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  1.  A giant of a movie


    I saw this in 3d at the cinema and as other reviewers have said you are straight in to the action with a nice narrative of the brief history of the Kaiju and from where they came.
    One of the things that is done really well is the scale of both the Jaegers and the Kaiju and the level of devastation that both inflict on the surrounding cities, the main characters all interact at a reasonable level and Idris Elba as the man in charge is his usual tour de force. Now whether you go for just Blu-ray or 3d is a personal choice, having seen it in 3d already I will just stick to the Blu-ray pack.
    Overall this is what it says on the tin, a breath taking vision of a world under siege from a far superior enemy where there are losses at nearly every encounter well worth a watch

  2.  A Riot On Wheels


    In my opinion the best so far, one thing you must remember is to leave your brain at the door as plenty of things in the film are totally impossible but that doesn't matter with this sort of film. It is what it is a riotous action film with enough stunts to please the "Fall Guy", Diesel, Johnston work really well as the odd couple of the film and it leads quite nicely into Fast and Furious 7 that is unless you left the cinema before the credits had finished as there is a final scene. I wont spoil it for people other than it has links to a previous F and F.

    One final thing do not listen to "professional reviewers" as they are more interested in the artistic license used blah blah blah, that doesn't and will never work for this sort of film

  3.  Great for a Saturday Night


    As the previous reviewers have said this is a film where you can leave your brain at the door having said that It's great fun and has some of the coolest Alien's in a long while Their body armour being very similar to Master Cheifs in the Halo game series, yes the first 15 mins are a bit soppy but once the action gets going there are some great set scenes of devastation, not sure if Taylor Kitsch was the right person for the job but hey ho.

  4.  Best Of The 3


    This was the very first film I went to see in 3d, and it was excellent and I for one can not wait until it comes out on Blu-ray. If you have a 3d enabled TV this is a must buy to show of your system the effects were unbelievable at times and the story line was considerably better than RoftheF

  5.  Don,t listen to those that moan


    Yes there are problems with the beta but u expect that, its a test bed for the developers and the finished product might bear no resembalance to the test whatsoever ( hopefully the glitch on roundhouse fixed) if u loved cod 4 u will love this.
    All the new stuff is great- the dogs, molatovs, bouncing bettys. Just cant wait for it, my only gripe is the americans get 4 days before us and that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!