OK so we'll start with the negative, the controls do take a bit of getting used to.
    Right thats the end of the negatives! this game is brilliant, the graphics are fantastic and it is so much fun to play, both singleplayer and multiplayer.

  4.  I am really enjoying this game!


    the first this that has to be mentioned about this game is the easy gamescore. If you put the match length up to full and the difficulty right down u can acheive all 1000G (from onli 5 acheivements) in 1 match!!
    But that aside, I still find this game enjoyable to play, if your a basketball fan looking for a cheap game you cant go wrong with this one!

  5.  why does nobody like this game?


    this game is awesome. I have completed it several times over. Bearing in mind it was one of the 1st 360 games to come out the graphics are insane, and the gameplay is great too. Will never get bored of playing it, and 4 a 5er!! how could you not?

  6.  I still love this series


    I love the def jam series and for me this one didnt let me down, the graphics are top notch, and the fighting is brilliant, if you want a game where you can just beat people sensless this is the one for you!!

  7.  Worth it for the money!


    I have read most of the reveiws posted and there isnt really much more to add really, it is a good snooker game and if you enjoy snooker I would highly recommend it. As everyone else has said, the commentary is the biggest flaw, another one is that you always seemto meet the same players in the tournaments, I must have played mark selby in the semis, and ronnie in the final, of 90% of the tournaments I've played!

    Apart from that it is a good game and i would recommend it

  8.  I love this game


    ill be honest, i've never been a big need for speed fan, but i bought this game, mainly because of the low price tagged, and i loved it! The career mode is so vast it takes ages to complete, which in my opinion is a good thing, no-one likes a game you can complete in a week! the car customisation is great, you can start out with a box standard focus or golf, for example, upgrade it, give it a paint job and you end up with something special. Top game, definatly recommended!



    I think this game is brill! There is definately no better game out there to play multiplayer! So get all your friends round and rock out! I love this game!

    If i were to admit that it had any weakpoints it would have to be the setlist, while there are some fantastic titles, both old classics and new epics, i do feel that some of the songs shouldnt have made it onto a fantastic game like this.

    Other than that it is truely amazing and i recommend that you all buy it!

  10.  brilliant game


    I've had loads of fun playing this game, the weapons and gadgets are great! I think we may have found the new lara croft ;)