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  1.  Amazing!!


    this game is sooo good. ive only played an hour of it so far but that has blown me away. EVERYTHING is destructable. BUY IT NOW!!!! well worth the money.

  2.  long wait... well worth it!


    I have been waiting for this game to come out for ages and bought a 360 with the thought of this game in mind. I was not let down. The graphics of the soldiers are awsome and in game graphics are also very good. The only time the game is let down by its looks were in some of the cut scenes where things such as the background look flat and solid. The gameplay is amazing and its campaign is much longer and in depth than cod4. I rate this game very highly, well worth the money.

  3.  watched it again


    ok so the first time i watched this is was very dissapointed, but the second time was sooo much better. a good film and well worth buying.

  4.  A good lauf


    This game is plain and simply a good, simple, fun game. graphics arent stunning compared to more modern games, but they dont need to be. They suit the game doown to the ground. If your not looking for serious gaming just a good time then this is the game for you. (this is the same for the entire series, all brill!!)

  5.  A must for RTS players


    This game blew me away. I didnt think that you could get better than the first game, I WAS WRONG. The graphics are stunning, gameplay is amazing and the selection of units gives an excellent variety. The only thing that i would say lets it down a bit is that you have to be online to play, even single player, and the multiplayer often doesnt work correctly due to relics server. Dont let this put you off though a game worth buying.

  6.  What a quality film!!!!!


    sandler has really outdone himself this time. the acting is great, he's hilarious all throughout the film. not to mention how he's got an all star cast to be in it with him... the Hoff is back!!! seriously though this film is amazing and well woth the money.

  7.  quality


    this is an amazing film and one of the best remakes ever. a definite must buy

  8.  Awsomeness


    The game created a good atmosphere in my opinion, the outdoor AI is awsome and epic win (massively buggy) but buy now. Only 9.99 Buy stalker now! Buy! Buy now!

  9.  Awsome


    Adam sandler is just awsome in this film. a definate must buy$$$$$

  10.  another great


    this film is absolutly amazing you HAVE to buy it :)