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  1.  Don't Bother


    If you have played and loved other COD games - give this a miss. The MP mode is a little smoother to play and has some new features but the same old problems are still there. Hit detection - poor; lag - very poor etc etc.
    I am fed up with walking around a corner - hearing one shot at the same time as dying only to see on the kill cam that the opponent had time to take aim and fire off several shots - all while I was doing nothing! And how can I be aiming at a stationary "baddie" and unloading a clip directly into him/her and find that only one every several shots registers as a hit. There is no excuse for this. I have superfast fibre optic broadband with good connection (speed of 32meg).
    I was really hoping this game would be better than previous ones but it simply ISN'T.

  2.  Not good enough


    I had high hopes for this title. After the mixed reviews of Black Ops, I would have thought the makers would have wanted to do all they can to avoid the on-line problems (lag, glitches, hit detection etc), but they don't seem to have improved anything. It's still early I know, and in time the servers might improve with some tweaking, but at the moment, getting into a lobby is not always easy. It keeps saying "server timed out". There's nothing wrong with my internet connection either. When you do get a game started, the lag is AWFUL. I'd be interested to see how the xbox 360 version gets reviewed.
    The game itself though is brilliant. There are lots of new features to get to grips with and the Spec Ops section maes a welcome return.
    Overall - at this stage I'd have to say ...should have been better

  3.  Awesome


    I researched long and hard before deciding on this amp. At the price i feel it can't be beaten. I have a 5.1 mission speaker set up including active subwoofer. The difference between my old system (denon 1507) and this is outstanding. The dialogue is more detailed and clearer, the bass is cleaner and has more attack, and the overall soundstage is much more clearly defined.
    I run a ps3, sky hd and sony dvd recorder through hdmi and wii via component. The picture is even better, but this may more to do with upgrading the hdmi cables.
    Overall, i would strongly recommend this amp, its awesome!!