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  1.  A phemoninal gaming masterpiece !!


    What can I say about Dark Souls that hasn't been said already, it's a gaming masterpiece in every sense. Truly epic in scale, totally engrossing and captivating, a gaming experience that no other can rival. It is hard and frustrating but equally rewarding, no other game gives you a sense of achievement like Dark Souls. Make sure you get the Drake Sword no spoilers but it's an essential item. The best game I have ever played !!

  2.  Stunning !!!


    I don't play this type of game or I didn't until recently, I played this for a couple of hours then it suddenly clicked. I am twenty odd hours into it now and feel I have only scratched the surface. The story,characters,locations,graphics,sound it all just drag's you into it's universe and just doesn'tt let go. Simply stuinning !!

  3.  Stunning for the price !!


    Received my player on Monday, having recently selling my ps3 i needed a standalone Bluray player. With the six free films divx playback a usb connection, stunning value a superb picture, to my eyes superior to the ps3's playback. The player upscales standard dvd's very well, I use it with a 50inch 1080p Panasonic Viera with full HD sound via an Onkyo amp. Sound and picture are superb an absolute steal for the money

  4.  Stunning way to watch the best film ever


    I was lucky enough to see this at the pictures 25 years ago and it's still as good as ever and lets just put the transfer issue and comparison to dvd to rest. The early parts of the film in the Library are in places grainy just like the standard dvd but the overall transfer is superb anyone stating otherwise should check how they have there setups configured.
    This Bluray is leaps and bounds better than the dvd release, if you like Ghostbusters just buy it it's fantastic.

  5.  superb Player


    This is a fantastic player with the added bonus of being able to play DIVX files etc via the USB port. You also get two free bluray films Australia and The Day The Earth Stood Still via a promotion.
    all in all a fantastic product.

  6.  play the full game not the demo


    it's certainly been slated in the reviews but i'm not sure why i find the single player to be pretty good however in multiplayer this game is very good indeed, it's certainly not a classic but it's far from the turkey some of the over critical reviews would have you believe, do not judge this game from the demo or from a faceless review
    money well spent in my book

  7.  Great stuff


    Another great release from the restoration team onto dvd to add to my collection, i sold the VHS version a few years ago which came as a double video release. A great story that sees Leela and K9 mk1 leaving the show.
    Not the best Tom Baker story but great all the same.
    Now i can't wait for the Invisible Enemy one of my alltime favorites, classic Who for me all the way i just don't get the new series

  8.  stunning


    This game is amazing, i have read all the negative feedback on here about it and just had to comment. I read people saying it has no damage,rubbish car handling and physics, this is SEGA Rally people and continues the franchise perfectly
    To put it simply - it's pure adrenaline rushed arcade racing at it's very best, simply stunning in every way the only thing letting it down on the ps3 version is no ingame chat and a pretty dire online lobby system.
    Other than that it's pure sega rally and as a "arcade racer" it's stunning