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  1.  Below her best form im afraid!


    Its been 4 years since christina last graced the music scene with the ambitious and brilliant back to basics. So after finding out the release date for Bionic and hearing Not Myself Tonight i couldnt wait to get this in my cd player and blast it out the speakers.

    However after the 1st listen im left dissapointed and confused. The big issue for me is the voice what has happened and where has it gone she sounds like a completely different person on this album. The powerfull vocals and melodies that were present throughout the stripped and back to basics era seem almost entirely absent from this album after Not Myself Tonight and even that isnt a good song vocally. This time the powerfull voice is replaced with breathy monotone vocals which at times are so low it sounds like shes talking herself through the song.

    The ballads are also a let down they fail to capture the heart beauty and soul of previouse ballads such as Hurt and Beautifull

    Also the album doesnt change much mostly it sounds like one big song splitt into 18 parts, and for the first time in a christina album i cant pick out any standout tracks its album fillers and the overly sexual theme of the album gets boring and repetitive.

    guess im gonna have to wait another 4 years for something better

    Sorry christina!

  2.  Grab it at this price while you can!


    Ive never watched The West Wing before but had always heard good things about it. After browsing on here i came across it and was amazed at how cheap it was i actualy got mine for 32.99 as i had a 2 of voucher, so i thaught at that price id give it a go.

    Well im glad i did im only halfway through the 1st season and its brilliant episodes are well written and constructed combining both humour and seriousnes!. im really looking forward to how further seasons develop!.

    If your a fan of the west wing or never watched it befor like me gived it a go and buy it at this price while you can you will regret it if you dont!

  3.  Finaly a decent ps3 racer that ive been longing for!


    This is great fun fast paced colourful game with beautiful graphics & course designs that do the ps3 justice. Its quite an easy game to get used too but as you progress through the grand prix it gets a lot harder but dont let that stop you theres missions to do and stuff to buy from the shop using your sega credits so keep racing!.

    The game would have got 5 stars but for me theres a slight flaw were the game doesnt have a race course map in the corner of the screen like mario kart games. Some race tracks i find particulary confusing especialy the monkey ball race courses with the pirate ship race course being at the top of my list! a map in the corner would save some confusion and enable you to anticipate the next corner/sharp turn so you can set yourself up for the perfect drif and not go crashing into the sides or flying of the course.

    Overall an excellent game well done!!

  4. Sweet 7

    Sweet 7

    Sugababes - CD

    11 New from  £3.12  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     Not a bad album so why all the negativity?


    This album is a huge improvement on their last which i thaught was there worst album to date. This album doesnt deserve all the negative reviews its been getting either and it seems music critics are foccusing on the line up change rather than music saying theres no original members left i feel quite sorry for jade!. Island records have said that when hiedi signed up with sugababes to island records she replaced siobahn as an original member in technical terms! so everyone stop hating and why not give them a chance give jade a chance!

    And in all honestly if Kiesha was still in the band this album would be getting rave reviews right now!

    I have to say im loving the albums great new sound sugababes doing what they do best always coming back with something different.

    Favourite tracks
    Get Sexy
    Wear My Kiss
    About a Girl
    Wait For You
    Crash & Burn
    i like every song bar miss everything would be better with out sean kingston!

    Anyway good album and im hopping theres many more to come from the best sugababes line up go sugas 4!

  5.  Brilliant debut, why so short?


    This is a brilliat debut album but its far to short at just 10 songs & a total running time of 34 minutes. On the other hand every song is a potential hit and they really do get lodged in your mind

    Stand out tracks/personal favs of mine are
    Whatcha Say
    Ridin Solo
    In My Head
    What If (this being my favourite on the album)

  6.  Alicia Keys is going to be BIG this year


    Even though this album was realeased late last year it really hasnt started to pick up decent album sales till this year which reflects in its current placing on the album chart #1. Well done Alicia the album certainly deserves it. I have to say it is by far my favourite album of the year so far. Absoloutley love it didnt really listen to it much at first bit since the start of this year i think ive listened to it every day since.

    Heres my track by track review

    Love is Blind 3/10- the only track on the album i dont like its one of those boring opening tracks and in my opinion i dont think it fits or flows well with the rest of the album

    Doesn't Mean Anything 10/10- A great first single it carrys that same heavy drum beat with soft piano that accompanied 2007's worldwide smash No One, surprised it only managed #8 in uk charts thought it would of been top 5 atleast

    Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart 9/10- A very good up tempo song with meaningfull lyrics set to robotic/industrail drum beats rumoured to be the future 3rd uk single!

    Wait Till You See My Smile- 8/10 another typical alicia keys song beautifully sung, alicia doing what she does best!

    Thats How Strong My Love Is-8/10 a very simple song with piano being the main instrument

    Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) 10/10- A personal favourite of mine just love the whole song hope its a future single

    Love Is My Disease- 9/10 againg another personal favourite in my opinion has some of the best lyrics on the album

    Like The Sea- 7/10- good song with some good lyrics basically shes singing about how love is like the sea

    Put It In A Love Song (with Beyonce)-10/10 what do you get when you collaborate with the queen of RnB, The result is this very catchy song with a chorus and hook that catches you instantly and will have you bopping away to its thumping drumbeat!

    This Bed- 8/10 another good mid tempo number not much to say really but i like it!

    Distance & Time-8/10 Another lovely ballad

    How It Feels To Fly- 10/10 i love this song its another personal favourite of mine lovely lyrics

    Empire State Of Mind Part II- 10/10 By far one of the best if not the best song on the album loved the Jay z version but love this even more, my favourite song of the year so far i hope it gives Alicia her first uk#1

  7.  One of the best albums of 08/09


    After hearing paris is burning i had to go out and buy the album and here the rest of it, i was taken by surprise its a fantastic album with great upbeat catchy songs written with quality. If your a fan of lady gaga then you will love this because its very similar to lady gaga. Within time im sure this album will rocket up the charts and debut in the top 5 it currently sits at #17

  8. Jade



    11 New from  £2.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.59

     Told from the heart


    Totaly agree with you suzie.
    I got the book yesterday and ive almost finnished i cant put it down. The whole book is written with such truth and honesty you've got to give her credit in the book she talks about some very difficult times with such courage and she really opens up and lets you into her world. I myself was never a fan of her during BB to be honest i never watched it but she came out as one of the brightest reality stars and i watched and enjoyed some of her shows.
    some people make me sick with there heartless comments all over the net saying she deserved to die and that the only reason the nation loved her again was cuz she had cancer well thats not true. People took her back because of what she done during her cancer she faced it with such courage and bravery and she dealt with it with her boys brilliantly. I mean Gordon Brown praised her for god sake doesnt that say something!

  9.  More like the WOW tour


    This is such a fantastic buy!. Even if you are not a modonna fan buy this cd it will blow you away. The DVD is full uncensored live show which is simply breathtaking and i dont have any other words to describe. Once again madonna delivers with style!

  10. Ghosts


    Siobhan Donaghy - CD

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Following on with the excellent reviews


    I honestly dont know why none of the radio stations promoted this album. If it had the promotion it deserved it would of probably made the top 5 in the album charts.It is one of the best albums of the year and is 10xs better than Mutyas album. All the songs are so beautifully put together and she has such an angelic voice. Every song stands out in its own unique way. Its that good in my opinion that i cant actualy pick one favourite song cause i like every single one. It deffinatley deserves the 5 stars that im giving it!