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  1.  Amazing!


    Such a brilliant album! The only album I have ever bought where I like every song on the album! Such an amazing talent! This album isn't repetative and boring. Bruno collaborates with other artists to make his album more interesting! A fantastic buy!

  2.  A real feel good movie


    This film is not high school musical in nature , instead it is a lot more grown up. A clever teen family film with a lovely moral. This is basically about a man having a midlife crisis and wants to go back to being 17 again. And...what do you know..it actually happens! And walla , Matthew Perry turns into the very youthful good looking Zac Efron. My boyfriend watched this film and thought Zac Efron was good in this movie. He plays the 'dad trapped in a young boys body' role very well with great comic timing. There are some positively cringeworthy funny scenes i.e when hes daughter comes on to him and it really is just a great, watchable, funny film. This is teen comedy at its best and a good feel good movie about not taking the ones you love for granted! If your teenage friends or daughters in particular have not seen this film..a must have for xmas!

  3.  Clever and slick but could have been done better!


    This is one clever Quentin Tarintino-esque film where a group of people are all connected by a chain of events that lead them to disasterous results at 11.14 pm! The story lines are clever and there is a huge black comedy element to this film that reminds me of pulp fiction -as there are violent scenes that are often quite guiltily amusing e.g when a boy is looking for his friends lost genitalia!
    This film overall is fast, dark and amusing with clever ironic twists which link the characters together. Be prepared to keep an eye out for detail as ul be expected to readily make these links later! The only problem with this film was all the film did was show you a relationship between the characters up to 11.14 but does not go on to reveal any consequences of the characters doings and thus leaves you a bit high and dry. If this was incorporated into the film i would have given this a huge 5 out of 5.
    Needs some work but well worth a watch!

  4.  Back to the original saw we know and love


    Should I carry on watching out the Saw saga? if u watched and have been dissapointed by 3 and 4 then atleast this saw 5 will not dissapoint u as much!! I loved saw 1 and 2. The clever killings outdone slashers like scream because of the exciting 'task' that the victims were to complete. Saw 1 and 2 had a gripping storyline that gave the film such kudos -something 3 and 4 lacked and lacked a lot of! They seemed to be competing on the horror scale with hostel to get the goriest scene possible and neglected the storyline we all loved from the first two films and the whole "guessing nature" of the film. Saw 5 is back to its 1 and 2 best thankfully! The main storyline with the investigators is real confusing unless u quickly wiki up wat happened in 1, 2, 3 and 4 to help u get to grips with this storyline. I was like oh yeah whos a baddy again? This film refers to things that happened in the other saw films so you will need to have seen the other films or atleast look up wat happened. I loved the mini game nature in this film that is in all the saw films but done at its best in saw 2 and now in 5. There are strangers in a room all chained up to the wall and they know their is a connection but need to work out what the connection is...during every 'task' the strangers have a lot to think about in a real short time...i liked thinking about what i would do in that situation and it was a really good portrayal of humanity when faced with life and death -which provided a more thoughtful account then the really slashy gashy focused 3 and 4. Saw will never be the best film ever made what with the low budget actors and poor acting but because of its thought provoking, gripping nature and great twists it is certainly now one of my favourite slasher films!

  5.  A moving, thoughtful film -'the naive child perspective'


    This film focuses on the naive child's perspective in the holocaust. This film is about a german boy Bruno who develops a friendship with a jewish boy schmuel through the barrier of a concentration camp fence. When i was looking at reviews of this film I was looking to check it wasn't too disturbing, and i would like to now add after watching it that it is not. The film reveals just enough so that you can feel sympathy for Bruno and his mother and the jewish prisoners without it being too disturbing to watch. This film does NOT focus on the atrocities of the holocaust....it focuses on the friendship between the two children and most of all the loneliness of a bored german boy and how his family were affected by the war and the holocaust. The film is a slow paced film which may not appeal to the action lovers. I loved the slow, thoughtful paced nature of the film. The downside of the film is that smhuel is hard to warm to despite the fact the protagonist Bruno is so taken to him. I think this is largerly due to the actor. The actor who plays the main character Bruno is outstanding. -a starr in the making. Bruno makes the film -through identifying with Bruno and caring about this boy it makes the film so much more appealing. The ending is superb and really makes you think. If you are thinking of buying this for your children i would say don't buy for the under 10s because of some of the scenes (although it is more how your perceive the scene rather than what is shown that is shocking) However, If your child is studying world war 2 in year 5 or 6 then i think this would be a fantastic dvd for them to watch -the film encompasses the 'naive child stuck in this cruel world' perspective that year 5 and 6 children can relate to. Fantastic film!

  6.  Worth a Watch


    If you want to watch a light hearted rom com with a difference then this is perfectly what i would call a 'watchable' film. This film is about a guy (Tank) who is paid by dumped guys to take their ex girlfriends on the worst dates ever so that inevitably the ex girlfriends rekindle their relationships with their ex boyfriends after realising maybe they wasn't so bad. Tank''s (Dane Cook) best friend, 'mister very very very nice' (jason biggs) is in love with Alexis (Kate Hudson) and asks Tank to take her out on an atrocious date. When Alexis turns up drunk on the date and is not phased by Tank's dating techniques Tank realises he might have met his match. The way Tank acts on dates is just soooo bad you laugh in places and cringe in places. Most of the comedy is based on funny one liners. This is a funny film but only laugh out loud funny in places. I like the fact it was different -no cushy romantic swooning heroes in this film! One thing i disliked about it is i personally found it hard to work out who i liked in the film, who the nice person was, who should win the girl...basically the film's characters lacked the likeability factor. But this is a good rom com that actually appeals more to men than women! Probably one of the only rom coms a couple can watch down together and enjoy :)
    Funny and watchable, but forgetable.

  7.  Battle scene dissappoints me but highly addictive.


    I love this game and it is definately one of the best ds games out there so all the good things i can say about this game have been said before. I was addicted just like everyone else. However, there have been sooooo many evolved pokemons -pokemon blue, pokemon yellow, pokemon emerald, pokemon diamond etc etc etc, that i cant understand why the makers have not changed such a simple element that drives me nuts and disappoints me everytime i play a 'revised' version of this game. The battle scene is static. In battle the pokemons are just images which flash a tad accompanied by awful simplistic sound effects. Why can we still not see the pokemon actually performing the moves and watching the effect on the other pokemon? They have managed that in dinosaur king which just makes the whole battle scene much more interesting and thrilling. I don't get why why why when technology has advanced why the makers of these pokemon chain games will not tackle this. To be honest, its just laziness and taking advantage. Pokemon will never get 5 stars from me until it can tackle this, and from the looks of things pokemon platinum has not changed the simplistic battle scenes that have not been revised since the very first game. I don't doubt the huge attractiveness and addictiveness of this game and the wide variety of pokemon, mini games etc but the battle scene issue really is an issue to me. Also to add...i gave up on this game when i had to find some pink thing and everytime i managed to somehow get near it it ran away again! Which got me hugely frustrated. So if anyone knows what im talking about and can tell me how to get out of that dilemma then maybe i will pick up the game again.
    In all an addictive and fun game , attractive to children, teenagers and young adults alike ! X

  8.  an all time favourite childhood film classic


    This film is such an amazing film with a nice moral. I watched it obsessively pre-adolescence up until i was seventeen. With Harry Potter out now this old time film and its special effects may not be as spell binding for children as it was for me when i was younger but it is still a gripping story for children and you really warm to the characters.

  9.  This is soooo bad it is funny


    I watched this film in the cinema with my girlfriends and naturally being a wimp when it comes to horror movies i initially thought id be hiding behind my hands most of the way thru the film. This film is SOOOO BAD. its soooo bad it is funny. i didnt put my head behind my hands at all. instead i quite enjoyed the film (hence the two stars) due to how bad it was it was laughable. my favourite line "SHE FLEW AWAY!" i cracked up at that bit. if u like mocking films then watch it for a laugh AT the film. If you would prefer a real good horror thrill do not come anywhere near this film. Its nowhere near as suspenseful as the first film...and im not even going to compare the acting of this film to the first cos there is not comparison. The actors of the first one film by outfar succeed the actors in this film. There is nothing jeepers creepers about this film

  10.  This will definately keep the girls occupied!


    This is such a nice feel good cd for all children and teens and for adults who love musicals and still have that child in them. Since watching the film i have not stopped singing these songs. Disney has got all contemporary and this is what children will love about it. With nice morals and encouraging messages in the songs there is really no harm in buying this cd for your children. This is worth the money because they will rinse their ears to death with this. However, one warning: Going crazy may result from buying this soundtrack! lol. This is because if you buy this for your child you will know all the words whether you want to or not!! Aww but whats the harm in your child dancing infront of the mirror singing HSM2 songs pretending shes Troys girlfriend if it makes her happy? :)

    - Songs on cd and ratings

    What time is it 7/10
    Fabulous 6/10
    Work this out 5/10
    You are the music in me (Gabriella and Troy) 9/10
    I don't dance 4/10
    You are the music in me (sharpay version) 10/10
    Gotta go my own way 10/10
    Bet on it 9/10
    Everyday 9/10
    All for one 8/10
    Humhumunukunukuapua's 4/10