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    Prometheus is one of the best recent sci-fi films around. I extreamly enjoyed it, and for those who didnt, they obviously was expecting it to be like the previous alien films. I knew it wasn't going to be like the original alien, its more of an origins story. I am looking forward to watching it again on blu ray, and especially in 3D. Also, the steelbook looks great.

  2.  Prometheus has landed


    Prometheus is one of the best recent sci-fi films around. For those who didn't enjoy it, they obviously was expecting it to be like the other alien films. I knew that it was going to be different, its the origin story. You cannot make everyone happy i supose, but i extreamly enjoyed Prometheus and cannot wait for the blu ray steelbook to arrive!!!!! and to see it in 3d.

  3.  Modern Warfare 2


    Modern Warfare 2 is an amazing sequel. It has impressive visuals and great action set moments, addictive special Ops mode, Excellent multiplayer and a great campaign. The campaign might be short but the multiplayer is the reason you should buy this game. Infinaty Ward does it again, OUTSTAINDING 10/10!

  4.  Batman Arkham Asylum Review


    I dont know where to start about this game. Everything about it is brilliant. With a great storyline, Outstanding graphics, voice acting and gameplay this game is one of the biggest and best games you will play this year.

    10/10 Incredible!

  5.  Call Of Juarez 2


    This is a brilliant sequal to the last game with new improvements and graphics. The game story mode is a bit short but is made up with replay value and a good multiplayer. If you like western games then this you carnt miss... 9/10

  6.  Revenge Is Coming!


    I went to see this at the cinema at night and it was amazing. I loved the first Transformers movie and was looking forward to this. Its bigger, louder, move exciting, more funny. Its a film you can defentaly watch again and again. Brilliant!!!!!!!

  7.  One of the best WW2 movies of all time!


    A very good film and is proberbly daniel craig's best movie yet, after watching quantum of solace and was let down i wanted to see this movie with him in and it is just brilliant. A must buy ****

  8.  Im the best of what i do.. and what i do is very good.


    X-men origins wolvorine is proberbly the besy wolvorine game you will ever play. At first you think this is going to be a rushed out movie game , but think again!. Raven software have done a very good job on this and it realy makes you feel like wolvorine. I can say this game is very impressive. Brilliant graphics , lots of blood, and combo moves. Great boss fights and animation. Its a must have for any X-men fan.

    Gameplay 8/10

  9.  Be scared, very scared!!!!!!



    Fear was a great first person shooter and fear 2 is even bigger and better. It is even more scary. This has to be the scariest xbox 360 game yet.! 10/10

  10.  Kane & Lynch Dead Men


    I completed this game and enjoyed playing it . It does have some some problems with the controls and cover system and the graphics arnt anything wow, but what keeps you playing this game is the story which grips you in more and more. Thats why i think this isnt a bad game as what some people think. Also the multiplayer is very fun when you can decied to shar emoney or kill everyone and steal it. If your looking for a game with a decent story then this is the game for you. 4/5